Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco

SS Yankee Blade

Arrive San Francisco

May 4, 1854
SS Yankee Blade
Captain Henry Randall
From Panama


Sacramento Daily Union,, May 5, 1854

Arrival of the steamers Oregon and Yankee Blade.


Passing along Jackson street wharf yesterday, the beautiful proportions of the new steamship Yankee Blade, of the independent opposition line of steamers, attracted' my attention, and on going aboard, I gleaned the following particulars in regard to her, which I doubt not will prove interesting to your readers, and the traveling community throughout the State. She was built by Messrs. Perrine and Stack, of Williamsburgh, New York, and is a perfect model of Naval Architecture.


Sacramento Daily Union, May 6, 1854

Passengers by the SS Yankee Blade May 1854.

Passengers by the Yankee Blade, May 4, 1854

Murder on the Yankee Blade

May 8, 1854, Sacramento Daily Union

Examination of Avery. A preliminary examination of Avery, the man who murdered his companion Susanna Russell on board the The Yankee Blade, was had before U. S. Commissioner Papy, on Saturday, and the defendant remanded to await the action of the Grand Jury.

May 30, 1854, Sacramento Daily Union

Trial of Avery, etc., San Francisco, May 29

In the trial of Avery for the murder of Susanna Russell on board the steamship Yankee Blade, the counsel on both sides submitted their case without argument. The Judge briefly charged the jury; retired at half-past three o'clock, and came in at half-past seven, unable to agree upon a verdict. They stood eight for acquittal and three for conviction. . . The Story of Murder on the Yankee Blade.

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c. 1842
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Print of gold seekers transferring at the Panama Canal.
The passage across the Isthmus of Panama from Eastern Seaboard ships to West Coast Ships bound for San Francisco

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