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The Wandering Jew

January 6, 1858: Jenkins (Frederick H. B.), Acting, U.S. Vice Consul, Shanghai: Report of investigation made by him on board American ship Wandering Jew in relation to condition of 200 r more coolies)

October 22, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Tonnage Engagements: American Ship Wandering Jew, 1737 tons, wheat and merchandise to Liverpool £1 13s 6d.

December 21, 1879, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The ship Wandering Jew arrived yesterday, under charter to load wheat for Great Britain, and went to Mission Rock to prepare.

December 23, 1879, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The Bulwark, Wandering Jew, and Forfarshire were chartered prior to arrival to load wheat, and the balance are said to be disengaged. These arrivals are most opportune, and though it will take some time to put them in readiness for outward cargoes, their appearance will, nevertheless, cause an easier feeling to prevail among the grain trade.

December 26, 1879, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Tonnage Engaged and Disengaged: The ship Wandering Jew, 1734 tons. Wheat to Cork, U.K. £2 17s 6d prior to arrival.

January 21, 1880, Daily Alta California, San Francisco.

Along the Wharves: The ship Wandering Jew goes over to Oakland today to load for Cork.

June 19, 1880, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Foreign Ports: Off Ormshead, Ship Wandering Jew, Talpey, Queenstown for Liverpool.

June 16, 1881, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Shipping Intelligence, San Francisco: Foreign Ports: Cardiff: Arrived June 14th, ship Wandering Jew.

February 17, 1882, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

Another Traveling Pitcairn Islander. — The ship Wandering Jew, Captain Talpey, which is due at San Francisco within the next ten days, from Yokohama, has on board a Pitcairn Islander who will have made a voyage around the world when he shall have been landed once more on his native shore at Bounty Bay. This will no doubt happen when the Wandering Jew returns home with a cargo of wheat, as Captain Talpey has touched at Pitcairn Island twice already.

This Pitcairn Islander is named Earnest Harwood Christian. He is a great-grandson of Frederick Christian, the ring-leader of the Bounty mutineers. His grandfather was Thursday October Christian, and his father bore the same name.

Mr. Christian is about 24 years of age, and the present is the first voyage he has ever made from his native isle. He was taken on board the Wandering Jew while that vessel was on the way from San Francisco to Queenstown. on which voyage she left December 29, 1860.

Prior to the arrival of the ship at Queenstown, Christian had never seen a house or a horse, and it was not until the vessel arrived at Hull, England, that he saw a train and steam engine. It is not long since an Islander named McCoy visited San Francisco, having previously been to England. He was the first of the little isolated community who ever attempted to go abroad. Mr. McCoy returned to Pitcairn Island on the Harvey Mills. The Wandering Jew also carries one of the sons of Deputy Superintendent Stone, of San Francisco, the young man having made the voyage around the world in her.

February 18, 1882, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The ship Wandering Jew arrived yesterday in a splendid passage of 27 days from Yokohama. She is in fine condition and ready for any voyage. Importations: YOKOHAMA per Wandering Jew: 4761 pkgs tea, 22 do. bamboo poles, 50 empty flasks, 4 pkgs plants, 162 pkgs mdse. Consignees per Wandering Jew: Seigfried & Brandenstein; Anglo-Cal Bank; Macondray & Co; S. L. Jones & Co.; Shattuck & Fletcher; F. Wheeler; L. P. Moore, C. Ashton; Order.

Pacific Ocean Map.

February 20, 1882, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

A Strange Visitor. — About three months ago James Russell McCoy, a native of Pitcairn's island, arrived in San Francisco on board. the ship Harry Mills, and was the first representative to arrive on this coast of the descendants of the mutineers of the British ship Bounty, now peopling the island. The ship Wandering Jew has just arrived, having made the round trip from San Francisco to Queenstown, Hull, Cardiff, and return by way of Yokohama, since December 29, 1880.

On her voyage out the ship anchored off the island of Pitcairn, and while there received on board E. R. Christian, a great-grandson of Fletcher Christian, the most influential and active of the mutineers. The descendant of the ringleader of the mutineers remained on board, and is now here with the ship on his way home. He is twenty-eight years old, about six feet tall and of commanding appearance. He confessed his previous total ignorance of the world and of the manners, customs and advancement of the civilized nations of Europe and America, and related with much good humor his experience on shore in the cities he had visited. The locomotive, telegraph, sewing machine, and even horses and wagons, had filled him with astonishment. The purpose of his visit was to familiarize himself with some of the improvements of the age, that on his return he might be in a position to benefit his people, who are yet living after the manners and customs of their ancestors.

February 21, 1882, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

They Are A Very Hospitable People

Especially as to shipwrecked persons who are fortunate enough to reach their shores. To the officers and crews of vessels visiting their islands they are quite friendly, invariable making presents of native fruits, and often in return they receive many valuable gifts. Captain Talpey is a great favorite with the islanders, and Mr. Christian intends remaining with him until his vessel makes another visit to his native home.

This young man excited great interest in Europe, thousands of people visiting him to learn about his far-off and isolated home. He is very intelligent and willingly gives all desired information concerning the history and present condition of his native land and happy people. He has been very fortunate, indeed, in finding such a pleasant home in which to make his sea voyage. The Wandering Jew is a magnificent vessel of 1737 tons, staunch built, and of clipper form. She is commanded by Captain H. Talpey, under whose efficient direction, in the Summer of 1881, she made the quickest run from Hongkong to San Francisco that was ever made by a sailing vessel, having completed the voyage in the remarkable fast time of 35 days. In fact, the stranger's lines have, thus far, fallen in pleasant places; a trip round the world in a perfect ship, under a model captain, is a treat that does not fall to the lot of many, nor is our visitor likely to have the opportunity of drawing unfavorable comparisons between the hospitality of our shores and that of Europe.

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