Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

Ship Lady Amherst

Arrive San Francisco

November 19, 1850
Captain Dundo
British ship 168 days from London via Falkland Islands 88 days and Juan Fernandez 52 days. 20 passengers


Consigned to Mr. Hackman, on board. 27,000 bricks, 1000 cs. ale, 400 bales dry goods, 50 coffins, 40 cks porter, 3 iron houses, 2 wooden do.


Per Lady Amherst -- Goddeffroy, Sillem & Co., Riddle & Co., W. H. Hackman, Starkey Bros., Robinson, Arnold and Sewell.


From the Sacramento Transcript, November 22, 1850

Per Lady Amherst -- Mrs. Waldow, Miss Lloyd, W. H. Hackman, Franks, Cooper, Tennant, Stafford, Lloyd, Patterson, Ickhardt and 12 in the steerage.

November 30, 1850, Sacramento Transcript

RECEIVED by the Lady Amherst, John, and other arrivals -- colored cotton shirts, lamb's wool and worsted shirts; lamb's wool drawers; lamb's wool stockings; ready made clothing, heavy and fashinable; ravensduck; flannel; towelling; crosets; English ale and porter; champagne, superior hock; pickles; olive oil; French preserved fruits; refined and crushed sugar; Dutch cheese, lark; hams; smoked beef, dried apples; do prunes; lamps; gold scales; crockery ware; window glass; tacks; cement; bricks; furniture; iron and brass bedsteads; one piano; printing and writing paper, ink, etc., for sale by

foot of Clay street, San Francisco

January 28, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE. -- Those who are connoisseurs in the art of ship building can now have a fair chance to judge of the improvements that have taken place within a few years past by comparing the ships White Squall, on Cunningham's wharf, and the Lady Amherst, on Central wharf. National pride will certainly be gratified by the comparison.

On January 31, 1851, the Barque Lady Amherst (British), Dando (cq - noted as Dundo above), cleared for Panama with 40 passengers.

On August 2, 1852, the Daily Alta California reported the Ship Lady Amherst, (Br), Captain Dandow, 50 days from Hongkong to order with 263 passengers, 1210 bags rice, 130 pkgs merchandise to order. 263 Chinese passengers; names not listed.

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