Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Clipper Ship Grecian

Arrive San Francisco

August 11, 1852
Captain Isley (Also noted as Isly and Ilsley)
From New York: 
150 days; 330 passengers


Left at Talcahuana, ship Caroline Reed and barque Julia Ann, from New York, for this port next day. Has experienced light winds during the while passage. The Grecian is anchored off North Beach.

August 14, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


Men and Ships Around Cape Horn.

The clipper ship Grecian, Capt. Isley, arrived at this port yesterday, after a passage of 150 days.

She touched at Rio de Janeiro and Talchuana. She brings the immense number of 330 passengers, the largest number yet brought around the horn. She has been extremely fortunate, losing only two by sickness, and one who fell overboard.

August 17, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Ship Grecian, from New York, F. Ilsley, master -- Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that she will commence discharging at Broadway Wharf, on Friday, August 13th; and they are requested to call on the undersigned, pay freight and receive orders for their goods. All goods remaining on the wharf after 5 o'clock P.M. will be stored at the risk and experience of the owners. ~ Charles A. Thackston, corner Battery and California streets.


Clipper ship around Cape Horn.

Merchandise to C. A. Payton

Per Grecian: Boardman, Bacon & Co.; Godeffroy, Sillem & Co; Wyckoff & Co; E. W. Parker; G. & W. Snook; Curry & Co; J. Van Zant; Porter & crosby; H. Carlton; W. Patterson; C. A. Thayton; T. J. Poultner; O. B. Houghton; Bingham & Reynolds; T. Meyer; Ferris, Holzman & Co; M. Wolf; Ogden & Haynes; Gladwin & Whitmore; E. H. Jones & Co; E. Knight; Litchfield & Co.; D. R. Provost; L. B. Bushnell; Order.

Per Grecian: 298 pkgs pickles and preserves, 20 bxs blocks, 8 cks 3 cs 114 bxs hardware, 8 crates earthenware, 104 bars iron, 6 anvils, 6 kegs nails, 1 bx looking glasses, 22 bls blankets, 100 bbls 50 cs buter, 18 bbls 15 qr bbls cherry brandy, 6 bxs stoves, 3 bxs hose pipe, 2 bxs harness, 40 bxs cider, 10 bxs starch, 10 bxs bay rum, 1 cs cayenne pepper, 65 bls 12 cs tobacco, 2415 bags oats, 1 wheel 30 bbls cement, 15 cs medicine, 12 cs lark, 10 pcs castings, 97 bbls ale, 1 cs cigars, 100 bxs candles, 200 bxs pie fruit, 300 pkgs pickles, 19 boxes oysters, 3 wagon, 2 pcs wagons, 1 cart, 53 pkgs mdse.


Died on board the ship Grecian from New York:

  • March 12, lat 27 40 N, long 46 15 W, John Morrison of Troy, New York of small pox.
  • April 28, lat 37 10- S, lon 51 20 W., Sidney Storms, Brooklyn, New York. Disease of the brain. Aged 24 years.
  • July 9th, lat 45 S, long 99 W, lost overboard. Whipple of Solon, Maine. Aged 24 years.
August 12, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco
Passengers by the Clipper Ship Grecian 11 August 1852.

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