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Ship Samuel Appleton

The ship Samuel Appleton, named for Samuel Appleton of Boston, sailed from New York at an unknown date in 1849, with the following passengers: Richard Pope, William W. Pope and John Lawrence. She was 787 tons.

Arrive San Francisco

April 11, 1851
Captain Doane
From New York, 122 days


J. S. Whiting
C. J. Frigler
C. L. Amler
W. Broadhurst
J. Ostrander
J. W. Coffroth
C. E. Denslow
W. J. Denslow

July 22, 1852
Captain Doane
137 days from Boston via Valparaiso

July 22, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Ship Samuel Appleton


Per Saml Appleton -- 5 case, 9 pkgs carriages, 9 cases printing press, 1384 sacks oats, 848 bars iron, 3 cases clothing, 50 bals, 642 rolls gunny bags, 40 boxes axes, 36 hhds butter, 5 boxes stoves, 2 cheses tools, 116,000 feet lumber, 11,000 singles, 94 boxes starch, 300 bbls cement, 16 cases yellow metal, 8 kegs nails, 126 tons coal, 1 cask, 20 half bls, 9 cases, 38 boxes unspecified.


Passengers by the Samuel Appleton, July 21, 1852.


On January 10, 1856, the Samuel Appleton, Deshon, was in San Francisco 149 days from Boston. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co. Was off Cape Horn 35 days with strong westerly gales; stove bulwarks, split sails, stove quarter boat, and done other damage; crossed the Equator Dec 16th, lon 113; from thence had fine weather; have been off the coast the last 7 days, in light winds and calms.

The Samuel Appleton was in Australian waters, Kelly, Master, from the port of Richmond to Sydney, New South Wales, May 10, 1858.

Her crew on that voyage

Samuel Appleton
All crew listed as U.S., Italy and Sweden except as noted below
Surname Given Station Age/Nation
Kelly James H. Master 30
Cook John W. Chief Mate 22
Minott John W. 2nd Mate 23
Son Cheong Steward 23/China
Charley John Cook 23
Wilson John A.B. 23
Brown Robert A.B. 21
Crowall Isiah A.B. 25
Whitney David A.B. 24
Townsend John A.B. 28
Kellmann G.D. A.B. 23 Sweden
Waters Stephen A.B. 21
Stanier Williaam A.B. 22
Peterson Charles A.B. 24
Jones Thomas A.B. 22
Small John A.B. 26
Klein Charles Germany Poole
Poole Lewis A.B. 23
Oliver. John W. A.B. 22
Abbott Francis A.B. 21

Home port was Boston; owners were Daniel G. & William B. Bacon; master was Joseph Osgood.

Legends of the Adirondacks and Civil War Memories. Henry G. Dorr.


In, a daily log describing wind, weather, location, injuries, damage to the ship, and shipboard and port activities, Henry G. Dorr, a teenager, sailed on the Samuel Appleton from New York bound for Hong Kong. notes:

February 10, 1859, The ship Samuel Appleton, Doane, Master sailed from New York bound for Shanghai, China.

Off the coast of Africa they hit a gale which caused the loss of a hand, Higgins, from Cape Cod. Lightning struck the forward top, but did no serious damage. Then it was reported that the ship was leaking. "Owing to the captain's illness, together with the damage that the vessel had sustained, the officers decided to make for the nearest port, and on the 23rd of April, we entered Algoa Bay and anchored in the offing of Port Elizabeth. Captain Doane was conveyed on shore and sent home in the barque Gemsbok, then loading for Boston, -- dying soon after his arrival."

The Samuel Appleton, in charge of the First Mate, Mr. Freeman, soon proceeded on her voyage to China, where she was condemned although she continued sailing.

May 1862-November 1863

The logbook of the ship Samuel Appleton details four voyages from New York to Australia, Australia to New Zealand, and Australia to Singapore

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