Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

SS Uncle Sam

November 30, 1859
Uncle Sam
Thomas Huntington
From Panama
600 passengers, 211 females

November 30, 1859, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Steamer Uncle Sam

The Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Co.'s steamer Uncle Sam, arrived in port at half-past 12 o'clock last night, bringing the U. S. mails, and over 600 passengers, among whom are 211 females. Below we give her memoranda and passenger list.


The U. S. steamship Uncle Sam, Thomas Huntington commander, left San Francisco Oct. 20th, with fall compliment of passengers and U.S. mails, and arrived at Acapulco 27th; took coals and supplies, and sailed same day, arriving at the Panama station November 3d; passengers and mails crossed same day to Aspinwall, and found the Company's New Orleans steamer Daniel Webster, in waiting.

The steamer North Star not having arrived, passengers and mails were embarked on the Webster, as soon as the violent gale would permit her to come alongside the wharf, and sailed at 4 p.m. of the 4th for New York via Havana; The North Star left Aspinwall on the morning of the 11th for New York direct.

The Compnay's steamer Northern Light, Capt. Tinklepaugh, arrived at Aspinwall on the morning of the 15th, having encountered unusually violent and heavy weather; her passengers crdossed the road and embarked via the Uncle Sam same evening.

The Uncle Sam left Panama 16th at 6 a.m., with full load of passengers, 264 bags U.S. mails and 684 packages freight for Atlantic and Pacific Express Company, and arrived at Acapulco 22d, at daylight., A.M.; took usual supplies and sailed for this port, arriving night of 29th, landing her passengers all in good health, among which are 211 females.

The Company's swift and splendid new steamship Champion, Captain Fletcher, sailed from New York October 22d for San Francisco, to take her place in the Atlantic and Pacific S.S. Co's line of U.S.M. steamers between this port and Panama.


Wm. Youle, lady and servant Geo. S. Uright, family & servant
John Sickles Mrs. D. Van Pelt & family
C. Van Pelt Mis H. Grodon
Mrs. S. N. Simms H. W. Thompson
G. H. Simms John Connolly
C. Stallman, family & servant A. Holcomb
Dr. Watson Miss Morowdel
Dr. J. S. Nichols, lady & ch. David Moon & 3 sisters
J. E. Brow F. Carson
B. L. Worden & lady R. Watson
V. Squanza & lady P.G. Pratt
A. Kessell and lady L. H. Vamey
H. Fiest C. Atkinson
Miss E. N. Atkinson R. Davenport, lady and 2 chn
Miss S. Davenport Miss Wheeler
John Ellers and lady Capt. W. T. Sayward
Miss E. T. Snow Mrs. Atwood and child
E. A. Ham and lady J. McGowan
J. Raillley J. Dixon
Mrs. M. J. Nichols Mrs. Schwald
N. Y. Dean Wm. Hammond
J. Howe A. Morrison
J. Morrison Mrs. Harrison
J. Dooley M. Dooley
J. Cammett, lady and child A. Holden
Mrs. T. B. Moore and child W. R. Owens, lady & 2 children
Mrs. E. Allen & 2 children Miss Ousley
Mrs. C. F. Bowen Mrs. M. Wartez
S. Voilmot and lady P. Harrison
Mrs. J. Gallagher & 3 chiln. Mrs. S. M. Allen
C. C. Allen J. M. Lord
J. Morgan and lady E. A. Reed
Miss E. Marsh O. B. C. White
J. N. Cudworth and lady J. N. Lawton and lady
R. Lawton John Williamson
Mrs. Tuzo Captain Saville
Miss L. Devoe W. R. Coe (? sp)
G. W. Wallace, lady, servant and 2 children Mrs. E. R. Monell
Miss C. Lanton
Miss J. A. Rapelje Miss M. Meyers
Mrs. S. A. Lynes Mrs. Goodhus (or Goodhue)
A. Strong and lady Miss M. Lynde
G. Hayden and lady E. Burlieu (sp?)
Mrs. Davis Mrs. M. Sullivan
T. Rungon Miss E. Massey
Mrs. S. Rungon & child S. Berry
Miss A. Rungon H. Shaffer
Mrs. John Goldsticker Miss Shaffer & sister
M. Slack, lady and child O. Clay, lady, 2 children
G. N. Giimore (Gilmore?) R. P. Miller
J. N. Gilmore P. B. Sherman
Sam Davis C. Orcult and lady
F. Wait Mrs. D. Cushing and family
L. H. Thompson Miss M. David
Miss A. Leonard A. L. Burleson
Mrs. Danden and 2 ch.

Miss M. Platt

Mrs. Herald and ch. E. Egan
C. L. Griffith C. J. McNair
W. H. Baeze A. H. Barnes
L. Seldiner H. Rapp
Jas Preiss Mrs. C. Sueme
D. W. McCarthy B. Brasnehaw
Mrs. C. Frasier & 2 children Miss W. Smith
Miss M. Shea Miss H. Bendick
Miss M. Davis Miss V. C. Jackson
B. Here (sp?) F. Cassens
P. Smith P. Gartland & sister
W. R. Weird Miss Ward
W. C. Walling M. V. B. Stacey
A. Simms J. Bard
L. Crittenden J. Mahaney
D. U. and lady J. Fitzgerald
W. Stevenson J. B. Ferris
E. Kinly A. K. Stafferil
J. Mayers J. R. Johnson
S. E. Witherell J. D. Thomas, lady and 2 ch.
W. W. Bunons C. A. Small
C. Pratt J. Crockhaus
Wm. Owen and lady Mrs. A. Gallagher and child
Wm. Owen and lady (cq) Mrs. A. Gallagher and child (cq)
A. Smith A. Cunsy
M. Rahilly J. W. Lown
E. Standish and wife J. Williams and wife
J. P. Sutten Wm. D. Sutten
J. C. Brown A. L. Greeley
J. L. Greeley W. Littfield and child
Miss N. -- (cq) R. S. Brown
B. Gildersleeve J. A. Armstrong
K. G. Armstrong J. H. Gracey
W. Leach F. Rooney, lady and 2 child'n
A. Colwell Miss J. McElvery
Miss J. Mahoney Miss A. M. Burgess
Miss M. Welsh Miss J. Welsh
Miss M. A. Walker Miss M. Minker
Miss A. Gallagher Miss E. P. Kelly
Miss E. McClure Miss S. Hill
Miss B. Prunty Miss M. Hill
Miss A. Sullvian Miss E. Cronin
Miss R. Heron Miss R. Griffith
Miss McCready Miss E. A. Chambers
Miss E. McLaughlin Miss Nelson
Miss Cherrydown Miss M. Hoy
Miss Sloan Miss A. Hoy
J. H. Bauman S. S. King
A. Ingree T. Hahed (sp?)
A. Beach H. Reed
F. Jarvis J. Fulser
P. G. P)ratt A. H. Works
S. Davis R. Scott
J. Cann Wm. H. Tapson
F. Hatch P. Stanton
N. Farman Jno Sullivan
J. Kimmerman Jno Griffith
Thos Griffith E. Stanton
and 409 others.

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