Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Tennessee

Arrive San Francisco

January 9, 1851
Captain Cole
From Panama


January 9, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The Steamer Tennessee.

Capt. Cole reports "left Panama on the evening of the 18th ult. After being detained two days for the mails, spoke the Company steamer Oregon on the 20th off Quibo Island, all well on board. Left at Panama, the steamers GoliahWilson G. Hunt and propeller Com. Preble, to sail in a few days. The English steamer Ecuador, in about 10 days. Panama and the Isthmus continued healthy. Left at Acapulco, steamer California, to leave on the evening of the 26th for Panama. The ship Charlestown at San Blas, to sail on the 2nd inst. for San Francisco, with a cargo of live stock.

Mazatlan. 1900s.

The English frigate Mianda was at Mazatlan. A salute of nine guns was given the Tennessee when leaving the harbor. The steamer returned this compliment by hoisting the English ensign at the fore. The propeller Eudora was at San Diego in distress for an engineer. The English barque Julinda, Capt. Bown, was also in port bound for Callao. On the morning of the 4th, passed the Company's propeller Carolina, 30 miles south of San Diego. The Tennessee experienced pleasant weather during the voyage.

Among the passengers by the Tennessee will be seen the names off Hon. T. Butler King, Collector of the port of San Francisco, C. K. Green, Deputy Collector, W. W. Gallaer, Collector at Benicia, and Augustus Humbert, U.S. Assayer who has been appointed to superintend the assaying of gold, (by Moffat & Co.) affixing the United States stamp thereto, which stamp is said to be receivable in payment of all public dues.


arrived at this port yesterday the Antelope and the Tennessee from Panama, and the Chesapeake from Trinidad Bay. In New York the arrival of three steamships in one day would be a matter deserving of particular mention, and in any other city on the Atlantic such an occurrence would be heralded as unprecedented.

Sandwich Islands Wood Nautical Chart.

The commerce of San Francisco is increasing marvelously, and it would be difficult to predict what a few short months may bring forth. That we shall communicate by steamers with the Sandwich Islands (chart above) and China is almost a certainty. With such rich fields open to our commerce, who can fix bounds to the growth of this city.


2 cases, W.A. Woodruff; 1 do; 13 do, J Bidleman; 12 do, T Dubosq; 12 do, Dewitt & Harrison; 3 do, Heulin & Belcher; 17 do, Dodge & Co; 36 do, do; 2 do, J McCreas & Co; 10 do, do; 30 do, Burgoyne & Co; 1 do, Jno Hahn & Co; 1 do, L Hart & Bros; 2 do, Herzy & Rhone; 14 do, Beverly Saunders; 12 do, H Maix & Co; 45 do, Adams & Co; 60 do, Adams & Co; 1 do, Lazardfrere; 1 do, Hort Bros; 2 do, F Rosenbaum; 1 do, Jno Hahusleo; 2 do, J F Wolf; 1 do, Barnett & Co; 3 do, Moss & Fredenburg; 4 do, Kraft & Co; 2 do, Bragg & Whittemore; 2 do, G. A. Hutchinson; 2 do, Jno Hahn & Co; 11 do


January 9, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

California. Austin, Mr. 
Ayres, Mrs. and child
Banks, Thos. 
Bayer, G. S.
Birdsall, T.
Birdsall, Geo.
Bissell, Capt.
Boin, J. M.
Brown, J. P.
Byrd, Geo
Conover, M.
Curtis, J. R.
Dormer, Thos
Dowey, Peter
Duft, Mr.
Fear, E.
Fingfrock, W
Forry, Jno
Fowler, Dyrane
Frisbie, J. K. 
Gallaer, W.
Gallaer, A.
Garcia, Miss
Garcia, Mrs.
Green, Genl T.
Green, C. K.
Griffin, F.
Grosinger, Mr. and wife
Hance, Thos
Hance, S. S.
Heath, W.
Heidth, Mr.
Heyman, A.
Hobson, Mr. and Mrs.
Humbert, A.
Hutchings, W.
Jacobs, S.
Keating, W.
Kewan, A.
Kewan, T.
King, Hon T. Butler
King, T B Jr.
La, Henry (Might be Henry La Runta)
Leland, Mrs.
Marks, Mr.
Martin, W. W.
Marty, Thos
Merrewether, M.
Montgomery, G.
Nicolls, W.
Parsons, A.
Pell, D. C.
Pell, G. W.
Prindle, P.R.
Runta, Henry La (Might be Henry La Runta) 
Russ, Wm
Schaefer, Jno
Semisky, A.
Shilliber, W.
Sill, J. H.
Smith, Capt. 
Smith, Algeron
Snook, E. C.
Staples, Mr. and Mrs. and child
Stearns, Mr. 
Stoker, Mr. wife and two children
Suma, Mr. 
Sutter, J. Jr. 
Sweetzer, J. 
Smith, B. T. 
Taylor, Saml. 
Taylor, K. 
Thomas, Capt
Thomos, Geo.
Timmerman, Mrs. and three children
Totthuir, W.
Van Volkenburgh, R.
Vincent, Capt
Walu, W, Jr. 
Ward, Samuel
Waret, Alfred
Warner, Mr. 
Warshawki, M.
Weduejer, Mr. 
Welden, Mrs. 
Wells, Thomas
White, C. L.
Whitney, W.
Whitney, W. Jr. 
Williams, J.
Woodworth, S.

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