Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Tennessee

Arrive San Francisco

September 4, 1850
Captain Cole
From Panama


September 5, 1850, Alta California, San Francisco


The arrival of this fine boat, last evening, places us in possession of news from the United States to the 1st of August. We are under many obligations to Mr. Isaacs, the gentlemanly purser of theTennessee, for the early receipt of papers and correspondence. His attentions to the press receive our warmest thanks. The Tennessee brings a very large mail, some seventy five bags of letters and, papers, which were taken to the Post Office last evening. A card to the officers from the passengers on her last downward trip has been received, which we shall give at an early moment.


Defeat of the Compromise Bill!
Professor Webster to be Executed!

The splendid Mail Steamer Tennessee, Capt. Cole, arrived last evening, about 7 o'clock, after a rapid run of eighteen days.

Isthmus of Panama. 1800s.

She left Panama August 17th, having waited 2 days for the mail. She brings 70 passengers only.

The Steamer Isthmus was to sail on the 20th inst. The propeller Eudora arrived on the 10th inst. from New York via Valparaiso.

The Isthmus continued healthy and there were no passengers at Panama.

The propeller Carolina arrived at Acapulco on the morning of the 28th August, and the Columbusabout 12 hours after, the former was detained at San Blas 24 hours. The Sarah Sands had left en route for San Francisco 3 days previous.

The cholera had disappeared in Acapulco, but some 20 cases daily were occurring at San Blas.

The brig Gulnare, 43 days from Panama, was at Acapulco with 150 passengers for San Francisco. Much suffering and sickness existed on board from their crowded state and want of provisions.

By the arrival of the Falcon and Crescent City at Chagres, we have dates from New York to August 1st, and New Orleans to July 29th. The most important item of news is the defeat of the Compromise Bill, the Texas question unadjusted and California not admitted. But little doubt exists that her claims will not be realized this session. Messrs. Clay and Webster had both spoken at length in favor of the Bill. Utah is recognized as a territory, having her boundary fixed at 37, with no recognition of slavery. This is all that had been done. The Cabinet is composed as follows:

Daniel Webster, Secretary of State; Thomas Corwin, Secretary of the Treasury; J.J. Crittenden, Attorney General; Mr. Graham, of North Ca., Secretary of the Navy; Mr. Bates, of Mo., Secretary of War; Mr. Conrad, of La, Secretary of the Interior; Nathan Hall, of Buffalo, Postmaster General.

Professor Webster was to be executed on the 30th of August. All hopes of pardon or commutation of sentence having been given up. 

The passengers by the Columbus, which left this port on the 18th of June last, reached New York in thirty three days. 
The brig Elizabeth, from Leghorn for New York, was wrecked on a reef off Long Island on the 19th of July. No passenger survives to tell the story of the dreadful night. 

The Nicaragua Route.-- Mr. Childs, formerly Chief Engineer of the State of New York, with a corps of fourteen assistant engineers, left New York on the 13th July, for Nicaragua, to locate the enroute of the contemplated canal to the Pacific. 

The Crescent City, which sails for Chagres today, will carry out the news to California that she cannot gain a seat in Congress.


97 packages of machinery to J.L. North; 1 cs. Jewelry, W.A. Woodruff; 7 cs. Merchandize, Dewitt & Harrison; 6 ditto Robinson, Bissell & Co.; 1 ditto, S. Hulman & Co.; 16 ditto Robinson, Bissell & Co.; 1 ditto, White Brothers; 9 ditto, Sarom & Archer; (long listing of merchandise delivered to various merchants); 1 package, $285, R. Rodgers; 1 case $26,000, Gildermaster & Co.; 1 case $10,000, J.W. Raymond; 67 cs. Merchdz. Adams & Co., 2 cs. $53,835, Bolton, Barron & Co.


Ackerman, F. 
Andus, Burdett 
Anglebocker, Mrs. 
Barr, Henry 
Barrett, B. 
Beigh, Mrs. 
Beltchtel, J. 
Bergh, L. 
Briggs, A. 
Brocks, G. F. 
Burford, N. 
Cohan, H. 
Cuminisky, P. 
Davis, J. P. 
de Cosio, M. 
de La Maza, P. 
Docy, Daniel 
Edwards, Captain 
Edwards, Mr. 
Ferris, J. 
Fitch, P. 
Giles, Mr. 
Gladding, W. 
Goldman, D. 
Hall, Herne 
Harrington, E. 
Harrington, P. 
Harrison, J. 
Hathaway, J. B. 
Hinckley, Gerry 
Hughes, Mons. 
Hull, Joseph 
Isaacs, J. 
Jenkins, Captain 
Jewett, W. 
Jones, F. 
Jones, Jer. 
Kaencloff, G. 
Keller, Joseph 
Kelton, James 
Lake, E. 
Lissak, A. 
Marshall, B. 
Marshall, J. 
Maun, Mr. and Mrs. and two children 
Micheoll, J. 
Mollin, W. L. 
Munneski, J. (Munaeski ) 
Nash, J. 
Nebitt, Mr. and child 
Neustadee, H. 
Neustadee, N. 
Nudd, B.F. 
Palmer, Mrs. and two children 
Pullew, C. 
Reeve, S. P. 
Riley, George 
Schoff, J. 
Skelton, Mr. 
Stroop, George 
Tucker, Dnaiel 
Tucker, J. 
Waters, Huf 
West, John J. and servant 
Williams, Mrs. and child 
Wilson, A. 
Word, Mrs. L. (from Tennessee, died at sea on August 29, 1850)

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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