Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Tennessee

Arrive San Francisco

July 20, 1851
SS Tennessee
Captain Totten
From Panama

July 21, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


And Propeller Gen. Warren
Great Flood in the Western Rivers!
Eight tons of Mail matter by the Tennessee!
Domestic and Foreign Intelligence of Interest

The Pacific Mail steamship Tennessee, Captain Totten, from Panama, arrived in this port yesterday morning about 8 o'clock. She left Panama at 5 o'clock P.M. of the 1st inst., and has consequently made the passage in nineteen days and fifteen hours, including all stoppages and detentions.

She brings 273 passengers, whose names will be found below, and an extremely large mail, consisting of 190 bags, or about eight tons of mailable matter.

This is a ton and a half more than ever before.

Mr. McLane, U.S.M. Agent informs us that the Isthmus is now in horrible condition for traveling.

We are much indebted to the gentlemanly purser of the Tennessee, Mr. Isaacs, for late papers from Panama and the Atlantic, as also for list of passengers and other news.

Our acknowledgements are due to Adams & Cos Express for late papers. Also to Gregory & Co.

The Tennessee brings dates from New York to the 14th June -- fourteen days later than our previous advices. The dates from the Isthmus are to the 1st inst. We insert the report of the obliging purser of the Tennessee

The steamer Sea Bird sailed 24 hours previous to the Tennessee. The P.M.S. Co. propellerFremont, to sail next day. The Constitution, from New Orleans, and Carolina in port, the former to sail the 18th inst. The steamer New Orleans to be sold at auction. There were quite a number of passengers on the Isthmus waiting further reduction in prices of passage.

Passed steamers Panama and Isthmus on the 12th inst., 350 miles north of Acapulco, boarded them, and exchanged papers. All well on board.

R.S. Haynes and Stephen Sneed, cabin passengers on board the Tennessee died on passage up. The latter was buried at San Blas.

Among the passengers per Tennessee will be seen the names of Mr. and Mrs. Booth, Miss Kate Gray, and others, whose well-known histrionic ability will guarantee them a cordial reception in San Francisco.

Passed steamer Goliah, July 18th, 150 miles south of Monterey. 
Propeller Washington, 96 days from Panama at Monterey.


On board the steamer Tennessee, on the 6th inst., on her trip up from Panama to this port, Mr. Stephen Sneed, from Alabama, of inflammation of the bowels. The deceased was buried at San Blas.

The thanks of the friends of the deceased are respectfully tendered to Capt. Totten, of steamer Tennessee for his kindness in seconding the efforts of Dr. C.C. Garritt and other friends, in having the body respectably interred on shore.


Aaron, S. 
Abell, R. 
Abrahams, M. 
Abrahams, S. 
Adams, A. 
Adams, F. C. S. 
Alden, J., Jr. 
Alexander, J. 
Algan, S. 
Andarese, E. 
Andrews, S. 
Arthur, D. 
Atwell, R. 
Barber, C. 
Barber, J. 
Barber, M. 
Barnes, S. 
Bartlett, H. 
Battells, Wm. 
Booth, Mr. 
Booth, Mrs. 
Brim, Ant (Might be Aut) 
Brinsley, E. 
Bromley, M. 
Brown, J. 
Brown, W. 
Bruges, G. 
Bucklin, D. 
Burn, J. 
Burt, J. 
Butler, A. 
Butler, B. 
Canaan, S. 
Carter, H. 
Chambers, J. 
Chambers, J. 
Chambers, J. W. 
Chase, H. 
Clark, Chas. 
Clark, M. 
Clause, Mrs. 
Cline, J. 
Clinkara, Mrs. 
Colton, B. 
Cornish, F. 
Cosgrove, Mrs. 
Cowdray, M. 
Cremer, F. M. 
Cronin, C. and servant
Croushire, W. 
Crowell, G. 
Cuesna, P. 
Cuesta, Robt (Note: Cuesta and Cuesna are adjacent on the list so one may be a misspelling) 
Currier, S. 
Curts, Mrs. 
Dall, W. 
Daucey, M. 
Davis, A. 
Dayo, Jas
Dayton, Mr. 
Dearborn, S. 
Dewall, N. 
Dexter, W. 
Dickerson, H. 
Dillond, Mrs. and two children
Doane, J. 
Douglass, H. 
Eakroot, Capt. (Might be Eskroot) 
Eastman, M. 
Elson, H. 
Eskunback, Mr. 
Faccioli, Mr. 
Feather, B. 
Fisher, W. 
Flanagan, J. 
Fletcher, H. 
Fosdick, C. 
Friel, C.O. 
Fuller, Wm. 
Furniss, G. 
Furniss, R. 
Garrett, G. 
Gaynor, Capt
Geoffrey, N. 
Getty, Mrs. 
Ghio, Mrs. 
Glen, Mrs. 
Golder, J. 
Gowdey, R. 
Grant, J. 
Gray, Miss
Hale, Leiut. 
Hale, Mrs. 
Haley, M. 
Hanna, John L. 
Hanna, Mrs. and family
Harris, J. 
Harrison, Mr. 
Hathaway, W. 
Henrickson, W. 
Henslon, J. 
Herr, M. 
Herst, Jno
Herst, Mrs. 
Higgins, E. 
Hills, W. 
Holmes, Thomas
Horn, D. 
Hueston, S. A. 
Jane, H. 
Jinks, A. 
Jinks, D. 
Johnson, E. 
Johnson, J. 
Kancor, J. 
Keiser, M. 
Kellogg, Maj. And servant
Kenney, E. E. 
Kenney, Mrs. 
Kent, Wm. 
Kitridge, J. 
Krakle, C. O. 
Kraven, E. J. (Might be Kravon) 
Krughorne, G. 
Kurtz, B. 
Kushr, Jno
Larkin, O. 
Lawrence, J. 
Lees, J. 
Leigh, Sam
Lockwood, H. 
Luddell, D. 
Lull, H. 
Lupees, E. 
Lyon, Young
Maner, Mrs. 
Maner, Wm. 
Mare, W.B. 
Marks, J. 
Martin, S. 
Mason, E. 
Matison, A. 
Mavwell, T. 
Maxon, G. 
McClinton, A. 
McClinton, S. 
McComb, J. 
McCornell, J. 
McCusick, Mrs. 
McDonald, C. 
McDouglas, D. 
McDouglas, Mrs. and family
McIntyre, A. 
McNulty, W. 
Merry, J. 
Miller, A. 
Miller, E. 
Miller, Mrs. 
Moran, Mrs. 
Moran, Mrs. 
(Note: Two Mrs. Moran's are together on the list) More, C.B. 
Morris, Sam
Moulton, C. and servant
Mulgurney, Mr. and Mrs. 
Mulligan, M. 
O Donnel, M. 
Oinants, Mr. 
Olterman, G. 
Oothouse, J. 
Payson, Mrs. and child
Perkins, M. 
Perry, E. 
Perry, Mrs. and family
Peterson, G. 
Phelps, Mrs. 
Phillips, Mrs. 
Pike, J. C. 
Polasky, Mr. 
Polasky, Mrs. and two children
Polhemus, C. 
Reeve, F. 
Riauch, H. 
Richardson, T. 
Roan, M. 
Robinson, J. 
Sandsdowne, A. 
Scot, L.L. 
Scott, T.H. 
Sing, Jno
Smith, J. 
Snyder, F. 
Snyder, Mr. 
Snyder, Mrs. 
Speyer, Mr. 
Spiers, Wm
Standing, Mrs. 
Sterling, J. 
Sterns, Wm. 
Stevenson, Lieut. 
Stockton, A. Tcft William (This may be A. Teft and William Stockton, but it is listed as A Tcft William Stockton) 
Suber, J. 
Sutton, Mr. S. 
Taylor, E. 
Thomas, Mr. 
Thompson, J. 
Todd, Mrs. 
Todd, R.M. (This is listed at Tood, but immediately precedes Mrs. Todd, so presumably Tood is a typographical error) 
Tower, L. 
Townsend, Jno
Urckward, H. 
Vanel, Peter
Walker, H. 
Walton, J. 
Warburton, J. (Listed as Warbruton, but that is probably a typographical error) 
Washburn, J. 
Washington, Col. And servant
Whiting, J. L. 
Whiting, Jas
Whittaux, J. 
Wilson, C. 
Wise, Jno
Woocridge, Wm
Wood, A. G. 
Wood, C. 
Woodhead, Mr. 
Woodward, Mrs. 
Woolshole, J. 
Young, Mrs.

From Mazatlan

Goodready, Mr. 
Lopez, L. 
Woods, S.

From San Diego

Blakely, W. 
Brennan, W. 
Donagan, E. 
Donoho, J.
Lopez, L. 
Hewett, Dr. 
Kane, Dr. 
Silliman, Mr. 
Stryer, W.

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