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SS Sonora

Arrive San Francisco

May 31, 1854
SS Sonora 
Captain R. L. Whiting
Left New York March 11. Arrived San Francisco via Rio, Valparaiso and Panama


June 1, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

Quick Sailing of the Sonora
Shortest Time on Record 
(Per Adams and Co.'s Express)

The new and elegant steamer Sonora, R. L. Whiting, Esq., commander, arrived yesterday from New York, which port she left on the 11th March -- accomplishing the whole distance, touching in at Rio, Valparaiso and at Panama, in the wonderful short period of fifty-eight days running time.

This is considered the quickest running time on record, and at once places the Sonora in the first rank of our Pacific steamers.

She brings up the full mail of the 5th of May and about 650 passengers. The Fourth Company of Artillery, with two officers in command, came up in the Sonora. The Sonora touched at Acapulco, but brings nothing from the contending parties.

The Uncle Sam was to have left Panama on the same day with the Sonora. The P.M. steamer Panama reached Panama hence on the 15th -- fourteen days' passage. The Columbus, hence, arrived on the 13th.

The following is a memoranda of her trip to Panama:


Map of South America. 1900s.

Left New York March 11th, arrived at Rio de Janeiro April 21 - 21 days, 23 hours. Sailed from Rio de Janeiro April 8th, arrived at Valparaiso April 25th. Running time between Rio and Valparaiso - 15 days 20 hours. Sailed from Valparaiso April 29th, arrived at Panama May 9th - 9 days 20 hours. Running time from New York to Panama - 47 days 16 hours. Whole time - 58 days 19 hours.

Left Panama May 17th, midnight, touching at Acapulco and San Diego, where we were detained 16 hours, landing at the latter port two companies U.S. troops, arrived at San Francisco May 31st, 3 P.M. - 13 days 14 hours. Running time 12 days 22 hours.

The P.M.S.S. Co.'s steamer Columbus arrived at Panama on 13th May, 16 days 7 hours from San Francisco. The P.M.S.S. Co's steamer Panama arrived at Panama on the 5th, at 3 P.M. - 13 days 14 hours running time. The P.M.S.S. steamer Golden Gate arrived at Acapulco 9 P.M. 24th inst. Passed the Brother Jonathan 4 P.M. 25th, lat 20 degrees, 25 N long. 107 degrees West.

Died on board the Sonora, May 22d, Joseph Robert, R. Moore of West Bloomfield, Essex County, New York, aged 17 years and 6 months.


Mr. Herschfield
B. Valentine
H. T. Wood
S. W. Buel
C. E. Brown
J. D. Simison
W. Merrill
A. R. Mann
M. C. Edwards
R. O. Disturnell
W. C. Disturnell
J. L. Colburn
W. H. Burt
Walter Young
H. H. Dinzer
E. Willard and son
Jno Hitchcock
F. H. Russell
Mrs. H. H. Dinzer
Mrs. G. H. Ingham
Wm. F. Hopping
T. Bemont
J. L. Sufburrow
J. H. Patterson
J. P. Hines
S. J. Colburn
A. Liljwach
M. Montefiore
G. H. Ingham
J. M. Hatkett
P. Storrs
Dr. W. H. Taylor
H. B. Crust, lady and child
W. H. Vincent
H. Cunningham
W. B. Sumner
H. Tinkham and lady
A. Snow
Mrs. C. W. Hunt
Mrs. Daniels
Mrs. Russell
Mrs. H. Williams
J. Dougherty, lady and 2 children
Mrs. Pratt
M. Woodward, lady and one child
Dr. Holt
Mail Agent
Mrs. Pope
Mrs. J. Ferris (first name illegible)
S. N. Champion
N. O. Austin
N. N. Simmonson
N. W. Tacker
L. Kellogg
J. C. Crozier
S. A. Chapin, lady and child
Miss Chapin
Mr. Church
Mrs. E. W. Church, sister and servant
Mrs. Mary Northeman and 2 children
E. Northeman
H. Perrine
Henry Heutch (or Hentch)
R. H. Tibbs
Jude Lake
N. R. Davis
A. Harris
Eguene Cawen
H. Pochier
Adams & Co's messenger
Jas Leppier
G. S. Kennedy
Wells Fargo & Co's messenger
Dr. J. W. Bay and son
C. D. Austin (first initial illegible)
J. Dannels
C. J. Schollser (or Schoolner)
J. D. Nickles
Mrs. J. A. Wood and 2 children
Mrs. E. Kelly and two children
J. Charles
Jas Findle, lady and neice (Findls )
Miss E. Taylor
Mrs. McCann
Mrs. Langton
Mrs. M. Mason
Mrs. J. P. Mason
Mrs. Caldwell and child
Mrs. E. Stonefield
Miss Mary Cassset and 2 children
Lieuts Winder, Patton, DuBaug, Van Vost and Piper
Maj Ehomas
Lieut Laser and lady
Surgeon Simpson, lady and child
Dr. Maury, U.S.A. and four companies 8d artillery
Miss Eaton
Miss Jones 
J. A. Dunn
W. P. Nicanor
J. Jrciaher ( Spelling)
C. Taylor
D. C. Wester
E. J. Drake
P. DeWitt
J. M. Drake
R. Bale
Robt Anderson
E. Branham
J. R. Beckett
John Smith
J. Gough
G. T. Austin
M. Nash
J. Thompson
P. Rander
W. B. Warren and lady
Mrs. Collins and 3 daughters
Mrs. M. A. Duncan
Mrs. Pendlebury and infant
Mrs. Hangazle and servant
J. Hartney, wife and infant
G. C. Wadsworth, wife and 2 children
Miss E. M. Spangarberg
Miss J. Anderson
Miss M. Faubrias
H. C. True
B. R. Piper
W. H. C. Cockland
D. Teyason
A. K. Van Riskle
A. H. Grayson
J. H. Coachman
R. A. Bliss
G. P. Fisher
Mrs. Reed
R. E. Davis
Capt. Hoyt
H. H. Noyes
Clement Hagerd
Jno C. Bullions
and 350 in the steerage

Arrival of the SS Sonora, May 31, 1854.

June 17, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California
Passengers departing San Francisco on the Sonora to Panama.

Departures from San Francisco to Panama on the Sonora June 17, 1854.

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