Ship Passengers arriving in San Francisco: 1800s

SS Sonora

Arrive San Francisco

June 2, 1856
SS Sonora
Captain R. L. Whiting
From Panama

June 2, 1856, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California


Yesterday morning the Pacific Mail Steamship Sonora arrived at the Bay from Panama, with mails and passengers, among whom were a number of those injured by the late accident on the railroad, all of whom, it is represented, are nearly recovered. The Rev. Mr. Selwood and Mr. Fenner, reported to have been mortally wounded in the affray at Panama on the 15th of April, are also among the passengers, nearly well. The U. S. Sloop-of-war St. Mary's was still at Panama, and the U. S. war steamer Fulton had been ordered to remain permanently at Aspinwall.


The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer Sonora, R. L. Whiting, commander, left Panama Saturday, May 17th, at 10 o'clock p. m., with 887 passengers and U. S. Mails from New Orleans and New York, per steamer Illinois, via Havana, and 400 packages express freight and foreign merchandise. Left in port U. S. sloop of war St. Mary's, Capt. Bailey, who had received orders to remain at Panama. No disturbance of any kind occurred on the Isthmus since the 15th of April, and none is apprehended by any of the foreign residents. The perpetrators of the outrage are all much alarmed at what they have done, and are in constant dread of punishment, which it is believed is certain to be inflicted by the United States Government.

The company's steamer Panama, and the steamers Cortes and Uncle Sam, were at Panama the two latter awaiting orders from New York. May 18th, 9 p. m., spoke the company's Steamer Golden Gate, hence for Panama all well on board. May 23d, half-past 11 p. m., arrived at Acapulco; detained until half-past 5 a.m. In the harbor of Acapulco the ship California Packet, from San Juan del Sud destination unknown. 26th, at 7 P. M., passsd the company's steamer J. L. Stephens, bound down. 3Oth, saw a schooner laying-to. Same day passed a schooner at anchor on the west side of San Nicholas Island.


June 2, 1856, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

Passengers by the SS Sonora, June 1, 1856, SDU.

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