Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Northerner

Arrive San Francisco

October 22, 1850
SS Northerner
Captain H. Randall
From Panama via Realejo and San Diego


Daily Alta California, October 26, 1850

Arrived -- October 23 -- Steamship Northerner, Capt. H. Randall, in 15 days and 12 hours, running time, from Panama via Realejo and San Diego, 48 hours. 130 passengers. Consigned to J. W. Raymond.


Per Northerner - 52 packages mdse to J. W. Gregory & Co, 2 do Louis Cohen, 10 do Robinson, Bissel & Co. 39 do J. J. Chauveteau & Co. 2 do Seaman, Jacoby & Co. 1 do Augustus Skogh, 3 do DeWitt & Harrison, 3 do J. S. Smith, 42 do J. E. Flaudin, 1 pkge gold coin B. Davidson.


Sacramento Transcript, October 26, 1850

Passenger by the SS Northerner, October 23, 1850.

Daily Alta California, October 25, 1850

Steamer Northerner, September 16, 1850

At a meeting of the passengers, held on the quarterdeck, last evening, to tender thier thanks to Capt. Randall for his kindness and gentlemanly conduct during the passage from San Francisco, R. De Zaldo was called to the Chair, and L. D. Lilly appointed Secretary. After a few happy remarks from the Chair, stating the object of the meeting, etc., the following resolution were read and unanimously adopted:

Resolved, that the thanks and regards of the passengers of the steamship Northerner are hereby tendered to Capt. Randall for his officer-like conduct, and for his courteous andpolite attention to us as passengers, and for his untiring exertions to contribute to our every want, comfort and pleasure.

Resolved, That we tender to Capt. Randall our commendations for our most excellent fare, and to say to the traveling community that for good fare, comfort and attention, the Northerner is hard ot beat on any waters.

Resolved, That the thanks of every passenger are due, and are hereby tendered to Capt. Randall for his indefatigable energy in recovering $2500 lost by one of the passengers.

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the New Orleans, New York and San Francisco papers, and that a copy of the same be givne to Capt. Randall.

After which were proposed three cheers for Capt. Randall and his good ship, and also for the homes and friends we hope soon to see, which were heartily given by three hundred voices. Nor were those friends forgotten that we have left behind us.

Boat landing at the Chagres River in Panama prints available.
Boat Landing at the Chagres River, Panama.
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