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SS Northerner

Arrive San Francisco

May 21, 1853
SS Northerner
Captain J. B. G. Isham
15 days from Panama

May 22, 1853, Daily Alta California



May 21 - P M S Ship Northerner, J. B. G. Isham, Esq, commander, 15 days from Panama, via intermediate ports. To E. Knight. 401 passsengers

May 22, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The P. M. S. Co's steamship Northerner, arrived here yesterday morning at 6 o'clock.

Among the passengers by the Northerner are:

Major R. P. Hammond, Collector of San Francisco
W. B. Dameron, Naval Officer, San Francisco
W. Van Voorhies, Surveyor, San Francisco
W. H. Richardson, U. S. Marshal
Samuel P. Inge, U.S. District Attorney
Samuel J. Bridge, General Appraiser
O. P. Sutton, Appraiser, San Francisco
Dr. Birdsall, Superintendent of Mint, San Francisco
A. H. Clark, Surveyor of San Pedro
Hon. Thompson Campbell, U. S. Land Commissioner
Hon. Alpheus Fitch, U. S. Land Commissioner
Major Charles Loring, Receiver of Public Monies, Benecia
Also, Hon. Wm. M. Gwin and lady, Hon. John B. Weller, Hon. E. C. Marshall and lady, Hon J. W. McCorkle, Hon Calhoun Benham, Ex-Gov McDougal and family, Alvin Adams, Esq., the senior partner of Adams & Co.'s Express; John M. Freeman, Esq., of the same Express; Samuel Brannan, Esq.; Captain Hammersly, Thos. O. Larkin, A. A. Sclover, etc. etc.

VIP Arrivals and News  May 1853.

May 23, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Lola Montez.

The P.M.S. Co's steamer Northerner arrived on Friday night in San Francisco.

"The Countess of Landsfeldt," or, more generally known as the "Divine Lola" was a passenger on the Northerner. She comes unheralded, yet her arrival has produced great excitement among the "quid nuncs" of the Union Saloon. We hear that she will immediately enter upon her professional career.


The Pacific Mail Steamship Co.'s steamer Northerner, J. B. G. Isham, Esq., commanding sailed from Panama on the 5th inst. at 9 p.m. with 401 passengers and 275 bags mail matter, being the largest mail ever transmitted to California. 8 h at 2 p.m. passed steamer Isthmus bound down - 10th at 5 p.m., 250 miles south of Acapulco, passed steamer Pacific, hence for San Juan -- 11th at 11 p.m., arrived at Acapulco -- left next day at 1-1/2 M. -- Steamer Golden Gate left Acapulco on the morning of the 7th, bound down. The ship John Holland, from New York, bound to this port, 160 days out, put into Acapulco on the 10th inst., in distress, having sprung a leak. May 19th at 6 a.m., arrivd at San Diego -- detained 2 hours -- 20th, at 8 p.m., touched at Monterey. Arrived at this port 21st at 6 a.m. The Northerner has made the run from Panama, allowing for detentions, in 14-1/2 days. But one death has occurred on board. The health of the Isthmus was very good when the steamer left, scarcely a case of sickness being heard of.


Passengers by SS Northerner arrive San Francisco May 1853.
Daily Alta California and Sacramento Daily News, May 1853

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