Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Northerner

Arrive San Francisco

August 15, 1850
SS Northerner
Captain Waterman
From Panama


August 16, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


The favorite New York steamship Northerner, Capt. Waterman, arrived in the harbor at dawn yesterday morning. She made the bearing of the harbor on the evening previous, but owing to a dense fog was compelled to lay off and on till morning. A delay of six or seven hours was occasioned by the non-appearance of the Health Officer after her arrival in the harbor.

No communication was had with the vessel until about 10 o'clock. The passengers, many of whom were ailing with slight attacks of Panama fever, were kept in suspense until it suited the convenience of his "medical majesty" to permit the vessel a free pass to the city.

The Northerner brings the mails from New York to the 8th of July, and from Panama to the evening of the 27th ult. Her passage up has been remarkably short, only nineteen days from port to port, including three days stoppage at Acapulco.

The steamship Republic sailed from Panama on the same day. The Eucador, Capt. Downs, and the West Point, Capt. Hunt sailed on the 22nd for this port.

The California, hence, had reached Panama, and a number of sailing vessels, all making exceeding short passages.

The number of persons on the Isthmus was quite small. The steamers of the 1st inst., would reduce the number to a fraction.

The English steamer from the South Coast arrived on the 23rd, with $700,000 in specie.

The California question seems to be as far distant from any favorable disposition as it was six months since.

The news from the Atlantic States by this arrival is not of important character.

The remarkable confession of Prof. Webster, an abstract of which we give elsewhere, was exciting much interest through the country. (In a separate article, The Alta reports on Professor Webster's confession of his connection in the Parkman murder.)

The Cholera had again made its appearance in Cincinnati. The number of deaths weekly by the epidemic is stated to reach 119.

The Grenada passport system has been abolished. On a proper representation to the higher authorities at Bogota, the law was instantly repealed.

Havana was still in a state of siege. Mr. Edmund Doyle, an American merchant at Cardenas, has been imprisoned on some frivolous charge. A peremptory demand for the release of the prisoners was sent to Havana in the U.S. steamer Vixen.

Steamship New York. Capt. Jones, from New York, June 15, for California, put into St. Georges, Bermuda, on the 20th ult., to repair having bursted her blow-pipes three days previously. She was expected to sail in a few days.


The California question at Washington, between the 1st and 7th of July, did not attract that attention which is due the subject. Indeed the dearth of interest, and the indifference with which it was treated, leaves but slight hopes of any immediate adjustment of the question. The affairs at New Mexico absorb the attention of the dignitaries of the seat of government, to the entire exclusion of even a thought on California. The last movement at the Capitol, in reference to California, which we notice, is the following from the telegraphic dispatch of the New York Herald, date July 6:

The Omnibus bill is good for all of next week in the Senate. There is a caucus in the House tonight, on the California question.

The correspondent of the New York Herald, under date of July 3, alludes to the subject thus:

There were two plans of operation agreed upon by two different sections of the House today. First, the ringleading free soil . . . resolved to push forward the California bill over the heads of all other measures, appropriations, and Galphins, and all . .. The extreme Southerners had agreed to make an effort to give California the go-by, and everything else the go-by, and to proceed to take up the annual appropriations as the special order, which would occupy the House five or six weeks . . .

August 25, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The Northerner

GENTLEMEN -- It may seem superfluous at this late date to say anything relative to this public favorite. I see in your paper of the 18th the resolutions passed by the after Saloon passengers expressing their thanks for the kind and hospitable treatment which they have received, and for the many comforts with which they were furnished.

I have noticed nothing yet published by the second cabin passengers, expressive of their thanks for the many comforts they were provided with. In the forward cabin we were furnished with a table which would compete with the saloon tables of most steamers. On the night of the 13th we were furnished with an elegant wine supper, at which Capt. Waterman presided, where sentiments expressive of their kind feelings were passed by teh numerous participators of the entertainment. I think I can serve the public no better than by recommending this steamer, with her gentlemanly officers to their patronage.



Adams, Jas.
Adams, R. Bixby
Alexander, L. L.
Allen, J. B.
Anderson, Jos. L.
Anderson, Jos. L.
Arthibald, W. L.
Bailey, J. M.
Bailey, J. M.
Baldwin, A. R.
Balster, Ivel
Barns, Mrs. L.
Barrett, Amos
Bartling, Wm.
Barton, H.
Beach, W. E., Jr.
Beach, W. R.
Beck, W. B.
Benhring, F.
Bennett, T.J. (Also looks like Benuett, but that seems unlikely)
Bentz, Geo.
Blair, W.
Blake, J. W.
Blankman, Dr.
Bogardus, Chas. (Rasmussen notes Charles Bogardue)
Boothright, S.
Bost, M. L.
Bottori, H. A. (Rasmussen notes this as H.A. Bottorf)
Bowen, Horace
Bowie, Dr.
Bradley, Miles
Brigham, W.P.
Brittery, W.
Britton, R.S.
Brogden, Jno. (Rasmussen notes John Brogden, but the Alta clearly has Jno. )
Brown, Chas.
Brown, J. N.
Brown, J. S.
Bryson, B. H.
Buck, Robert (R. Buck of New York checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Buckley, J. R.
Bucklin, Wm.
Bumstead, T.
Burns, L.
Cains, A. W.
Candish, Geo.
Cannon, Adam
Carman, Mrs.
Carpenter, L.
Chamberlain, W.
Chancellor, Thos. S.
Chollar, A.
Chollar, John
Chollar, Wm.
Church, E. W.
Clanney, J.
Clapp, W. R.
Clark, E.T.
Clark, H. and lady
Coats, J. W.
Cocanour, J. B.
Cockens, Jos.
Codman, Capt. F.
Cohen, M.
Cohen, Nathan
Cole, N.S.
Connor, H.
Conway, C.
Cook, H. B.
Cooper, H.
Cooper, Wm.
Copeland, Geo.
Cornell, John V.
Corvie, A.
Cran, G.
Crittenden, R.H. (of Kentucky. Checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Crosby, A.T.
Crumby, Jas.
Crummy, E. (Might be Cruminy)
Cummings, Jos.
Curley, Israel
Curtis, Jno
Cutter, M.
Davis, A.S.
Delaney, Jas.
Demper, D. C.
Devier, Wm.
Dickinson, H.
Dickinson, T. H.
Digter, Wm. (Rasmussen notes Digier)
Doty, Dr. E. H.
Dreist, B.
Ducker, Daniel S.
Duncan, Jno.
Dunham, B.T.
Duream, A. (Rasmussen considers Durream, but the Alta has no second "r")
Durfee, E. A.
Easterbrook, M.
Easterly, John M.
Edeseimer, J.
Elder, Jesse
Elder, Jessup
Eldridge, James
Elliott, G.W. (G.W. Ellicott of Albany checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Emory, Mrs.
Evans, Nelson
Fairfield, B.L.
Fareman, Saml.
Fay, I.W.
Fern, Wm.
Fernette, C.
Fields, J.S.
Flint, Jos.
Flynn, A.C.J.W.
Flynn, J.W.
Folger, Robt.
Foot, Saml.
Foote, F.W.
Ford, Edward
Fox, Philip
Fraiser, W.L.
Frary, M.
French, C.H.
Frink, N.
Frink, S.
Frink, S.A.
Fuller, Z.K.
Gale, George (Might be Galo. Rasmussen writes Gala)
Galiger, J.
Garland, H.
Gates, S.M.
Geiley, Dr.
Goldman, J.A.
Goyt, E.F.
Granes, G.W.
Graves, Henry S.
Gray, Ira
Gray, Thomas
Grayley, Henry
Greasam, F.H.
Green, A.G.
Green, A.W.
Grigot, J.
Grinnell, Rev. S.O. and lady
Griswold, J.W.
Grosleir, M.
Hall, Jos
Hall, Jos. F.
Hall, W.B.
Hanva, Edward
Hapgood, N.
Harper, A.H.
Hart, Geo. A.
Haskins, J.J. (of Ohio. Checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Hasley, Chas.
Hawes, Joseph
Hearne, J.S.
Hearse, Mrs.
Heck, John
Henry, Joseph H.
Herman, Dr.
Hewitt, Geo.
Higby, Wm.
Hill, N.H.
Hobbs, Jas.
Holbrook, W.H.
Hoopes, Thos. C.
House, Robt.
Houston, Wm. R.
Howe, F.W.
Hungerford, S.
Hungerford, S.
Huntly, A.
Huttman, F.
Innes, R.B.
Innes, Wm. W.
Jackson, S.R.
Jacobs, E.
Jacoby, Mrs.
Jameson, George
Jameston, Norman
Jessup, G.
Jessup, J.
Johnson, H.F.
Johnson, T.R.
Johnson, W.N.
Kellog, C.G.
Kendall, L.N.
King. H.
Kinsell, B.E.
Knight, John W.
Kouhl, W. (Might be Kohnl or Konbl or Koubl)
Kyle, Alex
Kyse, J.N.
Lackey, J.B.
Lambert, Charles
Lane, Abram
Lapsley, W. M.
Larbox, W. F.
Lard, Thos.
Law, Henry
Lawton, Geo.
Lee, F., Jr.
Lefforts, Jas.
Leise, L.
Levi, J.
Levings, G. K.
Levy, Charles
Littlejohn, W.
Long, J.S.
Loring, Charles and lady, child and three servants
Loring, J.S.
Loyd, Jno.
M Gard, Mr. Q.J. and family
Macomber, L.
Madluck, D.
Mason, J.W.
Mayas, Abram
Mayor, L.
McClean, John
McCready, J.
McCredie, T.
McFarland, J. F.
McHenry, Judge
McKee, J. W.
McKee, J. W. (Listed twice)
McKee, James
McKee, John
McMackin, G.S.
McNulty, Dr. J.
Mel, John
Mell, Wm.
Menbrook, G.W.
Merrick, A.M.
Merrick, A.M.
Merrick, S.D.
Messenger, J.W. and lady
Miller, Henry
Miller, Jos
Moncraft, T.C.
Moody, Mrs. W.
Morrison, G.
Morrison, Geo.
Mumby, J.H.
Murdick, S.H.
Mussick, Robt.
Myer, L.
Norton, F.
Noyes, T.W.
Nudd, P.C.
Nye, H.S.
Obenamer, Mrs. (Difficult to read. Rasmussen considers Obensmer. Might also be Obenainer)
Obenauer, M. (Rasmussen notes M. Obenaner)
Olmstead, E.
Orington, William H.
Palmer, B.W.
Palmer, B.W.
Panyborne, B.R.
Paran, W.J.
Parmlee, J.O. (J.C. Parmele of New Haven, Ct. checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Parsons, Charles
Patchen, A.
Pearse, Mrs. M.
Penfield, E.S.
Penfield, Geo. B.
Perkins, Jas.
Pettit, O.F.
Phaler, Wm.
Phillips, Ransom
Pickerton, Wm.
Pine, John M.
Platt, J.S.
Pomery, E.H.
Pond, Saml. P.
Poole, Jno.
Pope, A.
Pope, L.D.
Porter, M.
Porter, W.H.
Potter, C.E.
Potter, Elam O.
Potter, F.
Potter, Geo. D.
Preble, S.L.
Prescott, S.B.
Preveaux, Rev. F.E. and lady
Prince, S.
Prouty, N.
Purdy, M.
Raster, R.
Raxford, E.
Redding, T.W.
Regan, T.
Reymond, J. W.
Reynolds, O. H.
Richmond, H. E.
Richmond, Jeo W. (Rasmussen lists this as John W. Richmond)
Richmond, R. M.
Sargent, Thomas D.
Saxe, Dr. A. W.
Scott, Jos.
Shalissel, Nathan
Sharpe, Isaac
Sherman, E. W.
Singleton, Geo.
Sloat, E.D.
Smith, D.R.
Smith, Elias, W.
Smith, H.L.
Smith, J.T.
Smith, L.G.
Smith, P.
Snyder, D.H.
Sortell, Thos.
Squire, M.P.
Stapleford, S.D.
Staples, Mr.
Sterues, J.A.
Stout, J.H.
Sturrt, C.D.
Surnam, L.
Sweat, M.A.
Swink, J. M.
Taylor, Geo. F.
Taylor, J.W.
Terry, J.
Thompson, D. W. C. (From New York. Checked into the St. Francis Hotel)
Tibbetts, J. and lady
Townsend, J. S.
Tracy, M.
Truesdale, H. B.
Tuck, Miss A. S.
Tucker, S.
Tuttle, Eransam
Van Buren, A.
Vandenburg, L.
Vanolstyne, T.
Vason, W. J.
Vincent, Mrs.
Vunderhill, W. A.
Walker, C.
Wallis, W.J.
Waskey, Jno. S.
Waskey, M.
Waterhouse, C.
Waters, Saml.
Waters, W.
Watts, Mrs.
Watts, Wm.
Welch, E.G.
Wells, F.H.
West, G.W.
Wheeler, R.
White, C.L.
Whitney, Chas.
Wiider, Jesse (Might be Wilder)
Williams, Nathl.
Williams, S.F.
Winters, John
Witer, J.N.
Wooden, Peter
Woodhouse, J.S.
Worden, J.H.
Wyman, L.
Young, Luther

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