Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS North America

Arrive San Francisco

January 18, 1852
From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Captain James H. Blethen, Sr.


January 19, 1852, Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the


The Quickest Trip Ever Made!

Paris in a state of Revolution!
Continued Illness and Resignation of Senator Clay

The North America, Capt. Blethen, of the Independent Nicaragua line of steamers, arrived at 2 this morning, twelve days form San Juan del Sud, with an immense passenger load, and eleven days later news from the Atlantic States.

This makes the intelligence from N.Y. but a little over 26 days old - the quickest trip yet made. TheNorth America left San Juan on the 5th inst.; saw a steamer, supposed to be the Pacific, off Acapulco, on the 10th; met the Ohio, hence, at Monterey on yesterday. . .

The passengers by the North America from here on the 15th Dec. were all safely at Greytown , on the Atlantic, on the 30th - fifteen days on the passage, and in eight or nine days would, in all probability, reach New York. It is stated that the North America has labored under many difficulties in the way of coal, having been supplied at Acapulco with a very inferior quality, which caused a great delay in her passage.

From the hills of San Francisco.


Captain James H. Blethen.

Aiken, John
Aiken, Samuel
Allen, G.
Allen, L.
Ashton, Evan
Baker, M. P.
Baldwin, S. C.
Barker, Harry
Barrett, D.
Bartlet, Mr.
Basett, A.
Bates, Barna
Bates, William
Beard, James
Beatrine, G.
Becker, Harry
Bendle, John
Bither, D. J.
Bliss, M.
Bonen, John
Bonfanti, Charles F.
Bowen, B.
Bowman, Miss
Brayton, Ira
Bremen, P.
Briggs, G. G. and dog
Briggs, Miss M. A.
Briggs, Mrs. E. H.
Brothers, D.
Brown, George
Brown, J.
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Squire
Brown, O.
Brownson, William M.
Bullock, Israel
Burnham, A.
Bushnell, W. H.
Butterly, M. 
Caler, O.
Carson, R.
Clagg, William
Clair, H. S.
Clark, J.
Clark, O.
Clark, R. S.
Clark, W. H. 
Coburn, Mrs. J. A.
Coffee, Lewis
Collins, William 
Colly, Solomon
Conine, L. S.
Conine, Peter L. 
Cook, William
Coon, J.
Cortlett, H.
Crane, H.
Crane, Henry
Crane, Mrs. M. A.
Crane, S. D.
Crumplin, Joseph
Culver, James
Curtis, William
Curtiss, C.B.
Daniels, E.
Davis, Mrs. E., 2 children and servant
Davitt, J.
Dikeman (or Dekeman/Dakeman), J.
Dikerman, Mrs. J. and child
Dodge, Eben
Dows, John
Dows, S.
Draper, M. D.
Dunning, A.
Dutton, G. W.
Eastman, W.
Ede, J. E.
End, G. 
Farrar, E.
Fennis, S. D.
Ferris, Aug.
Finley, F.
Finley, J.
Frazer, W.
French, C. G. W.
French, R.
Fuller, M. C.
Gainer, R. G.
Gardner, R.H.
Gardner, S.
Gibbs, George
Gibson, F. W.
Gilbert, J.
Gilbert, Mrs., child and servant
Giron, M.
Grasden, A. J.
Green, Michael
Halvosen, Ole
Hamilton, Mrs. M.J
Harkin, D.
Harrington, B.
Hart, Jr., S. 
Hart, W.
Harwood, D. M.
Haynes, J. M.
Haynes, S. P.
Herrick, J. C.
Herrick, J. M.
Higgins, E.
Hill, H. W.
Hilton, F.
Hodge, H.C.
Hopkins, S.
Hosley, James S. 
Houston, J.W.
Hutchins, J.
Inman, N.
Jacobs, S.
Jemison, F. L.
Jemison, R. H.
Johnson, C.
Johnson, John O.
Joy, Mason
Keen, H. J.
Kerney, P.
Kerrison, Mrs. and 2 children 
Ketchum, M. M.
Kohn, J. S.
Krankbite. H.
Lamphers, D. C.
Leavitt, J.
Lederick, Mrs. Louise and 2 children
Leland, H.
Lemington, A.
Logan, P.D.
Loud, T.D.
Lucas, John
Lykins, J.N.
Lykins, M.D.
Lykins, W.J.
Mahody, John
Mairs, J.
Martin, M. W., lady and 2 children
Martin, Mrs. R. E. and 2 children
Mason, J.W.
Mays, James
McCraig, P.
McDonald, J.
McKeith, J.
McKenna, P.
McKenna, T.
McKenney, J.
McMenomy, William
McNair, James
Medbury, W. C.
Miller, H.
Montgomery, William
Moore, Henry
Mulloy, H.
Mulloy, J.
Munroe, H. J.
Munroe, J.
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, J.
Myrick, J.
Nash, J.
Newbegin, N.
Nowland, A.
Nowland, David
Odell, J.T.
Oder, Joseph
Oliver, W.
Osgood, S.
Palmer, E. F.
Parker, James M.
Patch, W. Y.
Pell, C. C.
Pell, G. W.
Pepperill, E.F.
Perkins, E.
Porter, J. D.
Potter, Alden S.
Potter, C.
Pratt, William
Ravenscrost, William
Reichert, John A., wife and 4 children
Robertson, Rufus
Rouse, A. L.
Rust, N. P.
Santiff, J.
Santiff, N.
Scull, Charles
Shouf, S. and wife
Skull, A. S.
Smith, G. S. and wife
Smith, J. F.
Smith, P.
Smith, W. B.
Sparks, D.
Sparks, George W.
Stewart, J. A.
Still, J. and son
Stillins, S. C.
Stiver, John
Stone, W.
Stoots, T. B.
Story, J.
Taylor, J. G.
Taylor, James W.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Julius F. 
Thrall, C. M.
Trembly, Henry
Troop, R. B.
Van Aiken, J. W.
Van Syke, Peter
Vanhousen, J.
Wallace, E.
Warnd (sic), A.K
Wheeler, J.
Whitcomb, O.
Whitehill, D. M.
Wick, Andrew
Wilson, Mrs. and children
Wilson, P. Z.
Woodbury, Mrs.
Woods, A.
Wright, Capt. Thomas
Wright, G. A.
Wright, W. J.
And 198 unidentified passengers in steerage.

Passengers by the SS North America, January 18, 1852.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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