Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Moses Taylor

From San Francisco

October 19, 1864
SS Moses Taylor
Captain James H. Blethen
For San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

October 19, 1864, Daily Alta California


For the East -- The Central American Transit Company's Moses Taylor sails at one P.M. today for San Juan del Sur, with the following cabin passengers booked for New York:


October 20, 1864, Sacramento Daily Union

The following named persons took passage yesterday in the opposition steamer Moses Taylor for Nicaragua:

John Conness, Rev. James Barker and wife, J. G. Hamilton, wife and nine children; Ms. Moore, J. S. Parrott, George L. Hastings, wife and three children; J. McWiliiams and wife, R. Crawford, Mrs. M. W. Willis, W. L. Raht, Captain F. E. Gallagher, Captain J. A. Palmer, W. L. Leman, J. M. Fowler, J. L. Osborn, J. J. Townsend, wife and son; Thomas Nelson, J. W. Gibbs, A. L. Hillerman; C. Mennessler, James Stoddart, Peter Hill, A. R. Heald, J. Connor, wife and two children; G. W. Carpenter, W. Brand, J. L. Dork, wife and two children; Thomas Casey, G. A. Sitze, Michael McNamara, Sarah Mooney, James Hawkins, J. J. Smith R. Basey, A. C. Henry, J. Calhoun, Rev. J. Oswald, wife and three children; Sisters Traxede and Frederica, J. Vandeleno, Rev. John Malo, Henry Stampelman, J. Thompson, D. Gardner, J. M. White, J. Norlnger, John Whitehead, A. C. Mumler, T. A. Baker, wife and three children; Mrs. A. Peterson, Mrs. Roper, Mrs. S. J. Dolan and two Infants; W. M. Stewart. W. C. Brennan, M Booth, O. P. Wiggins; A. P. Chase, J. B. Ligier, J. O. Browning, Dr. Caldwell and daughter; Dr. Finch, wife and three children; L. Finch and wife, R. R. Finch; H Black, J. H. Freeman, Mrs. Chamberlain, M. Sperry wife and two children; Mrs. O. Tupper and daughter; Miss C. Mills, A. J. Davis; J. H. Scranton and wife; C. O. McQuestin and infant; D. B. Crist, Mrs. C. A. Ayer, W. B. Farrow, wife and infant; R. Reamer, F. Warner, H. Alexander, B. Fuller, Mary and Anna White; J. Smith, J. Genella; R. R. Kelly, wife and boy; C. Roth; H. C. Linek; C. H. Eaton, Mrs. C. Warwick, J. Donovan, wife and two sons; O. S. Gale and wife, E. Dunbar, George Bowen, F. Koops and wife, R. C. Smith; E. Richards, John Williams, Peter Dickey, B. S. Harrington; A. C. Justin, T. M. Robertson, E. G. Desisle; R. S. Young; J. E. Woodward and wife, J. McSmith; S. M. Hoyt, wife and child; William Keefer, A. Still, two sons and three children; A. Thompson, M. Severson and wife; S. Severson, wife and son; William Reynolds and wife, A. M. Davidson, E. Dill, T. W. Jones; A Wilay, D. Darllng; J. E. Wilay; P. G. Orton, B. S. Dinkleson; Miss E. Sullivan, Mrs. M. J. Greenstreet and two children; J. T. Patterson and daughter, J. M. H. Gills; Charles Fatleberg; M. D. Hays, S. W. Sherman; George Brewster, Charles Switzer, A. C. Eckson, Miss Folsom.

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c.1842
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View of Port of San Francisco. Late 1800s

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