Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS Mariposa 

Arrive San Francisco

September 6, 1904 
Captain Rennie
From Tahiti, French Polynesia


Mariposa From Tahiti.

Liner Arrives From Tahiti With Party of Pleasure Seekers 
Who Sing the Praises of the Paradise of the Pacific 

Schooner Eimeo, Built at Benicia, Is Wrecked on Island of Pomotu Group

The steamship Mariposa, Captain Rennie, which arrived yesterday, eleven days seventeen hours from Tahiti, brings word of the loss of the gasoline schoonerEimeo, which was driven ashore on the reefs surrounding an island of the Pomotu group. The Eimeo was built at Benicia by Matthew Turner. She was used as an inter-island passenger carrier and was crowded with people when driven ashore during a heavy storm. No lives were lost, but hope of saving the vessel had been abandoned when the Mariposa sailed.

The Mariposa brought eighteen passengers from the Paradise of the Pacific. Most of the passengers were travelers for health and pleasure and the appearance of each waa a testimonial to the health-giving virtue or a visit to the South Seas.

Dr. E. Mellis of this city, who came up on the Mariposa, spent two months at Tahiti and is charmed both witli the island climate and with the Mariposa.

"The trip to Tahiti," he said yesterday, "is the finest rest-cure in the world. The strong gain in strength and the weakness of the ailing disappears long before Tahiti is reached. The soft but bracing breezes in which one lives from the time the liner clears the coast fog-belt until she strikes it again on her return put life into one as does no tonic of which I have any knowledge. For the well and the weak the trip to Tahiti is an ideal vacation and for the tired business man I know of nothing that so thoroughly fills the bill. Traveling on the Mariposa one has all the comforts and luxuries of a private yacht. From the time we left San Francisco until to-day, on land and sea, we nave enjoyed every moment of the time."


The Mariposa's cargo included: 10,529 sacks of copra, 61,734 cocoanuts, shells, vanilla boans and fruit.


Dr. E. Mellis
Master Mellis
S. Babcock
Mrs. E. T. Bnkley
Miss E. Danger
D. Danger
S. C. Irving
Mrs. S. C. Irving
Mrs. T. M. Schumacher
Mrs. M. Atwater
F. Millard
E. Salmon
J. T. Carpenter
F. A. Allerf
J. Carbridge
J. Buvyere

Rupe, Rupe, Paul Gauguin in Tahiti.
Rupe Rupe (Fruit Gathering), 1899.
Paul Gauguin.

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