Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Lewis

Arrive San Francisco

January 4, 1853
SS Lewis 
Captain Sheppard
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, January 5, 1853, San Francisco


The Vanderbilt steamer S.S. Lewis, Capt. Sheppard, arrived yesterday morning from San Juan, with 480 passengers, a list of whom, with the memoranda of the voyage will be found in their proper department. She brought no later intelligence from any quarter.


The steamer S.S. Lewis is said by the most reliable authority to have arrived here in the most filthy condition; so much so indeed as to create nausea to those who visited her. She is in a very leaky condition, and has several feet of water in her hold. The lives and property of the public should not be trifled with by speculators in passengers to this country, and a proper investigation should be made in the case, as it is evident that the present condition of the ship, and such as it has been represented to have been during the voyage, is calculated to induce sickness and death, especially where human beings are packed together in dense masses, and coming from a notoriously unhealthy port.


Per S.S. Lewis. - Left San Francisco Nov. 17th, at 7 o'clock. A.M. Nov 18th, 19th and 20th, experienced a heavy gale of wind from S.E.; 22d, saw a steamer returning to S.F. 23d, nine ships in sight. 27th, saw a brig steering westward. 28th, passed a steamer, brig and ship steering westward. Arrived at San Juan Dec 6th, 2 P.M.; running time 16 days 4 hours. At Salinas Bay, Dec 7th, Br. ShipKelvin, discharging coal. Barque Reginald Heber taking in ballast, to sail in a few days for Callao. Dec 11th, Br brig June Bird.

Sailed from San Juan Dec 13th at 5 P.M. Arrived at Acapulco Sunday at 2 A.M. Arrived at Acapulco Dec 11th, with Barque Harriet Thompson, Andrews, of San Francisco, 200 bbls, principally spm. Dec 14th, with bqe Walter Claxton, Lake, of San Francisco, 30 bbls spm. The captain and crew of theWalter Claxton have been transferred to the Harriet Thompson, which vessel was advertised to sail Dec 24th for San Francisco.

The Walter Claxton, under command of Capt. Andrews, and with the officers and crew of the H.T., would sail about same date, on a cruise. Dec 26th, 10 P.M., passed a steamer running eastward, supposed to be the Independence. Same day, passed a brig and a barque running eastward. 21st, 3 P.M., exchanged signals with ship Racer, running eastward. 22d, 7 A.M. off Cape Corrientas, met steamer Tennessee, exchanged papers, all well.

Have had a constant succession of strong breezes from the northwest and for that last week, weather very foggy. Jan 2d, 5 P.M., dropped anchor off the heads, too foggy to go in and out of coal.


Note: This list from the Alta was difficult to read. It will be cross-checked when/if another source is found. 

Anderson, D. C.
Ash, Charles, wife and child
Bailey, J.
Bailey, R. A. and wife
Baker, M. A., wife and child
Ball, Miss Louisa
Barker, S. A., wife and child
Bishop, G. W.
Butts, Rev. T.
Cameron, A.
Canfield, C. P.
Connolly, Geo
Conway, J.
Crippen, C., wife and two children
D ranton, Isaac (L ranton - At least two letters missing)
Daniels, H. S., wife and two children
Davis, J. A.
Densmore, A.
Densmore, H. M.
Elliott, N., Toronto, Canada, died on board of diarrhea on December 24th
Ferguson, V. C.
Ferguson, W. R.
Fleming, W. B. and wife
Givens, Geo
Glover, P. J.
Gray, J. F.
Greene, J. C., Carlisee ( ), Pennsylvania, age 23, died on board December 30 of diarrhea
Grim, Wm., wife and three children (The Alta notes that Wm. Grim, Worcester; Wayne County, Ohio, age 45, died on board January 2 of fever and diarrhea)
Gutshall, P. and lady
Hammond, Jno
Hand, A. T. 
Harris, H. A.
Hatch, Mrs. and child
Head, W. E. and wife
Hinkson, A. C.
Houseley, Thomas, of Lafayette County, Wisconsin, age 53, died on board Janaury 1 of fever and diarrhea
Hunt, Mrs. Hannah
Hutchings, George and wife
Jab, Mrs. M. and two children
Jackson, E. P.
Jackson, J. M.
Jones, F. M.
Jones, Wm., wife and child
Joslin, S. B.
Kent, Joshua, of Baltimore, age 50, died on board, December 27 of diarrhea
Kilgwan, J. P. and wife
King, R. and wife
Levelling, Eli
Levelling, J., wife and three children 
Lewis, G.
Madison, Mrs. and one child
McCoon, Mrs. 
McCowan, John D.
McCracken, O.
Mendham, E.
Miller, G. A., wife and child
Newman, C. L., wife and two children
Nystrom, C. W.
O'Donnell, Danl
Olds, L.F.
Palow, A., of Clayton, New York, age 47, died on board December 30 of diarrhea and fever
Parker, D.
Parker, Mrs. E. A.
Phillips, Mrs. S. and two children
Phithian, E., wife and child (Difficult to read. Might be Plithian)
Putney, Dr. Castro A., of Brookfield, Wisconsin, age 30, died on board of diarrhea and fever
Randall, F.
Rhodes, J. C.
Riddle, J. B.
Roach, Mich
Roland, H. (Middle initial missing)
Ruckner, Mrs. M. L. (Might be Buckner)
Salsworth, S. S. (Might be Saleworth or Salaworth)
Scudder, Wm. H. and wife
Sexton, P. K., lady and four children
Shea, William, of Waukegeu, Illinois, died on board of fever on December 22.
Shepheard, Mrs. and child
Sickels, J., New York, died on board on December 25 from diarrhea.
Slave, J.
Slims, Mrs. and child
Smith, J.
Smith, James
Snettinins, Jno W. (Extremely difficult to read.)
Stephenson, Mrs. Saruh and child (Alta does spell first name Saruh)
Taylor, J.
Tholikeld, W. 
Thrkkeld, W.H., of Missouri died at sea on the passage from San Juan for this port and was buried at Acapulco. This person and the previous listing may be related. The printing was extremely difficult to read, so the spellings may be incorrect. 
Thomson, Saml
Trantree, Jacob, Wayne County, Ohio, aged 28, died on board of fever and diarrhea
Turner, Miss R.A.
Turner, R.W. and wife
Underwood, A.
Walton, Miss M.
Walton, N.C., lady and three children
Warner, Mrs. and two children
Weatherald, Mrs. 
Webb, Mrs. Jane
Willie, E.
Wilkinson, J. S.
Winderly, J. P. and lady
Winters, Mrs. Sarah and two children
Wiswall, J. O. (Might be Wiswell)
Yale, Mrs. and three children
Young, Mrs. N. E.
Yule, Mrs.

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