Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS John L. Stephens

Arrive San Francisco

April 2, 1853
R. H. Pearson, Commander
From New York

January 22, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

STEAMSHIP JOHN L. STEPHENS -- The New Orleans True Delta, contains the following description of a new steamer to be placed on the Pacific line between San Francisco and Panama: A new steamship called the John L. Stephens, designed for the : transportation of passengers and the mails between Panama and San Francisco, has been recently built in New .York. The Stephens is. 2500', tons register, 280 feet keel, 66-1/2 feet breadth of beam amidships, and 285 feet over all. Her engine was built in the Novelty Works, and is on the oscillating principle. It is suspended from a framing of wood similar to the frames usually employed in the construction of beam-engines, and is the first application of the kind ever introduced. She is built on the clipper model, and is believed to be the sharpest American steamer ever constructed. Her accommodations are for twelve hundred passengers and the ventilation throughout every part is believed to be superior to any steamship ever built. Her buoyancy is also very great, and with 650 tons of coal and 20,000 gallons of water, she draws less than 12 feet of water, which is fully four feet less than the Collins' steamers. She is to sail for San Francisco via Rio in a few days.

March 25, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

From South America.

The fine steamship John L. Stephens, Capt. Pearson, arrived nt Panama on the 3d March. Running time of the Stephens from New York to Panama 53 days. She encountered severe gales, and proved herself one of the finest sea boats afloat.

April 4, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

Arrival of the Steamshiop John L. Stephens.

The new Pacific Mail steamer John L. Stephens, Capt. Robt. H. Pearson, commanding, is now at the wharf, where she arrived yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, 14 days and 4 hours from Panama. It is the first trip of the Stephens, and she brings 541 passengers, who are all in good health.

Our advices from New York are to the 5th, New Orleans to the 7th of March, and England to the 19th of February. From Mexico, Chile, and Peru we have nothing later. The English steamers from the southern coast did not connect with the Stephens.

Mr. L. A. Middleton of the Panama Star is amng the passengers by the Stevens.

By this arrival we hve the proceedings in the inauguration of President Pierce, at Washington, March 4, together with his address, etc. The ceremonies were magnificent and imposing.


Steamer John L. Stephens, from Panama, March 19, 1853, Robert H. Person, Commander, F. R.Baby, First Officer; Charles French, Chief Engineer; Mortimer Lent, Purser; J. McNulity, Surgeon, with 541 passengers, bringing dates from New York March inclusive. Steamer Winfield Scott arrived at Panama on the evening of the 17th, with passengers from San Francisco. Steamer Oregon arrived at Panama on the morning of the 18th, with passengers from San Francisco. Left at Panama U. S. Sloop-of-War Portsmouth for Callao soon. Healthy on the Isthmus; yellow fever has entirely disappeared. Encountered very strong head winds during the whole of the passage. Running time from port to port 14 days 4 hours.


New York and Panama Per John L. Stephens: $1,600 specie, 5 cs. saws, 4 c. hats, 362 pkgs mdse unspecified.

Adams & Co; Wells, Fargo & Co., Berford & Co, Lazard Freres, Z. Hyneman, Pick & Co. Dupuy Foulkes & Co., G. Aitkin, Belloc Freres & Lescau; Rousset, Auger & Co.; Haven & Co; and order.


Per steamer J. L. Stephens

Mrs. R. M. Clary, Miss Maria Clary, Master Robt. Clary, Rev. B. T. Crouch, S. R. Throckmorton, lady and 2 children, Miss Susannan Throckmorton, R. W. Bush and daughter, D. Styles and lady, J. Perkins and daughter, Mrs. Idela Crowie, L. A. Middleton, E. Pettitt and lady, O. M. Merrill, D. Abbott, S. A. Jewirt, T. Adams, S. P. Snead, J. Kintoewhell, N. Thompson, O. M. Alden, J. Duncan, J. Lounsberry, C. T. Wiltzee, P. Pincy, H. Hamilton, T. B. Brooks, C. Potter, T. Fisher, W. H. Priest, S. Collins, G. Parker, J. Pharo, W. Backus, J. Eshem, W. Moore, R. Edet, E. J. Fairchild, A. C. Chauvin, Wm. McElroy, G. Downer, Mrs. Budd and 2 children, Mrs. B. Everhard lady and two children, Mrs. D. Clarke, G. T. Austin, S. Latz, lady and two children, G. W. Whipple, A. Amondelli, C. Knocker, C. C. Rice, C. Adelsdorfe, lady and servant, J. J. Roseman, G. T. Russle, M. Monitt, J. Kagu, E. C. Winter, D. G. Baker. L. Marks, Henry Latz, E. Weiser, A. Shepherd, Mis E. Fussin and daughter, Mr. F. Bernie (or Bernis), I. J. Horton, Mrs. J. Swarenger and two daughters, Mrs. A. Holmes and two daughters, Miss Sarah Holmes, Mis Cary, Miss Adele Mason, Mrs. A. M. Mason, Mrs. Saunders, Miss Virginia Saunders, Miss Sarah Saunders, Dr. D. N. Robinson, lady and son, J. De Long, Miss L. E. Wornell, C. H. Parker, J. Wood, A. M. D.eBree, U.S.N., J. Flack, S. M. Vazie, J. Conrad, J. W. Jackson, Miss Budd. A. N. Kagg, A. Stratmen, lady and child, Mrs. E. S. Stratman, W. Smalley andlady, C. Kellogg, R. Donavan, lady and 2 children, R. Vaughan, W. Holmes, J. Jefferdo, W. Benjamin, W. O. Homstock, F. J. Jewett, J. M. Brown and lady, T. Brown, P. W. Comerall, J. Benjamin and lady, B. Cowell, Jr., C. Parter, J. Whitaker, A. Breckman, J. Babcock, A. Pratt, J. Solomon, Mrs. Sommers, R. D. Zeldo, son and servant, Miss E. Denney, J. Shepherd, Mead, . Camig, J. B. Finance, J. P. Clay, Mrs. Kellogg and child. 163 in cabin and 373 in steerage. Total number 541.

Died on Board John L. Stephens March 26th of bilious remittent fever, contracted on the Isthmus sometime since. Joseph Webster, aged 26 years, of Westminister, Maryland 31st of dysentery, JoOhn H. Rice, aged 29 years, of Fairhaven, Connecticut.

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