Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS John L. Stephens

Arrive San Francisco

June 19, 1853
R. H. Pearson, Commander
From Panama


The P. M. S. S. Co.'s steamer John L. Stephens, arrived on Sunday evening at half-past six o'clock — from Panama 8th June.


Per John L. Stephens — 13 days 4 hours from Panama with a very large mail, and 501 passengers, 74 of whom are ladies and 41 are children. The J. L Stephens has been absent from this port 34 days. Left Panama on the evening of the 5th inst. June 10, at 5 P. M., saw Steamer bound south, supposed to be the California. June 11, at 30 minutes past 12 P.M., arrived at Acapulco, and left at 40 minutes past 6 P.M.

June 17, at 3 o'clock P. M., arrived at San Diego, landed and received the mail, and left at 7 P. M. June 19, at 15 minutes past 8, A. M., arrived at Monterey, landed and received mail and left again at 9 A.M. At 20 past 12.M. 55 miles south of the Heads, saw a small steamer, supposed to be the. Sea Bird at anchor a short distance from the wreck of a ship. Saw a large ship ashore six miles north point Ano Nuevo. and a small vessel under sail near her. The steamer Lima arrived at Panama on the 2d from Valparaiso, and would leave again on the 9th. Left at Panama, steamers Panama and Isthmus. Quite healthy on the Isthmus.


Per steamer J. L. Stephens

Col Wm W Stewart, Doct S R Harris, Miss C. A. Harris, Mrs. C. Stout, H. W. Fairbanks, lady and two children, Mrs P. Hart and child. Mrs E. A. Litton. Miss M E Litton, Mrs A Maxwell and child. Mrs. M. Culver and child. Mrs E. Bleuler, Mrs S Croghnn, Miss S. Croghan. A Bosley and child. Miss M. Houche, Miss E. P. Houch and servant, C. Lilleo and lady, I Underhill and lady, G. B. Post, lady and servant, Miss Julia Adams, A. K. Adams, Miss Ella Bruce. Henry Casey, A M Ebbetts, G. F. Bragg. L. C. Hunter, H. White, lady and daughtger, Judge G. H. Williams and lady. Mrs Stewart Smith. L. B. Mizner and servant, G. H. Bodfish and lady, E. H. Thorp and lady, H. W. Corbettt and lady, Judae R. A. Thompson, lady, 3 children and servant, Capt. G. Stoneman, U.S.A.; Capt. G. D. McClellan, Capt. E. D. eyes, Lieut. W. H. Whiting, Lieut R. S. Williamson, Lieut G. B. Anderson, Lieut J. G. Park, all of U.S.A.; Capt. Louis McLane. Lieut L. Maynard, Dr. A. S. Herman, R. P. Noah, J. W. Smith, Rev. F. T. Gray, Wm. Meyer, F. S. Alveros, G. W. Langton, J. M. Scofield, F. W. Fitch, John J. Williams, Chas. Prens, J. B. M. Brown, J. F. Stuart, C. Kopper, H. C. Leonard, N. Batchelder, E. McShane, Albert Serry, J. Kelley, L. W. Chapin, J. H. Kent, L. Knight, C. H. Houston, G. W. Parker, G. W. Prescott, J. D. Lynde, F. Franklin, J. T. Smith, F. A. Smith, H. D. Green, E. M. Pincher, N. Holland, J. Lockburn, E. J. L. Bean, G. H. Crupton, Cyrus Willard, C. C. Chapman, P. D. Rosman, J. C. Shaw, TW. T. Mudgett, E. J. Sage, S. H. P. Dorsey, J. B. Goddard, J. F. Minter, E. R. Sheller, Theo Ladd, Samuel Ward, Henry Bultman, Henry Smith, lady and child, W. A. Hobbs, Mrs. E. C. Hobbs and two children, Mrs. E. F. Blankman, Mrs. S. B. Bull, J. H. Suitzer, R. D. Steele, Mrs. Mary Coons, Mrs J W Myrick, Mrs M L Murphy, C. C. Keefe, W. H. Cole, S. J. Willard, A. Luce, H. S. Lezurkey, Mrs. E. A. Theall, Mrs. A. Barber, Mrs. H. A. McAlpin, Mrs. M. A. Bell and son, Miss Aurelia Pfieffer and servant, Jesse Hammett, wife and two children, Miss C. Smith, Mrs. M. Cummings, Miss M. Billings, Miss M. Brown, Miss Delia Forest, A. L. Kewen, Capt. John Baxter, C. C. Shaw of the ship John Holland condemned at Acapulco; A. C. Moore, J. D. Foster, J. G. Moore, H. Parker, James Kirk, H. Kelley, N. Newton, Saml Levy and son, L. King, Capt. R. W. Simdson, J. D. Sanborn, L. Jarvis, S. S. Beckwith, J. Boxwick, Henry Clayton, John Thompson, Andrew Johnson, James Grmstead, Saml Ormstead, Wm. Williamson, J. James, H. P. Bear, T. H. Richardson, T. W. Bean, M. Jerome, A. J. Roman, Filiberto Gatta, John Thelle, J. H. McKibben, B. N. West, Jared Lockwood, John Lane, W. M. Brown, Wm. Agate, C. K. Sutton, A. T. Coddington, S. Wheeler, C. F. Besse, and 309 in the steerage


On board steamship J. L. Stephens: June 7th, John McCann, aged 45 years, of bilious remittant fever, from town Cape Vincent, Jefferson county, New York. June 10th, Patrick Reed, aged 30 years of dysentery, from ?Frampton, Lower Canada. June 11, Louis Kuoche, aged 46 years, of dysentery, from Germany. In the harbor of Acapulco, June 11th A. Amanuel, aged 31 years of bilious remittant fever, from New York. June 13th, Thos. Brophy, aged 43 years, of bilious remittant fever, from Massachusetts. June 14th, P. Holcomb, aged 28 years of bilious remittant fever, from Ione, Michigan. Michael Trupman, a German, late from New York, who arrived yesterday on the J. L. Stephens, died this morning while he was being conveyed from the steamer to the hospital.

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