Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS John L. Stephens

Arrive San Francisco

May 17, 1855
Captain R. H. Pearson
From Panama


May 17, 1855, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

From the Extra Union of Yesterday
Arrival of the
With 800 Passengers

Highly Important News -- The Golden Age Wrecked -- Safety of all on Board and Treasure -- Capture at Sea of a Russian by a British Vessel -- Marine Disasters

San Francisco, May 16 -- 12 M. The steamer John L. Stephens, Captain R. H. Pearson, was telegraphed outside the Heads this morning, and arrived at San Francisco at 12 M. She brings seven days later news from New York.


Panama.Map of Panama. 1800.

The P.M.S. John L. Stephens, R. H. Pearson, commander, left Panama with 801 passengers and the mails on the 30th of April at, 7 o'clock a. m. May 1st, 4-1/2 o'clock p.m., fell, in with a boat belonging to the steamer Golden Age, in charge of her second officer, who reported the Golden Age ashore on the north side of the Island of Hicaron, she having struck on the reef off the west end of that Island on the night of the 28th April.

At 2 a. m. arrived off the island and took off the passengers and treasure and mails and returned to Panama.

May 2d, 3p.m. left the Golden Age. At 12 M, met steamer Panama, sent to search for the Golden Age; 9 p. m. arrived at Panama, landed treasure, mails and passengers. May 3d, 5 a.m., a. m. left Panama. May 8th, spoke steamer Golden Gate, five miles southeast of Acapulco, Arrived at Acapulco same day at 11 a. m.; was detained at that port thirteen hours; 10th, saw large ship steering eastward.

The John L. Stephens brings a large number of passengers, among whom are 160 women and 151 children. No deaths or sickness during the passage. The rail road is in good order, and the transit is made regularly in from three to four hours.


Not noted.



Capt. R. W. Kirkham, Mrs. Kirkham and child
Catharine Krane
P. Southworth
Capt. Marvin
Miss McFadden
R. A. Swan
Mrs. Lissack
S. Altenheimer and lady
S Walmer and lady
D. Teachmire
A. J. Cumberson
Mrs. D. F. Retzer
H. Nelson
A. Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and child 
J. L. Yantis
Mrs. Miller, son and child
Mrs. Rowley
H. Myers and lady
Mr. W. D. M. Howard, lady and child
G. F. Allen
J. G. Brown
Hawes & Co's messenger
Mrs. Ramsay
Mrs. Sutliff and child
Pacific Express messenger
Capt. Cram
Master M. Truett
Capt. Gardiner and lady
D. Atherton
Mrs. M. Jinks
Mrs. Brooks and child
Mrs. A. Radman
Mrs. G. Scofild
B. Cox
A. C. Stewart
Mrs. Stuckersthucker and two children
Mrs. Tobin
R. Pinkham
Mrs. A. Rankin
A. Scruter
Mrs. Hutzburgh
Mrs. Wightman
Judge T. C. Brown
Miss Hoag 
J. Evans
F. W. Brown and lady
T. O. Drum
Mrs. M. W. Adams
N. Lane, lady and son
Mrs. Shepherd
Mr. Minturn
Mrs. R. Colver
Mrs. Brown and infant
Mrs. Bronson
Miss S. R. Gray
B. B. Hempsteed
Mrs. Wayne and two children
Mrs. Pardee
Mrs. Fisher and daughter 
Mr. Faskins
Mrs. Frelton and child
Mrs. McFadden and three children
Master McFadden
Mrs. M. Abbott
Mrs. M. J. Marshall
S. H. Williams
Geo. Cushing
Mrs. M. A. Morehead
Miss J. M. McCarty
L. Frear
H. H. Hepburn
Mrs. Alvord and two children
B. F. Pate
R. Rodgers
H. Schmeidell
G. C. Melchers and lady
J. McDonald and lady
J. P. Cummings
Mrs. M. J. Murphy
Mrs. Hughes
Judge McAllister
G. Hughes and lady
C. Greenbaugh (might be O. Greenbaugh)
Miss Poett
L. Straup
Mrs. M. A. Carey J. Garst
Dr. J. R. Bailey and lady (May be Dr. James R. Baley who is reported to have left San Francisco for Oregon via the steamship Republic on May 18, Captain Isham.)
Miss E. Bailey
J. McCabe
Capt. W. H. Haltach and lady
J. Boker and lady
W. Gorgen
J. Braer
John Johnson
Mrs. Agnes Clark
J. Lee
S. Hallenbaum
J. Kippert and lady
H. Klein
T. Guiman
Mrs. Nathan and child
F. O. Shaw
H. C. Can and lady
Mrs. Endry and child
Mrs. Vivian and child J. Bumeray
Mrs. Giffin and six children
L. Hoffman
J. F. Crowley
Mrs. Dunlap
H. Sparks and lady
A. J. Dunlap
W. Forsyth
E. Burrows
H. J. Adams
F. H. McFadden
Mrs. M. Brown and child
Mrs. C. French and one child
E. D. Werdell
Madame Salles
Mrs. R. Seir
A. Lamotte
W. Taggert
Mrs. Tibber and ifant
Mrs. Sleeper
S. Colver
W. C. Garwood
Mr. Hoyt
Mr. Bronson
P. Richardson 
Mrs. J. Richardson and child
J. Hardstein
W. Bond
S. Kyle
A. D. Adams
S. Lizzyuskee
M. H. Davis
G. Reed
J. Buckeye
J. C. Bowman
J. F. B. Marshal
Miss Clark
Mrs. Friend
J. A. Friend
E. C. Fowler
Mrs. H. Kelly and three children
Mrs. A. H. Fenton and child
W. Wyman and four daughters
W. H. Fason
Lewis Reynolds
Mary Wullivan
M. E. Gongrois

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