Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS John L. Stephens

Arrive San Francisco

December 16, 1853
R. H. Pearson, Commander
From Panama. 460 passengers; 59 ladies; 86 children

December 17, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California


The Eastern Question!

The Turks have Crossed the Danube!
Conflit of the Turks and Russians!
Retreat of the Russians!!
New York and Massachusetts Election.

San Francisco, December 16 — By the arrival of the John L. Stephens this morning, in twelve days from Panama, we are placed in possession of dates from Liverpool to the 16th November, from New York to the 21st, and from New Orleans to the 29th, by the Ramsey route.

The Crimean War 1854-1856.

By this arrival we receive the highly important intelligence of the commencement of hostilities between Russia and Turkey. Russia has declared war, and hostilities have actually begun between the two powers.

The Stephens brings 460 passengers, 59 of whom are ladies and 86 children.

Memoranda of the John L. Stephens.

— R. H. Pearson, Commander, left Panama with 460 passengers, and the U. S. mails of November 21st, on Saturday, December 3d, at 9 p. m The health of the Isthmus continues good, and the roads in fine traveling condition. Passengers crossing the Cruces in from four to five hours. Passengers hence by the Stephens, embarked at Aspinwall on the 30th, on board the new steamer George Law, and doubtless reached New York in 22 days from San Francisco. The Stephens made the run from San Francisco to Panama in 11 days and 14 hours — including all detentions — being the quickest trip on record. 9th, 2-30 p. m., left Acapulco, having been detained 12 hours ; steamer Pacific, from San Juan for San Francisco, left Acapulco on the evening of the 8th. Running time from Panama — 11 days 22 hours.

The news from Panama is not important. The Star says that the passengers who leave San Francisco on the first of January will cross from Panama to Aspinwall in twelve hours, including stoppages.

A destructive storm has prevailed throughout New England and upon the coast, carrying away bridges, wrecking ships, and attended with the loss of lives. Joshua Bates, Esq., of the house of Baring Brothers, is said to be the person selected as umpire by the Commissioners to settle claims between Great Britain and the United States

The accounts of sickness and deaths on emigrant vessels from Europe to the United States, are fearful; in two days no less than 287 deaths were reported at New York, out of 4413 passengers.

The Democrats and Free Soilers of Massachusetts have formed a coalition for the coming State election : they spurned all dictation, whether coming from Caleb Cushing, or anybody else.

Much concern is felt with regard to the prospects of our Ocean Steam Lines, as the Secretary of the Navy is resolved on asking for a leavy appropriation for naval steam ships, which will probably be met by a corresponding reduction in the mail service.

We understand that Mr. J. L. White appeared for the owners, Messrs. Little, McJimsy & Hoyt, gentlemen pretty well known in Wall Btreet, on their application at the customhouse a few days since for the confiscation of the steamers running in the line of the Nicaragua Transit Co. Mr. W. exhibited all the proper documents legalizing the sale, &c. It was decided by the Collector and Surveyor of the port that there were no grounds for action, and they stated they could not interfere, either in furtherance or hindrance of the stock speculations.

The ship Rhine arrived at New York, Nov. 29. Left Hamburg with 206 passengers, of which number 40 died before the vessel reached port.

Several of the banks of New York City have lately suffered some in the way of defalcations Some of them have lost nearly ten per cent, of their capitals. Most of this large amount has been lost in fancy stock speculations...

Martin Koszta sailed from Smyrna, Oct. 15, on board the brig Smyrna, Capt. Watson, for Boston.

The Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters. Irving H. King.

The United States revenue cutters Wm. L. Marcy and Jefferson Davis, sailed from New York on the 16th Nov. for the west coast of America...

The new mail steamship San Francisco was to have sailed from New York for this port on tbe 23d November. The next new steamship, under the command of Capt. Whiting, is to be called the Sacramento, and will sail for Panama from New York in February.

Eastern Affairs

It is reported that an important battle took place on the 11th November, near Bucharest,between the Turks and Russians. One account states that the Turks were defeated and driven across the river. Another that the Turks were notorious. The intelligence, however, is not considered reliable.

Latest by Telegraph— Political.

Washington, Friday, Nov. 18.

Hon. Lynn Boyd is here, and aspires to the speakership again, and will be a formidable candidate. James Adams, of Massachusetts, Consul to Singapore, has resigned. Volney E. Howard has resigned the Government Law Agency for the California Land Commission...

The Eastern Question— The Latest Intelligence by Telegraph to Liverpool.

London, Novemer 5th, 1853. — The Times of his morning has the following dispatch: Vienna, Not. 4. — We learn by an official communication from Bucharest that 2000 Turks ippeared at Guirego, and fired into the town. In the conflict many Russians and Turks were killed. The Turks retreated up the river, and the Russians followed them. At Kalefat there are daily skirmishes. The Turks respect foreign property under the Austrian flag.

Paris, Nov. 6. — A private telegraphic disiatch from Vienna, of Not. 3, announces the defeat of the Turkish corps which had passed the Danube near Kalefat.

A private telegraphic dispatch from Constantinople of the 24th of October, after mentioning the fleets at Ladpsaki, says that a party of French officers had arrived at Constantinople, and certain British officers at Shumla. T

The Morning Chronicle has another despatch as follows : Vienna, November 4. — The Presse confirms the news of the arrival of 7,000 troops at Kalefat of the advance of the left wing of the Turkish army, besides 8,000 of the Turkish reserve from Sothia. The vanguard under Numik Pasha and Gen. Prun had a serious conflict with 2500 Russian cavalry, between Kalefat and Krajora. The affair lasted two hours ; the Russians retreated towards Slatina.

The Presse states on the authority of a Constantinople letter of the 21st October, that Redschid Pasha has consented to a fresh draft of a note by Lord Redcliffe, based on the Czar's admission at Olmutz. Redschid Pasha is said to have given his consent after a series of very stormy conferences.


(By Telegraphic dispatch, expressly for the Union)

Per steamer John L. Stephens, from Panama —

Mrs. A Johnson, H. C. Trow, S. Hart, John Anderson and wife, L. S. Huntress, J. Hartor and wife, Mrs. Van Wagner, A. D. Carpenter, Mrs Hubbard, B. A. Nurse. Mrs. Nurse, G. C. Jenkins and wife, O. B. Stone and wife, sister and infant; Charles Newton. C. W. Fenton. N. B Crooks, Mr Kent wife and boy. B. Lawrie, Mrs. Webb and child. Mrs Wistrohanson and 2 children. Mrs Emerson. J. Emerson, J Burnham, wife and child. Mr. Bunbey. Miss Rodarrean, Maria Prohard, Mrs Land and child. J. Davis, Madame Duvall, Mrs. Eliza Forrester and 3 children. Mrs E Burke. Mrrs. C. Conroy. Geo. Henshaw, N. Crosby, Jr., F. Bourne, Mrs. A. C. Stewart, J. H. Ramsey, D. Stanley, E. Waltro, W. B. Crooks and wife, J. Penneman, Jr., John Colton, T. Crane, Wells Fargo & Co's messenger, A. Runnion, wife and 2 children, M C Conny, E. Burke, R. P. Clement and wife, J. F. Luken, Henry Connolly, J. J. Carten, S. Noble, Miss Goodwin, J. Morris, C. C. Smith, R. Wells, E. Wilcox, N. J. Knowlton, J. Runnion, J. Kercheral, Mrs. Dobignard, Monstre, Mr. Zuer, L. Warruse and brother, C. J. Coles, Mr. Dobignard, W. Hoods, Alex Forbes, John Reed, S. E. Clark and 5 children, Mrs. E. Hoyt, J. H. Ward, Miss Dunlap, Mrs. Fiddymont and child, Dr. Vancamp, Mrs. John Hatch, Rev. F. Kenny, D. Chorvenning, W. M. Gray and wife, Wm. Martin, J. Horton, G. E. Negran, J. C. Stone, F. Adams, J. W. Snell, C. G. Atwood, F. Collins and son, H. H. McMeans, and 300 in steerage. 59 ladies and 36 children.

Second Dispatch!

December 17, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Isthmus of Darien and Panama.

There is talk of the annexation of Nova Scotia, the Sandwich Islands and Cuba, to the United States; the purchase of another Mexican strip of land, the opening of the free navigation of the River Amazon, by force if necessary; the building of an Isthmus of Darien Ship Canal (History of the Scotch Colony of Darien, Several Maps, Views of the Country, and Original Documents), and a Railroad to the Pacific; as also the immediate appropriation ofl large sums for the increase of the Navy; it is thought all these measures will be put through this session.

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