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SS Japan

Arrive San Francisco

March 18, 1871
Captain Warsaw
26 days, 16 hours From Hong Kong and Yokohama


March 19, 1871, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Arrival of the Japan--Her Memoranda--Another Batch of Japanese

The steamship Japan, Captain Warsaw, arrived here from Hongkong and Yokohama yesterday morning. As is usual on the arrival of a China steamer, strict search was made for smuggled goods, and the baggage of the Celestial passengers was thoroughly overhauled, though with but little profit, to the Custom-house officials, the number of Chinese being small and the seizures light.

From a memoranda furnished us by B. Gilman, the Purser of the steamer, we learn that on the outward trip a stop was made off Midway Island and a boat sent to the shore, but on account of the heavy breakers across the mouth of the harbor it was found impossible to land, and there being no signs of life visible on the island, the boat returned to the steamer, which at once proceeded on its voyage.

Among the passengers was the Japanese Charge d'Affaires to Russia, Mr. Kurahash ( spelling), the Secretary, Mr. Unasaki ( spelling), and eleven Japanese students, named Tanemote, Morgami, Taneda, Hatori, Turahaki, Yamaveh, , Yanagah, Tahziri, Tseuchiyama, and Ochnika. The entire party are stopping at the Grand Hotel.

(Editor's Note: List is difficult to read. Another copy will be located and checked against this.)


Per Japan--Left San Francisco Dec 31st; Jan 8th, lat 29 58 N lon 156 01 W, communicated with stmr America; Jan 14th at 2 22 P M, stopped at Midway island; sent a boat in, which was unable to land, on account of the heavy breakers extending across the mouth of the harbor; saw no signs of life on the island; arrived at Yokohama Jan 27th, and sailed 28th, arriving at Hongkong Feb 4th at 7 AM; died, Feb 1st, Lew Chung Shew, steerage passenger; returning, left Hongkong Feb 11th at 3 P M; arrived at Yokohama Feb 19th at 6:10 A M, and sailed 22d at noon; the voyage out and home was accompaned with variable winds and very fine weather; March 10th, lat 30 N lon 154 56 W, communicated with stmr Great Republic, bound to Yokohama; all well.

American Steamship in Harbor.


Merchandise to Eldridge & Irwin.

HONGKONG AND YOKOHAMA-Per Japan-For San Francisco: 55 pkgs coffee, 10000 do hemp, 17 do mdse, 110 do nuts, 56 do opium, 80 do oil, 8 do plank, 70 do parcels, 7524 do rice, 1252 do sundries, 18 do silks, 86 do spices, 8856 do tea, 50 do tin, 7 do treasure. For New York, via steamer: 1 pkg coral beads, 54 do silk, 2088 do tea. For Central and South America: 11 pkgs silk, 12 do mdse, 6 do tea. For New York, via Overland: 10 pkgs mdse, 168 do sundries, 11 do porcelain, 11 do cassia, 349 do silks, 10,398 do tea.

Passengers (from China and Japan)

For San Francisco:

Dr. F.A. Holman
F. Fernstrom
Mrs. Caruthers and infant
Mrs E.C. Pratt and two chidlren
John Pike and child
A.A. Vantine
20 whites and 62 Chinese in the steerage

For New York:

D. P. Bursley
A. A. Hayes, Jr.
C. E. Hill (or O.E. Hill)
T. Pim
G. W. Kenney
Mrs. Wesson and son
Tsuchi Yama
3 in steerage

For Europe:

W. Marshall, wife, child and servant
A Brentlling)

Eleven Japanese students:
Tanemote, Morgami, Taneda, Hatori, Turahaki, Yamaveh, , Yanagah, Tahziri, Tseuchiyama, and Ochnika.

Yokohama Pleasure Quarters, Kanagawa.

Kanagawa, Yokohama, Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom.

Kanagwa, Yokohama.

Above: Yokohama Pleasure Districts

3-masted ship, Yokohama Harbor.

Old houses on the Yokohama waterfront, Japan.
Old Houses on the Yokohama Waterfront

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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