Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Independence

Arrive San Francisco

July 13, 1852
Captain T. D. Lucas
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


16 days from San Juan. 225 passengers

July 13, 1852, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Through Adams & Co's. Express

From our Correspondent

San Francisco, July 12, 1852

The steamer Independence, with 225 passengers, arrived from San Juan this morning. She brings no later news than that received by the Tennessee.

There has been an active business doing to-day. Considerable movement took place in sugar, which is on the rise, though no change has taken place as yet; 20,000 lbs. Dutch Loaf, fine quality, went out of first hands to-day at 15c. Carolina ARice, 10,000 lb., sold at 16c. Barley, not much doing Chile, 24c. ; California, 3c. Flour is firm at last prices. Pork, Mess, $36; Clear, $40. Hams, 32c. Molasses, 45c. Candles nothing doing. Liquors, if anything better.

- Mark.


Not listed. Delivered to Jos. M. Cross


SS Independence in San Francisco July 13 1852.Albert, Geo W.
Allen, Miss Emma
Allen, W. H.
Andrew, John
Arthur, Cath
Bahre, E.
Baker, Wm.
Baldwin, Mr. L.A. and child
Barrell, Miss
Bates, Hy
Bealey, Wm. H. (Might be Benley)
Bewley, C. W.
Bigelow, Simeon
Blight, Jno
Boode, A.
Borde, Mrs.
Bower, Nich
Bowman, Jas
Brewer, F.
Brown, D. M.
Brown, S. P.
Burke, Mrs. and child
Carey, Dennis
Caroline, Mrs.
Carter, Sumner
Case, Mrs. M. A. C.
Coarty, G.F.
Cohen, Lewis
Cooley, S.B.
Cowling, Chas
Cranston, J.M.
Culver, F.C. and lady
Cunningham, Jas
Daley, Mas
Dangnan, Wm.
David, Joseph
Dean, M. and M. and child
Delano, C.A.
Delano, N.
Dowry, Geo. M.
Drummond, Jno., lady and two children
Duclose, Mrs. A.
Edwards, Mrs. and infant
Einstein, M., lady and infant
Everett, Thos
Fay, Miss
Fenton, Chas
Fleming, J and son
Francis, M.
Fruze, Mrs. and servant
Gahan, Mich
Gahan, Mrs. Mary and infant
Gallagher, A.
Ganley, Mr. and two children
Garrett, R.C.
Genthner, Benj.
Glanville, P.
Goercke, Wm
Greacen, J.
Harkness, W.
Harris, David B.
Harris, Edw
Harris, James
Harris, Matthew
Hastings, S.
Haynes, J.
Hazedon, J.
Healey, Jno.
Healey, Wm.
Healy, Jno, Jr.

(Although this is how it is listed, might be Jno Healey, Jr. as it is alongside the Healeys)

Healy, Miss

(Miss Healy and Mrs. Healy are not listed alongside the above Healeys or Jno Healy Jr. However, it sometimes happens that family members are not alongside each other on the lists.)

Healy, Mrs. and child.
Heren, A. P. (Difficult to read)
Higgins, J. A.
Hilkin, John
Hilkin, Mrs. and child
Hilton, Edw
Hoges, Mrs.
Holmes, B. R.
Horn, Elisha P.
Hoskin, Jno
Hoskins, Peter
Howell, Augustus
Howland, Jas C. 
Hoyt, Jos
Hylan, Mich
Ivor, J.
James, John
James, W.
Jenkins, A. and lady
Jenkins, Nich
Joaquin, M.
Johns, B.Z.
Jordan, B.
Joseph, Jno
Keely, Dan (Might be Kedy or Keily)
Kilby, John C.
Kneeland, H.P.
Knight, Jas.
Lawless, Mrs. and child
Livingston, Mrs. and two children
Loveridge, A. C.
Loveridge, S. W.
Lucy, Mrs.
Lynch, Patrick
Lyon, Jno and son
Malone, R.
Marshall, J. W.
McCarty, R.
McConnell, J
McCready, Robt.
McGee, M.
McHenry, Geo.
McLaughlin, Thos
McLean, Donald
Murray, Jas
OConnor, D.
Oakley, Aaron and son
Ogden, Miss Mary
Pannert, Chas.
Pateve, Jas (Might be Pareve, Paoeve)
Payne, Henry
Perry, B. F.
Phelan, Patrick
Phelan, Thos
Powers, Jno M.
Puffer, Reuben
Purcell, Jas
Randall, H. C.
Riddle, Sam J.
Ridley, C.
Roberts, Alfred
Roberts, Jas
Roberts, Thos
Roeborough, James
Rowe, Jno
Rowett, J. Q.
Russell, Jno and lady
Samuel, T.
Sand, Jno
Shiffer, P. (Might be Shiffar or Shifler)
Shiroberger, J. (Might be Shirnberger)
Silver, F.
Sisiaka, Morris
Smith, Freeman
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jno
Smith, Pet
Smith, Wm. R.
Spencer, S. A.
Stanford, Leland
Starn, Henry L.
Stephens, Mrs. H. and child
Stevens, Louis
Stoombs, Mrs. E. and child
Strachan, Isaac
Sullivan, D.
Tembay, Jas
Thomas, Jno P.
Thomas, Wm
Tousley, Chas
Tregloun, Jno
Trowbridge, Wm.
True, Mr. A. C. and child
Truse, Fred
Waldron, Wm., lady and infant
Walker, P.
Walters, Jos
Walters, Sampson
Warren, S.M.
Weir, Jas C.
Weir, Th.
Welsh, H.C.
Welsh, Jas
Wentworth, C. R. P.
Whitlock, G.
Whitlock, Wm.
Whittaker, J.
Wiggins, Jas
Wiggins, Mrs. 
Wild, Benj.
Wild, Jos.
Wild, Miss Ellen
Wildes, J.B.
Williams, E and lady
Williams, F.
Williams, J. M. and lady
Williams, Mrs. and child
Winser, Wm.
Winslow, G.
Winsor, Mrs. P.
Wood, C.
Wood, O.G.
Woodruff, Henry J.
Woolsey, Anthony D.
Wulliston, A.
Wulliston, Wm.
Young, Wm.

Map of Central America. 1862.

Central America 1862
by Dilbryado
Featured are the counties and territories of Vera Cruz, Oaxaca, Tobasco, Las Chiapas, Estado de Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Nueva - Granada. Also shown are the Rio Pirri, Rio de las damas, Rio Naranjos, Rio Savagre, Rio Barru, Rio Dominion, Rio Ximenes, Rio Lagarlos, Rio Chomes, Rio Aranjuez, Rio Naranjo, Rio Tengas, Rio San Carlos, Rio Costa Rica, Rio San Fray, Rio Castillo, Lago de Nicaragua and many other creeks, rivers, lakes, points, capes and other landmarks of interest.

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