Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Isthmus of Panama.

SS Golden Gate

Arrive San Francisco

Jas. T. Watkins
From Panama

July 30, 1854 

SS Uncle Sam
Captain Mills 
From Panama


Tuesday Morning, August 1, 1854, Steamer Alta California, San Francisco
Monday Morning, July 31, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco



Loss of the Clipper Ship Trade Wind
Captain Nathaniel Webber. 

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The Independent Line steamship Uncle Sam, W. A. Mills, commander, left San Francisco July 1, at 6 o'clock. Before reaching the Heads, passed steamer Pacific, bound for San Juan. July 8, encountered a severe gale from the southwest, which detained us at least twelve hours. July 14, at 6 o'clock, A. M., arrived at Panama, having made the run in 12 days and 9 hours.

The Uncle Sam brings the passengers, 620 in number, from the Company's splendid steam yacht North Star, the latter having made the passage from New York to Aspinwall in 8 days, using only two of her four boilers, and beating the fast mail steamshipIllinois only 36 hours.

Shipwrecks at the Golden Gate. James P. Delgado.

Business on the Isthmus is brisk; health good. The Railroad is in good working order to the summit. There is only 11 miles of mule travel. The trip from ocean to ocean can now be performed in five hours with ease, and, since the completion of the Railroad to the summit, the transit of the Isthmus is but an agreeable episode in the journey. The Railroad Company are confident of being able to complete the road to Panama Bay by the 1st of December.

On the 10 inst., several severe shocks of an earthquake were experienced at Panama and Tobago, the first since 1844. 
The passengers by the Yankee Blade and North Star, on the 1st June, were landed in New York in 21 days and 16 hours. 
The Uncle Sam left Panama July 17th, at 1 o'clock A. M., and arrived at this port on the 30th, at 6 A. M., thus making the run in 13 days and 4 hours. 

The steamship Golden Age was at Toboga (sic).


Archer, M. P.
Arragoni, Miss E., and child
Avers (Ayers ), Capt. Joseph
Avery, Mr. 
Baalt, John
Baker, Mrs. Y. 
Baldwin, D. G. 
Baldwin, Mrs. G. S. 
Barton, Mrs. H. 
Bishop, G., lady and two children
Bowie, Mrs. 
Bronson, W. L., lady and infant
Coleman, T. 
Cook, F., lady and two children
Cook, John, lady and three children
Cooper, Mrs. Anna
Cotter, Alice (Arice ) 
Davis, Abby W. 
Davis, Mrs. H. (R. ), and child
Davis, Mrs. S., and child
Dow, Capt. W. T. 
Dremin, John, lady and child
Engle, Miss
Falco, Mrs. 
Farwell, Hon. S. B. 
Fitch, S. T. 
Flower, Thos. 
Flowers, Mary A., and child
Fountain, Henry
Fowler, Miss
Fowler, Mrs. M. A. 
Frankenheimer, Jos. 
Grant, Jas. A. 
Griffith, Miss Ann
Griswold, J. P. 
Halsey, Capt. C. H. 
Halsey, Mr. 
Hamburger, D. 
Hathaway, B. 
Henry, S. K. 
Holladay, Mrs. 
Hotchkiss, T. B., lady and infant
Hume, J. B. 
Ingrard, J. 
Itott, Capt. Wm. 
Johnson, C. 
Keese, H. 
Kelsey, Mrs. 
Larkin, T. O., Jr. 
Leoick ( ), P. 
LeRoy, Miss
Libby, Josiah
Long, Mrs., and servant
Malone, John L. 
Marion, E. 
Martini, J. 
Mathers, A. 
McCollough, Mrs., and infant
McIntosh, E. J. 
Merrill, M., lady and 3 children
Moe, Mrs. 
Mott, Henry D. 
Nagle, Mrs., and child
Oakley, L. F., and lady
Osborne, Miss T. L. 
Ottenheimer, J. 
Perkins, E., and servant
Pierce, W. T. 
Pomeroy, E. H. 
Pratt, Mrs. J. A. 
Roake, J. H. (B. ) 
Robbins, B. F. 
Rogers, Mrs., and child
Rufuse (Rafuse ), Miss
Sanford, A. 
Sanford, B. R. 
Schaaf, J. M. 
Schaaf, Miss. 
Schaaf, Mr. 
Schaaf, Mrs., and four children
Schertz, J. 
Sherman, Mrs. R. A. 
Steinburg, S. 
Stockton, T. B. W. 
Swain, D. W. 
Syke, A. G. 
Syke, W. L. 
Toole, Miss M. 
Trainer, John W. 
Trueworthy, T. E. 
Tucker, T. B. 
Wadhams, Wm., and lady
Walker, Mrs. W. 
Walker, Mrs., and child
Werlin, G. 
White, Mrs. M. 
Wild, Charles W. 
Williams, Miss Ada
Young, W. H. 
500 in steerage

The P. M. M. S. Co. steamer Golden Gate, Capt. Watkins, arrived in port about 5 o'clock, twelve days and six hours from Panama. She was detained at Acapulco 14 hours. We are indebted to Purser Schell for the following memoranda and list of passengers.


Steamship Golden Gate, Com. Jas. T. Watkins commanding, left San Francisco for Panama, July 1st, at 7 P. M. At 6 A. M., on the 2d, passed a steamer bound down; on the 5th, at 2 P. M., passed Cape St. Lucas; on the 6th encountered a severe S. E. gale, which lasted 12 hours. At noon, on the 7th, entered the harbor of Acapulco, where we were detained 9 1-2 hours, coaling. Arrived at Panama at midnight, on the 13th, 11 days 19 hours running time, and 12 days 4 hours from San Francisco. Steamer Uncle Samarrived at 7 A. M., on the morning of the 14th. 

Left Panama for San Francisco on the 17th, at 11 P. M., with 450 passengers and the U. S. Mails. Arrived at Acapulco at midnight, on the 22d. Steamer California entered the harbor at 7 A. M., on the 23d, from San Francisco. The Nicaragua Co. steamer Sierra Nevada, passed by the port about three hours afterwards. On the 23d, at 2 P. M., left Acapulco, and arrived off the Heads at 4 P. M., on the 30th. 
During the voyage have had but little sickness and no deaths.


Anderson, A. 
Armstrong, Mrs. 
Barnard, A., lady and child
Barnard, L. 
Beam, A. 
Behossey, M. 
Bogort (Bogoat ), Capt. 
Boles. Mrs. G. W. 
Bonney, G. 
Bousset, J. D. 
Bousset, W. W. 
Brannan, S., and two servants
Brennan, A. 
Brown, Mrs. (Mr. ), lady and child
Buckman (Backman ), C. 
Cain, Mrs. C., and son
Carpenter, L. 
Carter, L. J. and brother
Clark, D. C.
W. Collyer, Mrs. J. N. 
Crehange, J. 
Crovedo, Z. 
Daniels, Miss N. 
Davis, J. L. 
Denny, A. T. 
Dent, L. 
Dickinson, Wm. 
Doane, G. 
Dorsay, Mrs. A. W., child and servant
Duer, Jno., Jr. 
Ebbetts, Mrs., son and servant
Edmondston, J.W. 
Evelith, Mrs. S., and two children
Fairly, G. 
Fisher, M. 
Fleming, E. P. 
Foley, P. 
Fonda, G. D. 
Forbes, Miss N. R. 
Fowler, Mrs. J. L. 
Fraser, Mr. 
French, C. 
Garme, M. D. 
Gough, W. T. 
Green, W. P. 
Gross, L. 
Haggin, Miss L. E. 
Handscomb, J. O. 
Harman, J. B., lady, 2 children and servant
Harscomb, J., lady and sister
Hayes, W. 
Heicht (Height ), L. 
Heirsmann, J. 
Hiechfeldt, G. 
Hoag, D., and lady
Homer, J. A. R., and friend
Jefferson, Mrs., and companion
Jewett, E. K. 
Johff ( ), W. B. 
Labatt, Master
Labatt, Miss
Labatt, Mrs., 2 children and 2 servants
Labatt, R. J., lady and servant
Lane, J. B. 
Larout, G. 
Lavigne, F., and lady
Lazard, A. 
Lazard, L. 
Lee, A. 
Lefford, Ira
Leland, S. B. 
Levey, S. 
Lewis, Mrs., and servant
Lincoln, Miss A. 
Little, W. C. 
Lobb, Wm. 
Lowes, B. T. 
Luff, J. A. 
Mahaig, Miss M. H. 
Mahew, J. A. 
Maregone (Maregons ), S. 
Mary, P. 
May, J. A. 
Mayers, S. 
Medbury, E. R. 
Menomy (Menony ), E. W. 
Menony (Menomy ), E. F. 
Merritt, Mrs., and child
Middleton, Jas., and lady
Miletage, S. 
Moulin, Mr. 
Murray, J. T. 
Murray, W. 
Myer, W. 
Newley, C. 
Nightingale, J. 
Olney, J., lady, sister and three children
Owens, W. 
Parker, C. D. 
Pelgrim, C., and lady
Perkins, Mrs. 
Perry, J. 
Perry, M. 
Pierson, Mr. 
Pratt, Capt., and family
Ray, J. W.
Ray, J., and lady
Reid, M. E. 
Relay, J., and lady
Richards, H. 
Robinson, J. 
Rosenstock, S. W. 
Sanger, J. R. 
Scofield, R. D. 
Simp, W. B. 
Simpkins, J. 
Simpson, A. M. 
Simpson, Miss J. 
South, F. 
Squier, L. 
Stein, M. 
Stewart, M. C. 
Storm, S. V. 
Terrell, J. E., and lady
Thompson, C. (G. ) 
Vandergrist, G. S. 
Vandergrist, J. B., and lady
Vandergrist, Master
Wagner, A. 
Wardner, B. F. 
Warwick, J. H. 
Watson, Capt. J. L. 
Weil, A. 
Weil, Mrs., and three children
Welch, W., and lady
Wesson, A. 
Wetty, R. G. 
White, J. H. 
Wigmore, J. 
Wigmore, J., and two ladies
Wikden. J. 
Williams, W. D. 
Wyman, A. D. 
263 steerage passengers

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