Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Golden Gate

Arrive San Francisco

April 30, 1853
SS Golden Gate 
Captain Patterson


May 2, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Our San Francisco Correspondence

San Francisco, April 30, 1853

The weather this morning at sunrise was most charming, but through the day the heavens have looked threatening and doubtful. The rainy season will undoubtedly be over as soon as it ceases.

The Golden Gate left this morning, a few minutes after 9 o'clock. She carried a large number of passengers, the great mail, and $2,130,737 in treasure; of which amount the banking house of May 9, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Our San Francisco Correspondence

San Francisco May 7, 1853

The Making of the West.
The Making of the West
A Concise History
Vol I: Peoples and Cultures

Sierra Nevada arrived last evening, from San Juan, with about five hundred passengers. The S. N. reports a collision with the Golden Gate, off Cerros Island, which would not have occurred had the former pursued the proper course, namely, in plain road language, keeping to the right as did the G.G. Mr. Purser Foster, with his usual imaginative qualities, states that the G.G. crossed the bows of the S.N. from some unaccountable motive, whereas she was only keeping her proper course, and the Sierra Nevada was not.

Two of the firemen of the Sierra Nevada were arrested last evening, and taken before the U.S. Marshall, for an attempt to blow up the steamer during her passage to this place. It appears that they let all the water to run out of the boilers, which was discovered just in time by the Engineer, to prevent an explosion. ~~ MARK.

May 9, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Arrival of the Sierra Nevada

MEMORANDA. . . . Tuesday, May 3d instant. 1 a. m. off Cerros Island, saw steamer's light bound down, which proved to be the Golden Gate, half point on our starboard bow; observing her presently to be drawing towards up until full near for safety, it blowing fresh and considerable sea running, put our helm to starboard in order to give her a berth, and from some unaccountable motive she crossed our bows, and had not our engines been instantly stopped on seeing her design, would have struck us by the forward rigging, but fortunately our bowsprit only was carried away, by coming in contact with her larboard quarter as she passed.

May 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

News of the Sierra Nevada May 1853.


Mail, $2,130,737 in treasure; of which amount the banking house of Page, Bacon & Co. shipped $1,248,000.


Shipments per Golden Gate, April 30, 1853
Page, Bacon & Co.
Adams & Co.
Bargoyne & Co.
Wells, Fargo & Co.
B. Davidson
Drexel, Sather & Church
F. Argenti & Co.
J. Seligman & Co.
Hoyt & Freeman
Collins, Cushman & Co.
Macondray & Co.
Case, Heiser & Co.
Lazard Freres
Abel Guy
Alsop & Co.
Wyckoff & Co.
Other shippers

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