Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS Golden Gate

Arrive San Francisco

SS Golden Gate
February 26, 1852
Captain R. L. Patterson, USN
From Panama


14 days from Panama, via Acapulco, Mexico. Left Panama on February 12, 1852 at 4 p.m. Arrived at Acapulco on February 18th, but in consequence of not being permitted to coal at night, was detained until the afternoon of February 19th. On February 22nd, in lat. 26-17N, long. 114W, spoke the brig Eliza Taylor, from Panama, with a large number of passengers, bound for San Francisco. The Golden Gate brings intelligence that a large number of persons bound for California are pouring into the city of Panama.

February 28, 1852, Sacramento Daily Union
Sacramento, California

The Golden Gate arrived on Friday evening with eleven hundred passengers -- Among w hom are sixty ladies and thirty children.

There were a large number of persons on the Isthmus waiting for opportunities to get away. Several vessels were up for San Francisco.

Mr. George Loder, well knokwn as a composer of much eminence, arrived in the Golden Gate. He comes to make arrangements for the appearance of Madame Biscaccianti, who is on her way to this country.

The National Intelligencer publishes the correspondence between Mr. A. B. Corwine, U. S. Consul at Panama, arid the Agents of the Pacific Mail Steamship Line in relation to through tickets to California, issued in New York by Mr. E. Mills. The Agent, Mr. Edward Flint, and Messrs. Zachrisson, Nelson & Co., deny the validity af the tickets, and state that neither Mr. Mills, nor Messrs. Berford & Co., for whom he acts, has any authority to issue them. Mr. Curwinc states:

"That hundreds of our countrymen have arrived in Pana, with tickets purchased from the parties mentioned in this correspondence, and, being unable to procure a passage thence to San Francisco with these tickets, the greater part of them having expended their all in the investment, have been compelled to remain on the Isthmus in the most abject poverty and distress, and not a few of them have contracted disease and died."

. . . The road to Gorgena is now in good travalling condition. Passengers who come in now almost daily, express themselves but little fatigued with either riding or walking. Soon the ralway will be completed thither, and then for a short and delightful trip across the Isthmus (Herald, Feb 9)

Our streets are somewhat thinned, but still the rush is very great, and there will, in all probability, be three arrivals at Chagres within a week, the West Wind, the Cherokee, and the Union. These cannot bring less than twelve hundred.

Ere our readers have perused this paragraph, the Golden Gate and her throng of passengers will in all probability be steaming at railway pace for the Land of Gold; and shall we say it -- there is not another steamer in the Bay! The sailing ships, too, are mostly filled, yet not despatched, owing to the unavoidable delay in fitting them up properly for the comfort of the passengers.

Deaths on Board:
February 16, 1852: J.W. Kidder, aged 23 years, from Alexandria, Genessee County, New York, died of dysentery.
February 24, 1852: Thomas J. Blossom, aged 23 years, from Turner, Maine, died from fever. 
February 26, 1852: O.D. Braisted, aged 26 years, from Essex, Essex County, New York, died of dysentery.


Gold coin, 144 packages of express matter and 14 packages of unspecified merchandise.


Passengers by the SS Golden Gate. Sacramento Daily Union, February 28, 1852.

son, C.
son, W.
Abby, David
Abby, R.
Abby, W.
Adcock, W. B.
Adriance, J. 
Adriance, J. (Two are on the list.)
Akin, P. 
Allen, J. H.
Allen, S.
Allen, Thomas
Allen, W.
Allen, W. M.
Almy, G. M.
Ambleton, C. S.
Anderson, B. S.
Andrews, J. C.
Andrews, W.W.
Appleton, G. L.
Arridson, C. J.
Ault, Mr.
Autersmith, J.
Autire, A. J.
B , C. 
Backlin, A.S. (Note: A.S. Bucklin. May be an accidental repeat, a misspelling, or other error)
Bacon, G. R.
Baily, C. (Rasmussen's lists suggest C. Bally)
Bain, Miss
Bain, Mrs.
Baker, F.
Baker, H.
Baker, H.
Baker, J.
Barker, J. B.
Barr, A.
Barr, J.
Bartlett, C.
Bates, F.
Batle, A. M. (Batie )
Beach, W. C.
Bean, D. B.
Bean, J. M.
Beck, A. J., lady, niece and child
Becker, J.
Bedell, N. C.
Bell, W.
Bellows, O. P.
Bennet, E.
Benson, J.
Benton, Rev. J. E.
Berekzenski, L.
Bergen, Mrs.
Berlew, Mr. (Berlaw )
Bernard, Mrs.
Berry, J.
Berry, Thomas
Bigelow, D.
Bigelow, E.
Bigelow, T. A.
Birch, T.
Birmingham, S.
Bishop, G.
Black, J.
Black, S. A.
Blake, G. H.
Blakely, J.
Blancard, A.
Blaor, B. (Slaor )
Blockley, Rev. E.
Bloomingdale, J. and servant
Blossom, H.A.
Blossom, Thomas J. 
Bois, L.
Bomber, D.
Bomber, J.
Bookson, H. Boordman, E.H. (Rasumssen's lists also suggest "Boardman")
Booth, E.
Booth, S. G.
Borden, R.
Boucher, John
Bowyer, H. L.
Boyce, James
Boyd, J.
Boyd, S.
Brackenridge, R. H.
Brady, Thomas
Braisted, O. D. 
Bressell, C.
Brickner, S.
Briggs, G.
Brown, A. B. C.
Brown, F.
Brown, F.H.
Brown, George
Brown, J. 
Brown, J. and boy
Brown, J. N.
Brown, L.
Brown, M. D. L.
Brown, P.
Brown, S.
Brown, W.
Brown, W. C.
Bryan, L.
Bryant, J.
Bucklin, A. S.
Burnet, H.
Burnham, H. C.
Burns, E.
Burns, P. 
Burns, P. (Two P. Burns are on list)
Bush, Mrs. C.
Cagan, P. (Rasmussen also suggests Cagas)
Cainel, T. R.
Came, A. W.
Cameron, E. A.
Campbell, F.
Campbell, J. F.
Camshan, W.
Candon, T.
Cane, R. and lady
Carpenter, F.
Carpenter, James
Carrow, L.
Carruthers, A.
Cary, John
Cathouse, J.
Cattsgat, G.
Chadwick, E.
Chamberlain, S. W.
Chambers, H.
Chandler, D.
Chapman, A.
Chapman, D. R.
Chapman, G. L.
Chapman, J. S.
Chapman, N.
Chapman, R. S.
Chapman, S.
Chapman, W.
Chase, Daniel
Cherry, C.
Christie, C.
Christie, J.
Christie, W.
Chubb, A. B.
Church, F. 
Clap, J. and lady
Clark, D.
Clark, R.C.
Clark, W.
Clayton, B. 
Clayton, J.C.
Cleary, J.
Clements, W. C.
Clyme, L.
Coburne, A. L.
Coffin, George
Cohn, M.
Colby, L.
Collins, J.
Colyer, D.
Comfit, C.
Comfit, J.
Comstock, Mrs. and servant
Cone, S. G.
Conlit, W. (Comfit )
Conn, J.
Conn, R.
Connell, M.
Connet, Y.
Connor, J.
Consick, E. P.
Cook, L.
Cook, Mr.
Coombs, A. T.
Coombs, H.
Cooper, J.
Cooper, s.
Cooth, P. 
Cordier, E.
Corn, R. H.
Cornelius, W.
Cornwell, M. A.
Cothrin, Mrs.
Coughron, A.
Coughron, J.
Courtney, C.
Cowles, W.
Craig, R.
Creary, J.
Crosby, R. W.
Crowell, Mr.
Cryder, C.
Culled, Mr.
Culled, Mr.
Cummings, G. G.
Cummings, George
Currier, W.
Curtis, S. R.
Curtis, S. W.
Cushman, G.
Cushman, R.
Cutter, L. H.
Cypalana, Col. and servant (Spelling )
Daggett, J. H.
Daily, J.
Damreil, H. P.
Daniels, N. J.
Darrow, C. J.
Davis, D.
Davis, P.F.
Davis, S.E.
Dawson, N.
Debay, B.F. (Dehay )
Delany, A. H.
Delany, H. S.
Delany, S.
Denny, Mrs. and two children
Derrick, C.
Dervie, James
Devon, J.
Devon, M.
Dewint, M. S.
Dickey, J. W.
Dinsmore, D.
Dinsmore, S.
Dodson, B. F.
Donaldson, J.
Donnelly, J.
Dormon, E. S.
Dorrance, B.
Dowd, and lady
Downing, S. K.
Doyle, Thomas
Dugan, J.
Dugan, P.
Dunlap, J. S.
Dupli, Mrs. (Duplis Duplia )
Durie, James
Durkee, G.
Durkee, J.
Durkee, W. W.
Durrell, T. F.
Dyer, T.
Dyer, W.
Dyer, W. C.
Eagan, J.
Edson, W. B.
Efder, H. (Efner )
Efder, J. (Efner )
Efner, J.
Eldridge, W. S.
Ellinger, D.
Ellington, J. F.
Elliott, John
Ellish, C.
Elmore, M.P.
Emerson, N.
England, J. F.
English, J.
English, J. L. and servant
Eno, F.
Epps, A. S.
Evans, D.
Evans, W.
Everet, H.
Evers, E.
Evertson, J.
Fairgrove, W. and boy
Fanning, B.
Fargo, S.A.
Farley, James
Farmer, A.
Farnham, J.
Farrell, R.
Fay, F.C.
Fenton, B.
Fernald, D. L.
Ferris, B .F.
Field, J. W.
Finletter, R.
Finletter, W.
Fisk, D.
Fisk, J. W.
Fitch, C.
Flanagan, J.
Fogg, J. B.
Ford, Robert
Foss, C.
Foster, W.
Fowler, C.
Frank, F.C.
Fraser, S.
French, D.
Frettz, A. (Freuz )
Fuller, J. A.
Fury, T.
Gage, H.
Gairdet, B. (Gairdel )
Garry, P.
Gartland, B.
Geot, (Letter missing between "G" and "e".)
Gibberson, P. T.
Gibbs, G.
Goff, M. S.
Gonise, B. B.
Goodchild, S.
Gordon, J. 
Gore, J.
Gorman, S.
Gould, A.
Gould, P.H.
Grant, A.
Graves, G.
Gray, Mrs. and family
Green, L.
Green, L. A.
Green, S. A.
Green, W.
Greenleaf, J. Q.
Grenell, Miss
Griffin, Miss
Griffith, B. M.
Grittel, J.
Groat, E.
Grouse, P. 
Haines, E.
Haines, H.
Haines, W.
Hall, A.
Halliday, T.
Hamilton, W. C.
Hance, A.
Hansom, M.
Hanson, C.
Hanson, J.
Harben, A.
Harben, J.
Harben, T.
Hardy, D.
Hardy, G.
Hardy, J.
Hardy, L. S.
Hardy, R.
Hardy, W.
Harrigan, W.
Harris, J.
Harris, J.
Harrison, J. D.
Harrison, W. M.
Hart, H.
Hart, J.
Panama.Harvey, Mr.
Haskell, C.
Hathorn, C.
Hawkins, J.
Hawkins, Z.
Hawley, Miss
Haynes, W.
Heard, J.
Heath, W. H.
Hefner, G.
Henry, F.
Henry, J.
Hepburn, M.
Hewitt, G.
Hewitt, S.
Hill, George
Hill, M. 
Hill, N. 
Hockey, J.
Hodges, R.C.
Holmes, W.
Hopkins, E.
Hopkins, N.
Hose, G. W. (Huse )
Howard, P.
Hubbell, S.
Hughs, J. P.
Hughs, L.
Hule, G. F.
Huntley, J. 
Huntley, W.
Huntly, H. (Note: Followed by J. Huntley and W. Huntley; spelling may be Huntley)
Irwin, S. L.
Irwin, W. D.
Irwine, C.
Jackson, J.
Jewell, J.
Johnson, A. W.
Johnson, C. J.
Johnson, Eli
Johnson, G.
Jones, E. D.
Jones, J.
Jones, T.
Kail, H.
Keeler, W.H.
Keenan, O.
Keese, E.
Keesey, F.
Kelley, Mrs. and child
Kelley, P. (Because Kelley and Kelly are adjacent on the lists, they may be related and one spelling may be incorrect.)
Kellinger, H. S.
Kelly, A.J.
Kelly, D. (Because Kelley and Kelly are adjacent on the lists, they may be related, which means one spelling is incorrect.)
Kelly, H.
Kelly, John
Kelly, Mr.
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, S.
Kennedy, D. G.
Kennedy, E.
Kent. S.
Kidder, J. L. 
Kimball, H.
King, J.
Kinney, Mrs. and child
Kleinsworth, J. 
Knowles, W. 
Knudson, V.
Koppehust, Mr., wife and two children
Korn, Levi
Kuse, Mr.
Lally, B.
Lamb, R.
Lamereux, P. C.
Lane, D.
Lane, J. Q.
Lang, W. F.
Lauzenbergh, M.
Lawless, J.
Lawton, J.T.
Laza, R.
Leavit, Mrs.
Leighton, A.
Levison, M.
Lewis, H.R.
Libby, S.
Lintore, F.
Little, G.
Livingston, L.
Loble, S.
Lockman, H.
Loder, George
Loomis, H.
Loucks, A. H.
Loughman, R.
Luck, A. H.
Luscomb, W.
Luston, W.
Madigan, W.
Magnani, William
Mailet, J.
Malloy, A. 
Malloy, J.
Mansfield, A. J.
Mansfield, Mr.
Marr, F.
Marsh, W.E.
Martin, C.
Martin, C.
Maseback, A.H.
Mason, C.
Matthews, W.
Maxfield, J.
Maxfield, J. (Two on list)
Maxwell, Mrs.
May, T.D.
Mayer, A.H.
McAller, J.
McCaffron, P.
McChesnee, J.
McChesny, E.S.
McCoure, M.
McCue, P. 
McCullum, H., lady and servant
McDonald, G.
McFening, A.
McGarvey, S.
McGingerne, P.
McGiven, Thomas
McLaughlin, J.
McLauglin, C.
McLure, A. T.
McMurray, Mr., lady and child
McNellis, J.
McQuillon, H.
McQuillon, P.
Mead, G.
Meadows, H. D. 
Merserve, Mrs.
Messy, J. J.
Metcalf, R.
Meyer, W.
Midgely, T.
Midgely, W.
Miller, A.
Miller, J.
Miller, S.
Miller, W.
Mitchell, J.
Mitchell, J. E.
Monar, C.
Montgomery, W.
Montgomery, W. (Two on lists.)
Moore, G.W.
Morey, R.R.
Morgan, P.
Morgan, S.C.
Morgan, T. and lady
Morrison, S.
Mosley, W.
Moukee, Mr. (Monkee )
Mould, W.
Moulton, P. C.
Moyle, J.
Mullen, Mr.
Mullholl, J.
Mullingsbo, S.
Mulloy, J.
Munger, E. F.
Munroe, G. H.
Murphy, H. P.
Murray, J.
Murray, W.
Neal, J.H.
Neal, L.O. (O'Neal )
Neal, Lewis
Neighbor, G.
Neighbor, N. 
Nesbit, S.
Nesmith, J.
Newbury, N.
Newcomb, Mrs.
Newman, N.
Newton, H.
Newton, W.
Nichols, R.
Nix, A.
Nix, C.M.
Nix, L.
Nix, P.P.
Nix, T. 
Nix, T.H.
Norris, E.
Norton, Thomas
Nourse, J. W.
Noyes, L. W.
O'Brien, D.
O'Connor, J.
O'Neal, F. 
O'Neal, M.
O'Neal, W.
O'Neil, B. 
O'Rourke, W. F.
Olin, E.
Olman, Mrs. (Two Mrs. Olman's on list.)
Olman, Mrs. and two children
Openheimer, J.
Orr, H. L.
Orus, Mrs. and son
Osborn, W. D.
Osborne, C.
Page, B.
Parke, J.
Parker, C.W.
Parker, J.
Parker, L.F.
Parker, W.
Parrot, E.
Parsely, D.
Patchin, C. H.
Patten, W.
Patterson, E.
Patterson, F. 
Patterson, J.
Patterson, T. C.
Patton, S. W.
Pearce, A.
Pearce, H.
Pearce, J.
Pearce, S. C.
Peck, V.
Penney, L.
Pentecost, D. (Rasmussen's suggests Pentecoat)
Pepoon, L.
Percy, Mr. and lady
Perkins, J.
Perkins, T.
Perrean, T. P.
Perrin, L.
Perry, C.
Perry, E.
Perry, John
Phelps, A.
Phelps, O. T.
Pilsbury, J.
Piper, H.
Pollard, H.
Powers, M.
Pratt, G.
Pratt, J.
Prentice, G.
Proctor, J.
Proctor, J.
Quire, W.
Ramsey, C.
Ramsey, D.
Ramsey, J. F.
Randall, W. W.
Rapelge, A. W.
Rathbone, J.
Rathbone, J.
Rathbone, N.
Rathbone, S.
Remsen, A.
Renshaw, M. W.
Reynolds, J. R.
Rhand, R.
Rhodes, Mr. 
Rhodes, R.
Rich, B.
Richards, G.
Richards, J. A.
Richardson, T.
Richardson, W. H.
Ripley, S. W.
Roach, P.
Robertson, C.
Robertson, T. P.
Robinson, G. W.
Robinson, H. M.
Robinson, J. J.
Rockway, M.
Roe, L.B.
Rogers, J.C.
Rogers, Miss 
Rondell, A. W.
Root, J.
Ross, L.
Rue, J.
Rummel, S.
Runlet, J. H.
Rutherford, A.
Ryan, B.
Ryan, John
Ryan, W.
Ryndress, B.
Ryness, Mrs.
Sales, R. W.
Sampson, A. H.
Samuels, J.
Samuels, J.
Samuels, S.
Savage, O. S.
Sayre, Thomas
Scott, Alfred
Scroggin, G.
Seever, O.
Sefor, F.
Segur, T. G.
Serrot, P. A.
Seymour, E.
Seymour, Mr.
Seyne, D. B.
Shepheard, A. G.
Sherman, J.
Sherman, T.
Shields, J. K.
Shreve, W. A.
Shufelt, Mr.
Shuner, G.
Shuner, J.
Simmons, J.
Simmons, M.
Simmons, W.
Smiley, S.
Smith, A. H.
Smith, A. W.
Smith, F.
Smith, G.T.
Smith, J.
Smith, N. 
Smith, T.
Smith. W. 
Snow, Mrs.
Solomon, F.
Soules, M.
Spaker, A.
Spencer, Mr. and lady
Spencer, W. K.
Spooner, Mr. 
Stanley, S. A.
Staples, D. S.
Stead, J.
Stead, T.
Steel, R. J.
Steinfeldt, S.
Sterns, A.
Stetson, D.R.
Stetson, W.
Stevens, W. and lady
Stiegerland, J.S.
Stockton, L.
Stockton, N.
Stockton, W.B., wife and three children
Stoddard, O.L.
Stone, A.
Stone, D.
Stone, E.
Stone, L.
Stone, Miss
Stone, Mrs.
Storer, J.
Strong, Mrs.
Sullivan, W.H.
Taft, C.H.
Taft, M.
Talbot, E.
Tarbox, P.C.
Taylor, A.
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor, F.W.
Taylor, W.S.
Teil, John
Thayer, C.
Thomas, C.
Thomas, J.
Thomas, J. W.
Thomas, W.
Thompson, G. H.
Thompson, M.
Thompson, R.
Thompson, W.
Tilton, J.S.
Tingley, Mrs.
Tipton, H.
Todd, Dr. and lady
Toffit, N.
Torrence, Mrs.
Tracy, Mr. 
True, D.
U L, James
Upton, E. A.
Van Evans, J.
Van Heff, E. (Might be Van Haff or Van Hoff)
Van Read, H.
Van Wie, A.
Vance, R. H. and two boys
Vandenhoff, J. M.
Vermorel, Mr. 
Villa, M.
Vinton, P. 
Wadsworth, J.
Wakefield, T.
Walsh, J.
Wambold, D. M.
Washborne, R.
Washburn, W.
Watkins, V. D.
Watson, J.
Watts, S.
Weaver, D.
Weaver, J.
Webb, Robert
Webster, A.
Webster, F.
Webster, J.
Webster, P.
Weir, W.F.
Weller, A.
Wells, F.
Wells, R.P.
Wells, Russel
Welman, A.
Welsh, M.
Wentworth, J.
Wentworth, W. B.
Wentworth, W. B. 
Wetherby, Mr. and lady
Whalen, D.
Whaler, E.
Whampool, S. W.
Wheat, B.
Whitcomb, W.
White, E.
White, George
Whitehead, D.
Whiting, Mr. and lady
Wibley, W. E.
Wigat, C.
Wigat, W.
Wilcox, R. N.
Wilcox, S.
Wiley, J. S.
Wilkin, L.
William, J. C.
Williams, J.
Williams, Mr.
Williamson, C.
Williamson, M.
Williamson, R. L.
Wood, R.
Woodey, O. A.
Woods, J.
Woods, W.
Woodward, B.
Wosmer, J. B. (Might be Wormer)
Wright, A.
Wright, E. D.
Wright, S. R.
Wroy, W. A.
Yagoe, D. H.
Yagoe, O. B.
Yagra, J. C.
Yates, M.
Yeoman, J. L.
Young, A. A.
Young, O. E.
Smith, N. 
Smith, P. 
Smith, T. 
Smith, W. 
Smith, W. 
Snyder, H. 
Sonburne, J.C. 
Soule, P. (Scale ) 
Spear, J.N. 
Spencer, I. 
Spencer, J. 
Springer, J. 
Squalls, W. 
Stafford, R. 
Stanton, B. 
Stanton, E.A. (Letter between "a" and "t" difficult to read) 
Stanton, J.A. 
Stanton, W.P. 
Steele, E.R. 
Steele, J.S. 
Steffins, L. 
Stephens, O. 
Stewart, F. 
Stewart, J. 
Stiles, A.L. 
Stiles, L.G. 
Stincen, M. 
Stott, J. 
Stratton, F. 
Strong, F. 
Sturges, E.O. 
Sturges, W. 
Sutton, J. 
Suvr, J. (Letters missing between "u" and "v" and "v" and "r") 
Talbot, R. 
Tallant, Besse 
Tallant, Mrs. 
Taylor, A.E. 
Taylor, J. 
Taylor, J. 
Taylor, M. 
Taylor, Miss E. 
Taylor, W. 
Teale, Louis 
Thatcher, J. 
Thompson, A. 
Thompson, A. (Rasmussen questions Thympson) 
Thompson, Mrs. and two ladies 
Thompson, O. B. 
Thowberg, J. 
Tilton, H. L. 
Timore, T. 
Todd, O. 
Toners, Mr. 
Toutiate, J. 
Towers, O. 
Towle, Mrs. 
Towman, H. L. 
Trask, J. M. 
Trask, R. E. 
Tuttle, Mr. 
Underwood, A. 
Underwood, N. 
Upson, L. 
Upson, W. 
Upton, F.A. 
Valentine, A. 
Van Slyke, D.S. 
Van Stoven, A. 
VanDruff, S. 
Vaugh, J.C. 
Viconey, T. 
Wade, A.M. 
Wade, C.D. 
Wade, P.S. 
Wadleigh, B.P. 
Walis, T. 
Wallace, J.M. 
Wallace, Mrs. and two children 
Wallace, W. 
Walverd, G. 
Ward, J. 
Warren, J. E. 
Watson, J. 
Watson, Mr. 
Watts, F. 
Weekly, J. 
West, S. 
Wheeler, D.E. 
White, C.F. 
White, H. 
Whiting, W. 
Whitmore, J. 
Whitney, C. S., lady and family 
Whitney, J. 
Whitney, N. P. 
Whittemore, A. 
Widmer, J. 
Widmer, Miss 
Wilcox, Mrs. 
Wilkes, Miss M. 
William, G. 
Williams, D.D. 
Williams, J. 
Williams, John 
Williams, L. 
Williams, William 
Willis, Charles 
Willkins, J. 
Wilmot, D.E. 
Wilmot, R. 
Wilson, A. 
Wilson, B. 
Wilson, E. 
Wilson, G. 
Wilson, J. 
Wilson, John 
Wilson, W. 
Wise, D. 
Witt, W. H. 
W--mot, A. 
Wolfe, J. 
Wombler, G. 
Wood, F. 
Wood, R. C. 
Woodbick, P. 
Wool, George 
Woolsin, W. C. 
Wooster, Mrs. 
Wooster, W. W. 
Worth, W. E. 
Wright, J. M. 
Wyman, D. C. 
Yale, T. 
Yancay, J.W. (Letter between "Y" and "n" unreadable - may be different spelling) 
Young, P.S.

Migration in World History (Themes in World History)Migration in World History.
Patrick Manning
Migration in World History.
Drawing on examples from a wide range of geographical regions and thematic areas, noted world historian Patrick Manning guides the reader through:

  • Trade patterns, including the early Silk Road and maritime trade
  • Effect of migration on empire and industry between 1700 and 1900
  • The earliest human migrations
  • Major language groups (illustrated with original maps)
  • Examination of civilizations, farmers and pastoralists from 3000 BCE to 500 CE
  • Various leading theories and debates surrounding the subject of migration.

The Project

Maritime Nations, Ships, Sea Captains, Merchants, Merchandise, Ship Passengers and VIPs sailing into San Francisco during the 1800s.



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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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