Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

SS Golden City

July 9, 1865
SS Golden City
W. F. Lapidge, Commander
From Panama

July 10, 1865, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California


The Golden City arrived this morning, having left Panama June 25th, with 226 packages of mails, 4,948 do. merchandise, and 454 passengers. She left in the Bay of Panama the United States slooop-of-war Cyane, store-ship Farallones, United State steamer Watereee, coal-ship Frank Pierce, and Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamers Sonora and Uncle Sam. The Fourth of July was celebrated on board in grand style.

July 10, 1865, Daily Alta California, San Francisco.


A.W. Nason and wife
G. W. Robbins
A. B. Elfert
General Vallejo
Jno. Johnson
H. W. Gimwood
S. F. Peckham and wife
P. A. Fisher and wife
Mr. Wilcoxson, wife and Miss Phillips
Mrs. Van Deusen
G. T. Waterson and wife
B. Marks, daughter and three chidlren
Rev. Thomas H. Pearne and wife
Miss Burke
Jno. Doughtery
S. Tuttle
Mrs. D. W. Cheesman
J. Meyers
Miss C. Pelz
Mrs. G. W. Gray and child
Mrs. G. G. Van Wagner and child
L. H. Thorp
L. W. Taylor
Mrs. Jas. H. Drake and 3 children
C. B. Raymond
L. L. Crocket, wife and child
Mrs. R. Culbutson
W. Lierly, wife and daughter
J. H. Murphy
A. Cohn
D. R. Burke and wife
E. B. Pomroy and two sisters
F. Cluggage and Bro.
Lieut Sanches
Jas. Donaldson
Mr. Spark, wife, daughter and friend
Mr. Mevil
Mrs. Cook
Miss A. Golde
Mrs. Seil and 2 children
Mrs. J. Wilson and cd.
Miss C. Strewen
Miss Williams
G. W. Gray, daughter and 4 children
J. Perry and 2 children
J. H. Albert
M. S. Kuse
J. Walthouse
H. G. Cosgrove
John Rule
C. L. Nettleton
Miss H. Laman
W. Monteith and Bro.
Silas Farr
T. de la Torre and sons
A. Diflot
F. L. Perkins
Gen. Seiva.

Mrs. J. B. Robbins and two children
Jno. Bliss
Captain Frisbie
H. D. Titcomb
F. W. Mitchell
Mary B. C. Cozzens
W. Drury
R. C. Gridley
Col. H. A. Smalley
Maj. Thos J. Blakeney
Mrs. E. Seger
W. H. Sanger
Miss L. A. Buckman
Dr. G. W. Gray and wife
Chas. F. Way
R. Young, wife and two children
D. Phillips
Miss D. Phillips
M. Marks
O. L. Whitney
W. T. Atwood and wife
Mrs. J. C. Berry
Mrs. J. Berry and child
Mrs. J. J. Shaw and child
P. Roman
J. D. Bracken
H. W. Parker
W. F. Freeman
Dr. D. B. Rice, wife and 2 children
Miss A. Webb
D. Jones
Hon. Wm. Bell
Dr. Ash
Alice Clark
W. B. Shoemaker
Com. Alzamora
L. Yriarte
H. J. MacDougal
Mrs. Getty Armor
Dr. Snow
Mrs. Chadbourne
Mrs. E. Graham & son
J. Markley and 3 children
Jane Burgess and child
H. Norden and wife
J. Phillips, wife and 4 children
W. Phillips, wife and 3 children
J. C. Berry
G. G. Van Wagner & cd.
J. J. Shaw and 2 ch.
W. Blum, wife and dh.
B. T. Broadbelt
J. Montieth and family
P. Hennebery
R. J. Wheatley
T. C. Boland
G. S. Snyder
Miss L. E. White
M. Bauer
E. S. Shannon
J. Belangier
J. Monteinos and wife
E. Raming

and 246 others


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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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