Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

SS Golden City

August 25, 1865
SS Golden City
Captain W. F. Lapidge
From Panama

August 26, 1865, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


The P.M.S.S. Co's steamer Golden City, W. F. Lapidge, Commander, sailed from San Francisco, July 18th, at 11:22 a.m., with 795 passengers, 66 packages U.S. Mails, 1,435 packages merchandise and $1,474,077.58. NGC Chart 2614WP. Manzanillo.

July 24th at 2:28 p.m., arrived at Manzanillo; received passangers and treasure, and sailed at 5:30 p.m. same day.

July 25th, at 7:10 p.m., arrived at Acapulco; received supplies and sailed at 3:05 a.m. on the 26th.

July 19th, at 6:30 p.m., passed and exchanged signals with the Co's. steamer Sacramento, bound for San Francisco

Returning, left Panama, August 12th, at 7:53 a.m., with 593 passengers, 222 packages U.S. Mails, and 8,491 packages merchandise. Arrived at Acapulco August 14th, at 4:15 a.m.; received supplies and sailed at 9:15 a.m. same day.

August 21st, at 7:50 p.m., passed and exchanged signals with a steamer supposed to be the Co's. steamer Sacramento, bound down.


Major-General Halleck, wife, child and 2 servts.
Capt. J. H. Spotts and family
Col. Whittier
Major Taylor
Col. R. N. Scott and family
A. Dibblee
A. Daily, Jr.
W. R. Dietrich and family
S. A. Wormser
S. Hoffman
S. Sachs
Miss Kate Hall
W. S. Uhler
Major E. C. Kemble
J. Miller
H. W. Stein
A. Warfield
J. H. Reed and family
O.S.M. Cones
F. B. Hatch
Maria Klatt
Mrs. J. Moore and child
F. Friedmann
. Sancedo
W. H. V. Cronise
J. Peyser
P. B. Tompkins
Capt. G. H. Weeks and family
J. H. Donohoe
P. A. Vallat
G. K. Sheil
Mrs. M. Daggett and child
G. W. Duncan
S. B. Pike
M. W. Church & family
A. A. Rand
E. Snell
Mrs. O. S. Calott & child
A. S. R. Hallowell
A. T. Hubbard
Capt. A. D. Johnston
Mme Vestvali & sister
G. T. Marye and daughter
H. Dodman and family
Sol. Sachs
G. Newberger
Mss. C. Perth
C. Roof, wife and suster
Mrs. C. Goldberg & child
G. F. Dietrich
C. Grirbeck

Ann E. Farwell
A. Bockowitz
Jas Delavan
Mrs. Feldin & 2 children
Mrs. M. Savage and daughters
A. C. Palmer
Louisa Bryant
A. Bihn and wife
Mrs. Barton
J. Connor
A. L. Ostrom
T. Patrick
A. T. Lowry
L. Baldwin

James Street
A. A. Van Voorhies
A. G. Gilkison
M. Livingston
John Skae
John Fay and family
Mrs. John Mason
F. Kance
Samuel Thurber
Mrs. O. Shipman
F. Mason
E. M. Wood
Mrs. Wm. M. White and daughter
A. D. Lombard
L. P. Donnitzer
E. Godchaux
M. H. Farley
Frank Bryan
Lt. Hunting and family
Mrs. M. Hogan & chil.
H. Ranken and family
H. L. Dodge and wife
A. H. Ball
W. B. Cox and wife
G. W. Baker
P. K. Roots
L. L. Lewis
John Turner
J. E. Eldridge
Miss S. E. Hawley
A. Winship
L. C. Hanks
D. C. Wager
Mrs. M. G. Upham & ch.
J. J. Duncan
D. P. Baldwin
C. Green
Miss R. Kenyon
J. S. Huntoon
Mrs. Huntoon and ch.
C. H. Collins
Mrs. J. B. Thompson
A. C. Berhap
Mrs. W. Ponitsett
Capt. W. A. Marye and servant
Catharine Sheeham
A. Ulman
Ida Beck
Mrs. J. E. Keyes
J. H. McClelland
L. Beausamp
M. Taylor
J. Meirn
M. Philpott and wife
W. S. Ralph"A. Bernhard
Mrs. Lafont
J. H. Doane
An Robie
Mrs. Palmer
D. M. Thompson
A. Levyshon
Mrs. M. Burns
Mrs. Plum and son
John Morse
Mrs. Ryanand 2 children
F. D. Baker
Capt. R. H. Horner

and 195 others

Madame Vestvali

Among the passengers on the Golden City is Madame Vestvali, who, after having achieved a great success as a prima donna contralto in all the great cities oi note, has acquired such proficiency in the vernacular as to undertake leading characters in the English drama whicb, in their enaction, have put to shame the endeavors of actors of celebrity. She comes under engagement to Thomas Maguire, Esq., who has secured her services at a very large outlay. Madame Vestvali enjoys a reputation in private life which her numerous acts of disinterested charity have adorned. We are permitted to give publicity to a little incident illustrative of her character, which occurred on the Golden City, our information being derived from a gentleman, a fellow citizen well and favorably known, not alone to ourselves, but the whole community.

Mrs. Frances Waldron and Daughter

Among the passengers was a Mrs. Frances Waldron and daughter. Her history was a romantic one— the usual tale of unrequited love and desertion. She had travelled from New York to Guayaquil in search of her husband, who was in business there, and found that he had proved unfaithful. Her pleadings that he should provide for tbeir daughter were unavailing, and the mother, in her distraction, attempted suicide by taking sulphuric ether. She survived the effects, long enough to reach Panama and take passage on the Golden City for this port, but the effects of the poison had taken too strong a hold on her system. and notwithstanding the unceasing efforts of Dr. Gordon, the Surgeon of the steamer, Mrs. Waldron died at sea on the 23rd of this month, leaving her daughter, eleven years of age, to the cold charities of the world. The passengers, among whom were a large proportion of returned California with that liberality which has rendered California famous in the world, took prompt, and efficient means to provide for the little charge, and a subscription, amounting to nearly a thousand dollars, was taken up for her behalf, and Mr. Nolan, the first officer of the ship, adopted her. In addition to the money so contributed, Mad. Vestvali tendered a benefit. the whole proceeds to be given to the little waif of the Golden City, and we have no doubt but that our residents will respond to so noble a cause as only San Franciscans do.

Mad. Vestvali is accompanied by Miss Lund, a relative. We feel assured, from what we know ef her dramatic abilities, that she will create a great sensation in our midst.

Later from Central America

By the Golden City, we have dates from San Juan de Nicaragua to the 26th ult.

On the 14th of July the Government of Nicaragua agreed to deliver General Barrios to the Government of Salvador, on the special condition that his life should be spared, and that in any trial for his conduct as President of the latter State, he should be held free from the sentence of death. A contract being signed to this effect, General Barrios was placed on board the Salvadorian brig-of-war Experimento, and sent to La Libertad.

We learn that the schooner Manuelita Planas, which took General Barrios from this port, and all the arms and ammunition found on board, have been confiscated by the Government of Nicaragua. ~ Panama Star

August 26, 1865, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.


Arrival of the Golden City— List of Passengers— Greenbacks— Bodies Arrived— Funeral of Nlsbet — Colfax and Bross— Case of Loehr— The Shenandoaa-- Reception of General Halleck— Eastern News— Arrivals— Drowned.

San Francisco, August 25th

The Golden City arrived at five o'clock this evening.

Panama. 1800s. San Blas. Native Indians at beach market.

The Golden City brings 222 packages United States mail, and 8,494 packaes merchandise. She left in Panama the United States steamer Wateree, Cyane and store-ship Farallones. The Golden City came in during a dense fog and was abreast of Fort Point before seen, when salutes commenced, ending with the steamer Saginaw. The officers of the Department of the Pacific were at the landing to receive General Halleck and escort him to the Occidental, but no demonstrations of a formal nature occurred.


Major General Halleck, wife, child and two servants; James Street, Captain J. H, Spotts and family. Colonel Whittier, Major Taylor, A. A. Van Voorhies, Colonel R. N. Scott and family, A. G. Gllkison, M. Livingston, John Skae, John Fay and family, Mrs. John Mason, P. Kauer, P. A. Vallot, Samuel Thurber, A. Daily, Jr., Mrs. 0. Shipman. W. R. Dietrich and family, F. Mason, E. M. Wood, S. A. Wormser, Mrs. Wm.. M. White and daughter, S. Hoppman, S. Sachs, A. D. Lombard. Miss Kate Hall. L.P. Downitzer, W. S. Uhler, E. Godchaux, Major E. C. Kemble, M. H. Farley, J. Miller, Frank Bryan, H. W. Stein, L. T. Hunting and family, A. Warfield, Mrs. M. Hogan and child, Z. H. Reed and family, H. Ranken and family, O. S. M. Cone, H. L. Dodge and wife, F. B. Hatch, A. H. Ball, W. B. Cox and wife, Mrs. J. Moore and child. G. W. Baker. F. Friedman, P. K. Roots, A. Sancedo, L. L. Lewis, W. H. V. Cronise, John Turner, J. Peyser, J. E. Eldridge, P. B. Tompkins, Miss S. G. Hawley, Captain G. H. Weeks and family, A. Winship, J. H. Donohoe, L. C. Hanks, A. Dibble, D. C. Wager, G. K.Shiel, Mrs. M. O. Upham and child, Mrs. M. Daggett and child, J. J. Duncan, D. P. Baldwin, S. B. Pike, C. Green, M. W. Church and family, Miss R. Kenyon, A. A. Hand, J. S. Hunters, E. Snell, Mrs. Hantoon and child, child. Mrs. O. S. Calott and child, C. H. Collins, A. S. R. Hallowell, A. T. Hubbard, A. C. Beshap, Captain A. D. Johnston, Mrs. H. Pouitzett, Mme. Vestvaria, Catharine Sheehan, Sol. Sachs, A. Uhman, G. Warberger, Ida Beck, Miss C. Perth, J. E. Keyes, C. Roop, wife and sister; J. H. McClelland, Mrs. C. Goldberg and child, L. Beaucamp, G. F. Dietrich, M. Taylor, C. Grisbeck, J. Main, Anna E. Farwell, M. Philpott and wife, A. Boskowith, W. S. Ralph, James Delavan, A. Bernhard, Mrs. Feldin and two children, Mrs. Lafont, Mrs. M. Savage and daughters, J. H. Doane, Ann Robie, A. C. Palmer, Mrs. Palmer, Louisa Bryant, J. H. Thompson, A. Behr and wife, A. Levyshon, Mrs. J. B. Thompson, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. M. Burns, J. Connor, Mrs. Penn and son, A. L. Ostrom, John Morse, T. Patrick, Mrs. Ryan and two children, A. T. Lowry, F. D. Baker, L. Baldwin, Captain R. H. Homer, Maria Klatt, and 195 in the steerage.

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