Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS Golden Age

Arrive San Francisco

July 25, 1868
E. S. Farnsworth, Commander
From Panama

Arrival of the "Golden Age"

The P. M. S. S. Co.'s. steamer Golden Age arrived at this port from Panama yesterday afternoon. The passenger list by this steamer has been printed in our telegraphic reports. The memoranda, etc., are as follows:


The P. M S.S. Co.'s steamer Golden Age, 1,869 59-100 tons, E. S. Farnsworth, Commander, left San Francisco on Monday, June 22d at 11 o'clock A.M., with 269 passengers, tons of freight, 57 pkgs U.S. mail and $527,383.07 in treasure.

June 23d, at 3:50 a.m., passed a steamer, supposed to be the Co.'s steamer Sacramento, bound up; June 26th, at 5:50 p.m, passed Co.'s steamer Montana, bound up; June 18th, at 7:50 p.m., arrived at Manzanillo, discharged freight and sailed same day at 9:55 p.m., June 30th at 3:30 a.m., arrived at Acapulco, discharged freight and sailed same day at 1230 p.m.; July 30th, at 1:20 p.m., arrived at Panama.

1800 Isthmus of PanamaIsthmus of Panama. 1800s.

The Isthmus of Panama. 1800s.

Returning, left Panama on Thursday. July 9th, at 6:30 p.m., wth 493 passengers, 733 17-40 tons of freight, and 260 packages U.S. mail; July 14th, at 6:30 a.m., passed a stteamer, supposed to be the Oregonian, bound down; July 16th, at 1 p.m., arrived at Acapulco, received usual supplies and sailed same day at 9:25 p.m.; July 18th, at 5:30 a.m. arrived at Manzanillo, discharged freight, and sailed name day at 8 a.m.; July 19th, at 11:27 a.m., met Company's steamer Constitution, bound down; July 22d at 3 p.m., passed steamship Nebraska, bound down; July 23d, at 1:25 p.m., exchanged signals with Company's steamer Golden City, bound down; July 24th at 7 p.m,. arrived  San Francisco.

Left in port of Panama, U. S. steamships Cyane and Powhattan in port of Acapulco, U.S. steamship Ossipee.


Wells, Fargo &Co.; Rodgers, Meyer & Co.; Jos. Emerie, Esq; Rosenbaum & Friedman; Heynemunn & Co.; Weil & Levy: Rosenbaum & Co.; Order; Jacob Underbill & Co.: Marsh, Pilsbury & Co.: Locke A. Montague: Liddell & Kaeding; R. H. . McDonald & Co.; Malthy & Co.; Hooper Bros.; Murphy, Grant & Co ; L. & M.Sachs & Co.; Tobin, Dixon & Davisson; Adeladorffer Bros.: Steinhart Bros.; L. Dinkelspiel & Co.: Henry Lund; Bandman, Neilson & Co.; Neustadter Bros.; Uhlfelder & Cahn; J. C. Merrill & Co.; Kohler, Chase & Co.; B. T. Goldschmidt; Walsh, Hall & Co.; T. Lemmen Meyer; S. P. Holden; Son & Briggs; A. Kohler; Stein. Simon & Co.; Lazard Freres; Hoffman & Co.; Godchaux Bros.; Elam & Howes; H. G. Hofer; Langley, Crowell & Co.' Rockwell, Coye & Co.; Hales, Hodge & Co.; Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Company; Charles A. Miller; Levison Bros.; Verdier, Kaindler, Scellier & Co.; M. Wurkheira; S. Lipman & Co.; Mr. Maitat; A. Marks & Co.; Alsop & Co; Voizin, Ris & Co.; Falkner, Bell & Co.; L. P. Eaton; Cassimirio Arzac.

Passengers for California

July 16, 1868, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

(Editor's Note: Passenger lists below were published prior to arrival in San Francisco; they were noted as sailing from New York and were slated to cross the Isthmus from Aspinwall (Colon) to Panama to board a ship on the Pacific side. There is no indication that all did so, and there is no indication as to which ship they actually boarded for the journey from Panama.)


Aspinwall, 1854
United States Mail Steamship Company

United States Mail Steamship Company. Aspinwall. 1854.

The New York correspondent of the Alta forwards the following list of passengers by the P. M. S. S Co.'s steamer Arizona, for San Francisco, via Aspinwall, July Ist:

Com. Alden & servant, A. R. Abercrombie, Mr. Snow, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Scoles, Miss McNair & 2 sisters. K. L. Ormsbee, wf & dhr, Miss Kate Evans, C. W. Dougherty, P. B. Horton, F. A. Gordon, John M. Martin, wf & ch John L. Bushee & wf, Mrs. Bradford & svt, Mrs. Minnie Werner & Mr. & Madame Testa, child, M. Massimillian. G. Sarti & wife, Geo. Miller, wife & 3 chn, Mrs. E. J. Mather, dghr Mrs. Kendall & 2 chn, & child, Mrs. E. A Smith, Geo. L. Bailey, J. L. Durant, J. M. McCoombs, Mr. Keller, Mrs. L. B. Harris & D. J. Thomas, child, James Boswell, Miss Dell, H H Coombs, N. Coombs, Alfred Allen, H. Pennock, W. H. Cureton & 2 bros, Sarah A. Cureton, Mrs. McShort, Elijah True & wife, O. H. P. Banks, Mrs. N. V. Voorhies, W. A. Fisner, wf & ch, Henry Gray, B. M. Blachly & wife, M. Wurkheim, Mrs. Boas & child, M. Introsinsky & boy, Mrs. A. S. Johnson, Miss M. E. Robinson, A. C. Heste, B. Simmons, Mrs. Godfrey & child. Miss Ida Lloyd, Miss Fanny Lachman, W. C. Rollofson and Crawford McClaity, friend, Mrs. T. J. Spoor, Chas . E. Rankin, Miss Hannah Elton, J. W. Eckley, W. H. Sears, W. Olney. wife and ch, S. S. Howell, wife and Mrs. Serefest, two children, Mrs. Gregory, J. Coquengrilop and wf, W. Chiveo, C. D Poston, Miss Alice Moore, B. Brown and wife, J. W. Bogart, Miss Seal, Miss Hawley, Rev. W. B. Priddy. Mrs. J. B. Tuck. J. Packard and wife, Geo. W. Webb, Miss Ella L. Hatch, C. F. Yeaton and wife, D. Parr. Jas. Towle. R. G. Berford. James Richards, Miss Beck, J. L. Parr, Miss Ellen Callahan, M. Andrews and sister, A. C. Boyles, Mr. Hofflander, G. Hansen, Ida Hansen Henry Gurcher, Mrs. Selina Hall, H. Thompson, G. Suydam, Miss N. Kipp, W. Frisbee, wife 7 ch'd, Mrs. E. Hansen. H Williamson, H Richison, J Richison, H. Lowenthal, wife and Thomas Browne, child, Rich. Hurst, J. O'Reilly, J. Davis. Miss Friedlander, H. Chapman, wf & ch, D. Leach, Miss E. Hacke, T. Seal. Annie Barry. John J. Joiner, Marian Barry, A. Peterson, M.Tidgehill, E W. Cutter, Miss E Casey, W. H. Copper, And a large number in 2d cabin and steerage.

The following had taken passage on the Opposition steamship Santiago de Cuba from New York to sail July 4th for Aspinwall:

A. Francis and wife
John Kelley, wife & 5 chidlren
R. P. Spier
Mrs. Ann M. Ellenberger & child
E. R. Guilford
John Auld & wife
John Moony
Dr. D. Rounds, wife & 3 chidlren
J. W. Shields
Mrs. E. F. Coombs
D. E. Olmsted
James Fairtruth
Mary Curtin
Rev. C. W. Todd, wife & 2 children
Rev. G. Hines
John Rounds
I. Isiline
Mrs. R. Josquet & friend
John Auld, Jr. & Wife
Mrs. A. Burgman & ch.
Robert Kelly, wife & 3 chidlren
Miss Emily Rounds & 2 sisters
Miss Mary H. Noyes & brother
R. Butler

July 22, 1858, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Entrance to the Golden Gate. Albert Bierstadt.

Entrance to the Golden Gate. Albert Bierstadt.

A correspondent of the Union at New York forwards the following additional list of passengers who left that city July 4th for California, in the steamship Santiago de Cuba lor Aspinwall:

J. J. Guthridge
W. Pierson
C. P. Massey
J. R. Ethell
C. McAdden
F. Ley
D. Ryan
A. J. Lindley
Mrs. Sheldon & daughter
Miss Ada Gibbon
H. Ruman
Miss Annie Thompson
Mrs. Wm. Abbott
John Klement
Mrs. Klement & two daughters
Rev. G. Hines
R. M. Norman
Jos. McMullen
Miss M. Perry
Mrs. Lord & two sons
J. Tucker, wife and child
James Hill
H. Moleneux
S. E. Olmsead
J. E. Bradley, wife & son
Mr. Paulino, wife & child
F. A. Blackburn
J. S. Rose, wife & son
S. S. Decamp
W. P. Baker
J. R. Don & wife
Wm. M. Cubery
C. Craig & wife
Mrs. H. W. Warner
Mrs. A. Dalton

Mrs. S. F. Kenddrick
James Taitoute
R. Teller
W. Abbott
H. D. Bronson
Mrs. C. M. Boult & child
T. Davis, wife & child
Mrs. C. W. Cooper & s'tr
D. P. Murgentheim
Mrs. E. H. Ants & 5 children
Mrs. H. McCord
Capt. A. M. Burns & amily
Ellen Sullivan & sister
Miss R. Butler
A. Gunnip & sister
Miss H. Hill
Miss C. Fitzgerald
Lizzie Kennedy
Mrs. J. A. Spinney
D. Dohn & wife
James Tock
J. Hosfield, wife & 2 children
A. Link & wife
M. Clark & sister
M. J. Roantreo, wife & child
A. F. Barton
John Hickey & wife
Miss M. A. Brown
O. Gibhard
Geo A. Case
J. Griffin
Jos. McNab
C. Nelson
A. G. Montgomery
A. W. Montgomery
And 200 in the steerage

Bierstadt's WestAlbert Bierstadt's West.

Albert Bierstadt's West. Gerald L. Carr.

Gerald L. Carr
Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) took his first trip West early in 1859 with Frederic Lander. He was chosen to be a civilian artist on a government expedition which set out to improve the wagon roads of the South Pass from Fort Kearny to the eastern border of California. By the middle of the year, Bierstadt was following the same steps taken by Alfred Jacob Miller twenty-two years earlier, on the Oregon Trail. Along the way he met and sketched thousands of discouraged gold seekers and immigrants. In late summer he returned east and began turning his sketches into huge canvases. Included among some of these earlier scenes were Chimney Rock, Fort Laramie and Laramie Park. Bierstadt's second trip, this time to the far West, took place in 1863. He traveled with his friend Fitz Ludlow. They spent several weeks in Yosemite Valley beyond the Sierra Nevada, eventually traveling up into Oregon. By 1864, scarcely five years after painting his first Rocky Mountain picture, Bierstadt was the most highly acclaimed American painter, rivaling even Frederick Church.

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