Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Golden Age

Arrive San Francisco

September 17, 1862 
Captain F. R. Baby 
From Panama

September 18, 1862, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Golden Age

The P. M. S. Co.'s steamer Golden Age, F. R. Baby, Commander, arrived in port yesterday morning about three o'clock. She brings New York dates to the 23d not so late by three days as those receivd by Overland Mail.

The following are her memoranda and passenger list:


Steamer Golden Age Capt. Baby, from Panama Sept. 3. arrived at this port Sept. 17. at 2:30 A. M. bringing mails, 493 passengers and 4,984 packages of freight. This steamer left San Francisco August 11, at 2:45 P. M. having taken on board 355 bales cotton and 60 packages treasure reached Acapulco August 18 at 10 p.m.; received supplies and 18 bales cotton, and reached and left at 1:40 A. M. on the 19th: reached Panama on the 24th of August, at 10 P. M.

Returning, left Panama Sept. 3 at 2 p.m.; September 7, a child (boy) was born to Mrs. Boll, steerage passenger; arrived at Acapulco Sept. 9, at 3:50 a.m.; received supplies and 26 bales cochineals, and sailed at 11:50 a.m.; reached San Francisco Sept. 17 at 2:30 a.m.



Martha Dickenson, Mrs Croghan and two children, Mrs. Capt Corning. H Matthews and wife, Mrs. Frank, Mrs A. C. Smith, A. Harloe and wife, Mrs T. Brannstein, Mrs K. Brannstein and child, Mrs H.S. Gunn and child. L. Week, S. N. Castle, Henry Martin, Bertha Asch, Wm. Benn, Mrs. Dr. Young and two children, Rev James Callan, C. Stowell, J. D. Stevens, Rhoda Stevens, Miss C. Chase, E. A. Love and wife, Mrs Taylor and three children, Miss H. Cohn, Mr. Coyee, Mr. Kennedy, R. F. Loomer, Dr. F. H. Howard. Melvin Simmons, E. Beach, Geo. Grierson and wife, Miss Nelson, R. E. Collins, C. H. Cumnings and wife, Mrs R. E. Brewster and child, Miss Moore, R. Brewster, A. W. Pierce, W. Tatwood, E. H. Workman and wife, Mrs. P. Beggs and daughter, Miss Lawton, J. Lawton, M. L. Crowell, J. Bassett and wife, A. King, J. H. Bruce and wife, Mrs. Lawrence and two children, E. Edwards, Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Prosergue, Mrs. M. C. Martin, J. Pratt, M. Lent.

(From Acapulco: Mrs and Mrs Robbins. A Sauredo.)

Miss Openheimer, Mrs. Wilmarth and child, Mrs. D. B. Wilmarth, S. E. Forrester, Geo W. Dickson, Mount, Jacobi, Manlin, Hannah Kahn, Miss Knibbenach, J Rarrigan, D. W. Robinson, Schweide Goldberg and daughter, Mrs. Melatovieh and daughter, Miss Givvarnich, Mr. Levy, Cath Loyd, Mary Williams. Jno Loyd, La Montague, Miss Kidder, Mrs Shaw and child, Mrs C. Rogers and two children, Miss Gage, R. Cannon, H. Cameron, Eliza Nutt, Mrs. Thompson and child, Mrs. Summer and daughter, J. F. Tayllor, wife and child, J. E. Thayer, Thayer, A. R. Edwards, Eliza Gaynor and daughter, C. E. Mathewson, William Bradley, Miss M. J. Willey, Wm. Foechter and wife, Miss A. Duffy, Fanny Whalen and 3 children, Miss E. Levine, P. Carey, Thos Harris, Eugene Beggs, Stephen H. Scott, J. C. Smith, J. B. Lipsker, Miss L. H Milliken, A. H. Knapp, wife and four children, J. D. Brown, J. D. Patrick and son, J. W. McMullen, Jhn L. Harper, B. F. Cummings, J. J. Hrley, John Boughman, D. Remmelin and 3 children, J. E. Haskins, M. J. Wiley, Rev. Mr. Rigly, and 319 others.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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