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SS Golden Age

Arrive San Francsico

October 16, 1854
John M. Dow, Commander
From Panama


October 17, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Golden Age.
Destructive Fire in New York.

The P. M. steamship Company Golden Age , John M. Dow, Commander, sailed from Panama on the evening of the 1st, at 8 oclock, with the through passengers and mails from New York by the U. S. Mail steamer North Star, and from New Orleans by steamer Falcon.


Off Point Mala, 3. A. M., 2d, saw a steamer supposed to be the steamer Panama, hence for Panama. From Panama to Accapulco (sic), encountered a constant succession of squalls of wind and rain from W. and N. Arrived at Accapulco on the evening of Oct. 7th, at 8 oclock, delayed 15 hours. P. M. S. S. Co. steamer Sonora, hence from Panama, arrived at same time, and left at 5 A. M., 8th. At 11, A. M. left Accapulco, no vessels in port. At 7, P. M., same day, 80 miles west of Accapulco, spoke steamship Cortes, hence for San Juan. Oct. 11, 6 30, P. M., Island of Marguarita bearing E.; three miles distant passed a ship hove-to under easy sail, supposed to be a whaler. Oct. 17, 7 oclock, A. M., stopped for a boat to come along side from steamer Carolina, at anchor off Coxo River, under lee Point Conception, received one passenger and proceeded at 8 A. M. Same day, Point Arguella, abeam, distant half a mile, saw the wreck of the Yankee Blade. Nothing above water but the top of a few of her spares. Oct. 16, arrived off the Heads - 14 days 8 hours from Panama. Running time 13 days 17 hours.

Portobello Union Pacific Atlantic Plan Isthmus Panama 1852.

The health of the Isthmus is good, and the railroad was progressing with great rapidity; everything was quiet at Acapulco.

Among the passengers is Liet. W. Michler, U. S. A., and party who are about to engage on the boundary survey between the United States and Mexico under the Gadsden Treaty. Also, E. P. Christy and his celebrated band of Minstrels, are passengers by the Golden Age.

The following is the Herald telegraphic dispatch from Washington. We are very much inclined to doubt the account in regard to Mr. Marcys dispatch to the French government, as it does not agree with his previous acts in the matter.

Washington, Sep. 19, 1854

Lord Clarendons dispatch about the Greytown bombardment has been communicated to Mr. Marcy by Mr. Crampon. It is very mild, and will scarcely call for any sharp rejoinder. England appears to have her hands so full in the East that she is more than usually polite to us.

Mr. Marcy has sent a long dispatch to the French government about Dillon, the French Consul at San Francisco. It is very severe on the Consuls conduct, and fully sustains the action of the American government.

Important dispatches have been received from China, rejecting the unsettled condition of affairs there and the danger of injury to American commerce from the lawlessness of all parties. Mr. McLane will probably be instructed to remain perfectly neutral, and recognize any de factogovernment that he may find.

It is the opinion of the diplomatic corps generally, here, that further difficulties with Spain are to be apprehended. General Pierce is quite nervous on the subject.

The late elections in Maine have greatly alarmed the President. So anxious was the Administration to insure an endorsement from that State, that ex-governor Anderson, Commissioner of Customs, was sent on there to regulate the matter. His success has scarcely warranted the trouble and expense.

A fire broke out on the night of the 19th, about 9 oclock, in the cabinet shop of F. A. Vrede & Co., No. 598 Broadway, just above the Metropolitan Hotel. The fire was first discovered in the fourth floor. The fourth and third floors were destroyed. The first floor is occupied by Jno L. Western, looking glass manufacturer. His damage will be mostly by water and breakage. The loss altogether will probably amount to upwards of $50,000, independent of the building.


Daily Alta California Arrival of the Golden Age October 17, 1854.Addison, G. C.
Averill, Capt. H. J. 
Backus, H. M. 
Bannister, T. 
Barrister, R. 
Bean, P. 
Bertrand, C. 
Booth, Mr. J. C. and child
Boyd, T. C., lady and 2 children
Bradley, J. V. 
Briggs, T. F. 
Bright, G. R. 
Broaston ( ), Mr. 
Bulger, Masters
Burgess, E. 
Burkes, L. M. 
Byrne, P. 
Campbell, S. C. 
Carussel ( ), A. 
Castrec (Castree ), Mr. 
Chase, M. 
Chrl-ty (Chrlaty? ), E. P., and lady
Close (Chose ), L. F. 
Cozzeas ( ), Thos. 
Cronin, D. 
Daprey (Depray?), M. 
Dennery, Mr. 
Dillen (Dillon ), 2 children and 4 svts. 
Donovan, Master George C. 
Dresser, J. W. 
Eddington, Mr. 
Elliott, Mrs. (Miss) 
Fields, C. 
Flint, B. H. 
Flint, J. H. 
Gardiner, Mrs. E. 
Haney, Miss Julia R. (K. ) 
Hask --( ), D. C. 
Hickey, W. 
Holden, S. P. 
Homer, Miss. 
Hopkins, Mr., and lady
Houstan, E. 
Huntley, Sir Henry
Hussey, W. M. 
Jackson, H. C. 
Jevine (Jevins ), R. 
Jones, Dr. H. W. 
Jones, G. H. 
King, Mrs. 
Land (Lard ), Mr. 
Leeth, J. L. 
Lewton, C. L. 
Lock, Mrs. 
Lockett, R. (S ), and servant
Luckett, H. S. 
Martin, W. 
Medin (Media ), Mr. Vonde and lady
Metz, W. T. 
Meyers, C. 
Michler, C. 
Michler, Lt. N., U. S. A. 
Miller, J. W. and lady
Mills, Dr., and lady
Mopgan, Lt. M. R., U. S. A. 
Mudgeth (Mudgett ), Mrs. L. J., infant and servt. 
Muir (Mair ), J. S. 
Myers, Mrs., and servant
Negwinn, Mrs. S. E. 
ODonahoe (ODanahoe ), J. 
Percival, C.., and lady
Phillips, E. A. 
Pierce, E. H. 
Price, Miss J. E. 
Realing, J. D. 
Reed, H. H. 
Reed, Mrs. 
Reed, Mrs., and child
Reese, B
Ripley, D. 
Rodley (Redley ), Mrs. E. R. 
Run ( ), A. J. 
Ruperr (Rupper, Rupen ), G. W. 
Sakimar, Mr. Ellan ( )
Schelk (Scheak, Scheek ), C. T. 
Schmitt, Chas. 
Scholfield, Capt. C. 
Schultza, Miss
Seidmore, T. H. 
S-hoa ( ), M. 
Smith, Miss
Snell (Stell ), Mr. 
Spencer, G. 
St. Clair, Mary
Stargess (Sturgess ), A. M., and lady
Stevens, Gov., lady, four children and servant
Stewart, C. 
Stewart, Mrs. and infant
Stoker, Capt. 
Stone, Col. N. B. 
Stone, Mrs. 
Stuart, Mr., Gladding, Hinckley & Co. messenger ( )
Taft, A. 
Tanklen, Mrs. E. W., and servt. 
Taylor, W. H. 
Tobin, J. 
Touray, A. B., and lady
Townsend, B. E. 
Townsend, C. E. 
Turpin, H. H. 
Voggin, Theo., and lady
Waugh, Mrs. 
Wiles, D., Adams & Co. messenger 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Woodland, T., lady and child
Wright, J. O. 
125 in steerage

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