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SS Golden Age

Arrive Panama from Sydney, Australia via Tahiti

July 16, 1854
D. D. Porter, U.S.N., Commander
From Sydney, Australia via Tahiti


July 16, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


The arrival of the Golden Age with two hundred pasengers and $200,000 in gold, caused some little excitement. Some of the Golden Age's passengers were robbed while crossing the Isthmus.

The railroad was progressing very rapidly, and the old roads remain in good condition.

Arrival of the Steamship Golden Age at Panama

The steamship Golden Age, D. D. Porter, U.S.N., Commander, arrived at Panama from Sydney, via Tahiti.

Moorea, French Polynesia.
Cooks Bay, Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia

She left Sydney May 11th, and reached Tahiti on the 24th, remaining in that port six days, taking on board 1200 tons coal, and sailed thence on the 31st -- making the voyage from Sydney to Tahiti, including stoppages, in 38 days.

The first part of the passage was made against strong head winds, but from Tahiti so smooth has been the sea and so mild the passage that a canoe might have come the entire distance in safety.

The Golden Age brings 112 cabin passengers and 60 in the steerage, and would have been full of passengers but for various misrepresentations of difficulties in crossing the Isthmus.

The following is a memorandum of the run of the Golden Age since leaving New York, using but twelve of her sixteen furnaces:

Travel Time
  Miles Days Hours
New York to Liverpool 3,100 11 7
Liverpool to Cape of Good Hope 6,360 24 12
Cape of Good Hope to King George's Sound, Australia 4,930 17 12
King George's Sound to Melbourne 1,270 4 20
Melbourne to Sydney 550 0 42
Sydney to Tahiti 3,421 13 12
Tahiti to Panama 4,582 18 12
  24,173 94 00

Making for the entire distance an average of 257 nautical, or 297-1/2 English miles per day.

The Golden Age has never stopped her engine at sea since leaving New York, and has, neither in hull or machinery, met with an accident during this voyage round the world. She ahs never been idle since arriving on the coast of Australia, having been constantly employed running on that coast while her coals were being shipped to Tahiti. At Tahiti, every facility was offered by Governor Page and the French authorities for her quick dispatch.

At Tahiti the following vessels were in port and about to sail: Ships Hopewell; Sugun for Chineha Islands; Casper (Br);, Eldrid for Valparaiso; Gov Morris (whaler) no oil; barques Esther Frances, Crocker, for San Francisco, Gay Head, for Boston.

The Golden Age has had a current against her equal to 768 miles.

The Golden Age brings $200,00 in specie and gold dust, also mails, from Australia.

W. S. Hosford, Purser


Daily Alta California, July 16, 1854 
The Golden Age sails from Australia to Panama via Tahiti, 1854.

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