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Arrive San Francisco

SS Gold Hunter

April 29, 1850 
From Panama 
Captain Kenney Couillard


The new Steamship Gold Hunter left Left Panama on April 7 for San Francisco, via El Realejo, Nicaragua and Acapulco, Mexico. She stopped for coal at El Realejo, about 700 miles north side of Panama. Sailed from Acapulco, Mexico on April 19, 1850. She brought 150 passengers, of whom five were females.

The newspaper Star brought news that 3,000 Americans waited on the Isthmus for passage to San Francisco. The paper also reported that the U.S. Government intended to place a man-of-war in Panama Bay. 

The Alta reported the following from the Panama Echo which was brought up on the Gold Hunter:

Nothing of special importance has transpired in Panama during the week, if we except the operations of change in tickets of steamships and sailing vessels. A large operation has been realized in this line, and no little ingenuity displayed and "cutting under" manifested, by stock-jobbers in tickets and transfers.

The bulls and bears have had a pretty time of it; the bulls, however, seem united, while the bears appears to be fighting on their own hook, divided in opinion among themselves, and occasionally growling as if they were "bit" in a sore place. The bulls keep pushing up and the bears trying to pull down, and in this way the commercial mart is daily enlivened by the keen-sighted wisdom of ticket vendors, and the non-unfrequent peculiar greenness of purchasers.

The advance on steamship tickets is from $50 to $150 from first cost (with the exception of the Gold Hunter whose tickets, cabin only, are sold for $300). The active business is confined to the tickets, on the New World, Columbus, New Orleans, and Northerner, yet to arrive. The market closes firm for the holders, while those on the "anxious seat" are expecting a decline, considering the brisk competition which is making itself felt on the Pacific side. Sailing vessels are carrying for $120 steerage, to San Francisco, and $200 cabin, or $180 double berths. Steamers tickets command the regular price, with the advance above noticed, and the tendency is upwards, though the crowds in Panama, brought by the Georgia and other ships on the Atlantic side, have been pretty well thinned out by the sailing vessels.


Historical map of Central America. 1860.

Adams, T. 
Arnott, A. R. 
Averhulls, R. 
Bartlett, H. 
Beard, Joseph R. 
Beatty, R. 
Boice, C. D. S. 
Bonny, J. 
Brasdon, J. T. 
Browder, Capt. T. H., wife, sister and servant
Brown, A. C. 
Burdett, M. 
Burk, John J. 
Burnett, C. H. 
Burton, G. R.
Butcher, J. E. 
Callard, George
Campbell, C. H. 
Campbell, R. P. (three R. P. Campbells are listed in the Alta
Campbell, R. P. 
Campbell, R. P. 
Cantor, E. 
Cheatham, W. C. 
Clark, L. 
Clere, Luis
Cohen, Mr. 
Craft, Isaac
Danley, R. 
Delavijin, Mr. 
Deuel, M. C. 
Dicky, James
Durkee, C. W. 
Evans, William
Ezekial, J. 
Fairsenice, M. L. 
Fearniss, B. F. 
Fernandez, J. M. 
Fernandez, Miss
Fiske, Thomas S. 
Flourney, J. 
Fox, Jonas
Friday, J. R. 
Galland, M. 
Gap, Phil
Gaseling, M. 
Gillman, H. 
Gorham, Captain
Gray, G. 
Hannord, M. U. 
Hannord, U. H. 
Harris, J. J. 
Hassserman, Solomon
Hendricks, A. B. 
Hibbard, George B. 
Hoffman, William
Hulse, G. W. 
Humphrey, Jacob D. 
Hurd, T. J. 
Hussey, S. E. 
Hyde, B. M. 
Johnson, J. 
Johnson, J. M. F. 
Johnson, M. L. 
Johnson, S J. 
Johnson, U. K. 
Kilburn, T. C. 
Kimball, James
Kimball, John
King, C.D. 
Lancaster, William
Lazendy, James
Leavenworth, B. F. 
Lewis, Meyer
Lewis, W. H. 
Lyer, George
Lynch, F. 
Martin, Joseph
McGowan, B. B. 
McIlvaine, C. J. 
Milne, John
Molina, G. 
Moore, John
Morgan, Isaac R. 
Murdock, A. 
Nunes, R. 
Page, N., Jr. 
Pell, Philip
Phillips, Isaac
Pickett, J. H. 
Pitts, William
Post, G. P. 
Potter, William C.
Ratcliff, William M. 
Richards, E. 
Ruble, G. H. 
Said, E. 
Schilier, L. 
Schuyler, Stephen
Seley, John
Semmonds, Mr. 
Shaw, G. N. 
Siddell, George
Smith, A. 
Smith, Charles H. 
Smith, S. F. 
Smolinsky, M. 
Strowbridge, James
Stuart, P. T. 
Taylor, Samuel
Thompson, Mr. 
Thuing, F. 
Townsend, S. 
Uttman, James
Valentine, D. 
Warner, E. K. 
Wells, John H. 
White, E. D. 
Wilson, A. 
Wilson, T. E.

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