Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Gold Hunter

Arrive San Francisco

October 25,1851
Captain Thompson
From El Realejo, Nicaragua


23 days from El Realejo, Nicaragua, via way ports. Arrived at Acapulco, Mexico on October 7, 1851. On October 11, 1851, while off Tamatlan, encountered so strong a wind and sea that vessel was obliged to put into that port and lay at anchor for five hours. Arrived at Mazatlan, Mexico on October 14, 1851 and sailed on evening of October 15, 1851. From 20 to 30 deaths occur daily at Mazatlan due to cholera and fever. Arrived at San Diego, California, on October 21, 1851. Touched at Santa Barbara, California. Also touched at Monterey, California, for coal, and lay 14 hours.


Map of Central America. 1862.

Central America 1862
by Dilbryado
Featured are the counties and territories of Vera Cruz, Oaxaca, Tobasco, Las Chiapas, Estado de Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Nueva - Granada. Also shown are the Rio Pirri, Rio de las damas, Rio

Naranjos, Rio Savagre, Rio Barru, Rio Dominion, Rio Ximenes, Rio Lagarlos, Rio Chomes, Rio Aranjuez, Rio Naranjo, Rio Tengas, Rio San Carlos, Rio Costa Rica, Rio San Fray, Rio Castillo, Lago de Nicaragua and many other creeks, rivers, lakes, points, capes and other landmarks of interest.

Allerton, Francis
Alvater, R.
Baker, G. W.
Boston, J.
Braniff, Mr.
Brit, Auguste (Missing letter. May be Blit, Boit, other) 
Crevard, Mr.
Curtis, Mr.
Davey, Emanuel
Davis, W.K.
Fexeria, M.
Girard, Mr.
Haley, Capt. R.
Haley, Mrs. R.
Hurst, William
Idler, L.
Johns, Captain, U.S.A.
Johnson, C. J.
Lepure, E.
Lucas, Charles
Mansey, Anethe
McBride, A. J.
McLenad, J.
Moon, P.
Nar, Pierre
Polney, Miss
Sagahon, John
Scott, M. Bronsilas
Shelly, John
Siburig, Flores (Seems to be a missing letter: May be Siburtig, Siburnig, other)
Stanard, William
Vilain, Emilie
White, Mr.
Withers, R. B.
Wood, Col.
Yurchard, Eugene

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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