Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS Ecuador

Arrive San Francisco

August 23, 1850
Captain Downes
From Panama

August 31, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


San Francisco, August 23, 1850. To Robert Stoutter, Jr., Esq. Dear Sir: The undersigned, passengers on the steamship Ecuador (of which you are the agent) from Panama to this place, having had the pleasure of your company during the voyage, and witnessed your unremitting efforts to promote the comfort and convenience of all on board, without distinction, take this mode of conveying to you the expression of their gratitude for those efforts, as well as for the uniform and gentlemanly kindness which has always accompanied them. We take great pleasure in stating that, notwithstanding the delay at San Blas, of ten days (a delay unavoidable, and for which neither yourself nor the skillful and intelligent officers in command of the ship are responsible) the trip was a pleasant one, and that they are highly satisfied with the ship, for its safety and expedition, its accommodation and management.

To Captain Downes, and the officers under him, we likewise tender him, through you, the expression of our respect for them as gentlemen, and our confidence in them as skillful and experienced navigators.

In addressing you this communication we have taken counsel of our feelings and sense of justice to you, as we are aware that the accidental delay in t his the first trip of your vessel, might be misunderstood or misrepresented to the injury of the enterprise in which you have embarked for the success of which you have our most cordial wishes. 

Ship Passengers Lists
J. B. Armstrong, Farmington, Mo. John Cobb, do.
Joseph R. Irving, Lynchburg, Va. Geo. W. Fox, do.
William L. Witten, do. Joseph Peltier, St. Louis, Mo.
Nathan Starnes, do. D.H. Edens, Palestine, Texas
D.W. Rich, Huntsville do J.A. Harris, Palestine do
Peter Kelly, Baltimore, Md. Wm. M. Curley, do.
Edwin C. Webster, St. Louis, Mo. J.W. Gardiner, Palestine, Texas
Joel G. Chamberlaine, Twinsburgh, Ohio John Pulver, New York, Hudson
Alexander Long, Twinsburg, Ohio Isaac Entwistle, New York, Weschester Co.
David J. Ross, Washington James O.B. Price, M.D.
Zacariah Amos, Baltimore, Maryland Nathan P. Chartol, New Braunfels, Texas
Ely Land, Norfolk, Va Edward Scheil, M.D., Louisiana
Nicholas Furlong, New York Flouruey Dawson, Wisconsin
John E. Ruggles, Massachusetts John P. Rand, New Hampsire
John Marshall, Baltimore, Md. Chas. Walker, Ohio
L.G. Ashley, Texas R.C. Reeves, do.
M.W. Brooks, New York John Dosches, Philadelphia
C.W. Farnham, New York Geo. Jacobson, Boston
Thos. Dunn, Fiffin, Ohio Joseph May, New Orleans
Carlo G. Lavague Isaac Moore, Louisiana
Gilbert Palache, New York J.H.C. Bell, Farmington, Md.
R.C. Tucker, Texas Conrad Gillingham, Philadelphia
H. Crawford, New York Job Smith, do.
Abraham Holden, do Jeremiah Wentz, Tiffen City, Ohio
Josiah T. Barton, Plainfield, N.J. John Kipp, New Yokr
John B. Foster, do. Jas. L. Appleby, St. Louis
Wm. Gates and daughter, New Orleans Robert Rodgers, Liverpool, England
Wm. Kelly, Ohio S.A. Gates, Washington, Texas
Stephen Ch. B. de Bourboure Ct. de Raunget Bourbon, Paris
L. Vandran, Mexico Noah S. Bachellor
Wesley B. Hall D.M. Stevens
E.H. Hine L.A. Wait, Brockville, Ohio
O. Wait N. Wait
B.K. Wait  
Sea Routes.Sea Routes to the Gold Fields. Below decks.
Scene Below Decks


Appleby, J. L.
Appleby, L. G.
Armstrong, J. W.
Bachellor, H. S.
Barton, A.
Bell, J. H. C.
Benton, R.
Campbell, B.
Chamberlaine, J. G.
Charmhorse, F.
Chartet, E.P. (Might be Charlet)
Chew, A.V.
Cleve, Louis
Cobb, J.
Crawford, H. C.
Cumurtus, W. (Difficult to read. Might be Cunnurtus, or variation thereof)
Dakins, N.
Dasher, J.
Dawson, F.
Delstock, F. T. (Might be Delstosk)
Demons, T.
Dunn, T.
Eadens, D. H.
Easagne, Carlos
Entwistle, J.
Farnham, C.N.
Farnham, S.
Feleter, E. G.
Foster, S.
Fox, J. W.
Furlong, A.
Games, J.
Gardiner, J. W.
Gates, Mr. and Miss
Gates, S. H.
Gillingham, H.
Haines, J. A.
Halkane, S.
Hall, W.
Holden, A.
Huce, H.
Huges, J.
Jones, E.
Kelly, W.
Kip, J.
Laddleton, R.
Lateer, F.
Le Brasseur, Mons.
Long, A.
Lyon, W.
Marchaner, G.
Maria, Jose
Mellett, S.
Moore, J.
Neilson, S.
Osuna, F. (Might be Ossna)
Palacions, Jesus (Might be Palacaous)
Pettier, J.
Pravis, A.N.
Pulven, J.
Rand, J. R.
Reed, A. C.
Reeves, R. C.
Rich, D. W.
Roach, B. P.
Rodger, R.
Rodriguez, Catilinso
Ruggles, J.F.
Shaw, W.
Sheill, Dr. E.
Smith, J.
Sterns, N.
Stevens, D. M.
Thomas, C. H.
Toney, J. T.
Tucker, R. C.
Twine, J. K.
Van Ness, P.
Vavingue, E.
Waite, B.K.
Waite, L.
Waite, N.
Walker, C.
Walker, E. H.
Webster, E.
Wentz, J.
White, W. L.
Zatf, G. B. (Might be Zaff)

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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