Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS Cortes

Arrive San Francisco

October 15, 1853
Captain: Seabury
From: San Juan del Sud


Passage: October 16, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


Per Steamship Cortes from San Juan -- Sept 16, left San Francisco; 22d, saw ship Eclipse off Cape St Lucas, bnd S; 24th, experienced a severe gale from the Eastward; 29th, arr at San Juan del Sud at 8 30 A M. Left San Juan del Sud 9 30 P M, Oct 3d; off Acapulco Oct. 7. Had fresh gales from north in Gulf Tehuantepec. The C brings 510 passengers, of which 107 are ladies.


130 pkgs express freight.


Allen, D. 
Andrews, C.
Arnold, Mrs. C. K. 
Bacherly, C., and wife
Backus, Miss H. 
Bagardus, Mrs. A. 
Bailey, Capt. E. M. 
Baker, B. C. 
Baker, L., and wife
Barkee, A. H. 
Bartlett, H. D. 
Barton, O. E. 
Beal, H. O. 
Becket, Mr., and family
Bedford, G. W. 
Bell, W. W. 
Bloomingdale, E. 
Bohlers, H. W. 
Boulleruch (Boullerach ), C., and family
Bowley, Mr. 
Brown, W. H. 
Bucklew, Master
Bucklew, Miss
Burnes, Mary
Burt, E. H. 
Bushe, Mrs., family and servant
Cameron, J. 
Campbell, W. 
Carter, L. 
Casserly, Eugene
Chubbuck, Mrs. L. F. 
Clark, D. D. 
Clewson, C. 
Cochran, J. 
Coil ( ), L. 
Cole, Capt. 
Connor, M. O. 
Cook, A. C. H. 
Cook, F. 
Dahaly, J. C. 
Davis, C. W. 
Deanne, Mrs. T. 
Depew, W. H. 
Dickson, C. E. 
Dlark (Clark), T. 
Dobinson, T. 
Dommett, W. E. 
Doty, W. H. 
Eaton, E. D. 
Eddy, R. A. 
Emerick, E. 
Farnham, W. H. 
Fay, F. 
Ferrell, P. P. 
Field, Mrs. 
Fish, J. F. 
Fisher, Dr. 
Fleming, Mrs., and 2 children
Foote, H. A. 
Ford, E. 
Forman, G. 
Forman, W. 
Fowl, R. 
Furling, G. 
Gamble, J. 
Getchell, E. 
Gichen, L. 
Giddings, A. 
Gilman, A. 
Glee, E. 
Glee, R. 
Grant, A. 
Greeley, Mrs. Jane
Green, J. S. 
Green, W. 
Gunner, Miss
Hargrave, A., and wife
Harper, J. 
Harris, J. H. 
Harrison, P. 
Haucher (Hancher ), Mrs. L. 
Hazeltine, C. B. 
Hedges, C. F. 
Henderson, G. T. 
Hennessy, F. 
Hewhouse, Henry
Hoffman, P. 
Honn, R. 
Hoop, W. H. 
Howland, Miss
Howland, R. 
Hubbard, W. 
Hudson, Mr. D., and wife
Kain, R. K. 
Kauce, F., and family
Kelly, Samuel
Kendall, D. D. 
Kendall, Mrs. M. A. 
Keyser, Co_n, and family
Keyser, P. B. 
Kitten, W. 
Kraft, Miss
Laddlennie, Miss
Lambert, G. 
Lane, Mrs. Geo. 
Langly, S. 
Lathrop, B. G. 
Latrace, W. 
Lawrence, L. H. 
Leavett, N. K., and family
Lewis, J. S. 
Lezinsky, Miss
Lezinsky, Mrs. H. 
Lightheart, C. 
Lmith (Smith ), Adam
Long, Miss
Long, S. 
Love, A., and child
Lynch, Mrs. 
Mack, H. New
Madigan, D., and family
Mager, Mrs. P. 
Marshall, W. B. 
Martin, J. 
McCallaster, W. H. 
McGill, Mrs., and family
McGinnis, Mrs. 
Mead, Mrs. C. 
Milan, E. 
Miller, W. 
Miller, W. L. 
Moody, H. J. 
Morgan, E. L., and wife
Mulford, C. W., and wife
Mulford, Mrs. C. W. 
Mulgrew, Mrs., and family
Murphy, P. 
Neil, H. O. 
Newson, D. F. 
Nichols, O. S. 
Norton, J. 
O'Connor, Mr., and family
O'Hanlan, J. 
O'Neil, Mrs. 
Osborne, Mr., and wife
Osborne, R. 
Patrick, Mrs. 
Perry, H. E. 
Phibbs, Mrs. 
Pierson, J. S., and son
Pistorias, M. 
Plummer, W. L. 
Pridgeon, J. 
Rhees, H. Halcomb, and wife
Richardson, J. H. 
Rodgers, Mrs. R. Clay
Rogers, W. 
Rozell, James, and wife
Ruddock, Mrs., and family
Ryan, J. 
Samuels, S. 
Sanderson, J. 
Savage, A. 
Sayre, G. 
Schereder, L. 
Searles, Mrs. N. 
Searles, N., and wife
Shan- (Shannon), Miss
Shawl, J. 
Sherman, Capt. W. S., and family
Shoping, A. 
Silsbee, Miss A. E. 
Silsbee, Miss M. P. 
Smith, E. J. S. 
Southworth, J. J., and wife
Stearns, Miss P. 
Stevens, Mr. D. W., and family
Stewart, Mrs. R. 
Sullivan, W. 
Sutherland, D., wife and child
Taylor, Miss
Terry, R. H., and wife
Thompson, E. W. 
Towle, G. W. 
Trombly, C. H. 
Turner, Mrs. Emma
Vail, G. 
Van Bergen, J. 
Vanel, G. S. 
Veach, J. 
Watsons, Chas. 
Watsons, H. 
Webber, C. 
Weinshafer, Mrs. 
Weiss, A. K., and wife
Whitter, H. 
Wichs, W. 
Willis, H. P. 
Wimer, J. O. 
Wines, H. 
Wood, J. 
Worth, J. H. 
Youngs, T. 
and 243 in steerage.


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