Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


SS City of Peking

Arrive San Francisco

February 15, 1878
Captain Tanner
27 days from Hongkong and Yokohama

February 16, 1878, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

The City of Peking arrived yesterday morning, the bar being considered sufficiently smooth at the time to permit her to cross at 6 a.m. She received a pilot at 4:40 a.m., and to give our readers an idea of the heavy sea at the time, we are informed that the tug "Millen Griffith," which was lying withing hailing distance, would settle in the sea, and nothing could be seen of the "Peking" below her top gallant yards. Many consider it an extremely hazardous job running her over then drawing 23 feet.

Arrival of the City of Peking

The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer City of Peking arrived in port yesterday from Hongkong and Yokohama. She sailed from the former port on January 19th, and the latter on January 29th. Following are her memoranda and passenger list:


Kong Kong and Kowloon.

Left Hongkong January 19th, 3:18 p.m.; arrived at Yokohama 26th, at 11:15 p.m.; left Yokohama 19th, 7 a.m., at 7 p.m., 12th instant, hove ship to off Point Reyes heading off shore, owing to heavy gale from southeast; thence southwest and west, with very heavy cross sea; entered San Francisco harbor 15th, at 7 a.m.; actual running time from Yokohama to Point Reyes, 15 days 15 hours; received Pilot 15th, at 6:40 a.m., weather from Hongkong to Yokohama moderate and fresh, westerly to northeasterly winds; weather to San Francisco, heavy westerly gales to 11th inst; thence strong southeast winds increasing to heavy gale on 12th and 13th, and again on 14th; we bring for this port and overland, 13 cabin passengers, 8 Japanese and 151 Chinese steerage; 14 bags mail and 17931140 tons cargo.


To Williams, Blanchard & Co.

Chinese Lanterns, Chinese New Year.

CHINA AND JAPAN - Per City of Peking: For New York - 4310 pkgs tea, 512 do silk, 619 do mdse. Boston: 25 pkgs mdse. Hartford: 17 pkgs silk. Chicago: 2953 pkgs tea. Salt Lake: 248 pkgs tea. Central and South America: 25 pkgs silk, 568 do merchandise. Victoria: 4 pkgs mdse. San Francisco: 2524 pkgs tea, 9 do silk, 22, 406 do merchandise. Aggregate: 10,035 pkgs tea, 563 do silk, 23,622 do mdse.

Per City of Peking—Anglo-Cal Bank; American Clock Co: W W Dodge & Co; W T Coleman; Macondray & Co; C A Low & Co; London & S. F. Bank, Limited; M. Ehrmann & Co; Haas Bros; Rhinehold & McGill; F. J. Simons; Wells, Fargo & Co; Jas. Waters: Louis McLane; John Bergstow: Williams, Blanchard & Co; S. W. Glazier: S. Faster & Co; J. A. Folger & Co; Standard Soap Co; Welch & Co; Oliver Eldridge; J. G. Ayers; Chinese Merchants.


For New York and Europe: 
A. H. Groom 
W. G. Johnson 
Hon. G. Wiley Wells and wife 
Captain Joseph Steele 
Dr. I. G. Ayers, U.S.N. 
F. Major and family

For San Francisco: 
George E. Ratcliffe 
William P. Mitchell 
William Lohse 
T. D. Burrows
8 Japanese
151 Chinese

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