Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.

SS Carolina

Arrive San Francisco

October 7, 1850
Captain Whiting
From Panama


20 days from Panama, via Acapulco, Mexico and San Diego, California.

Rasmussen's lists note that the following passengers died from Asiatic cholera: A. Schmitz, of New York and P.H. Grimes of Washington, DC on September 19, 1850; John P. Pierson of Lynn, Connecticut and T.F. Green on September 20; Cr. R. Brinley of Howell, New Jersey, J. Day, William Hathaway, S. Dorr, Henry Pope on September 21; John C. Prentiss of Lynn, Connecticut and Aaron Levi of New York on September 29; W.B. Reynolds of Bridgewater, Massachusetts on October 4; Francis Douglass of Illinois on October 6.


Not listed. Rasmussen Ship Passenger Lists 1850-1851.


Adams, C.
Adelsdorfer, J.
Allan, W. P.
Allen, W.
Altschell, J.
Anderson, W.
Archer, W. B. (Rasmussen notes: Mail agent)
Ayres, J.
Ayres, Mrs. J.
Baily, G. H.
Bald, W.
Baldwin, S.
Barker, J. W.
Bartlett, L. H.
Bavan, Isaac
Belden, E.
Bishop, A.
Boruck, M. B. (Rasmussen notes: Bearer of despatches)
Bradler, J.
Bradler, J.H.
Bradstreet, H.M.
Bragton, R.
Breeder, Ismar
Breeder, M.
Briggs, J. M.
Brown, J. R.
Brown, T.
Brown, W.
Brunnell, Mrs. L.
Bryant, H.
Bryant, Judge E.
Cahn, A. (Cahu )
Capehart, G.
Carey, M.
Casserly, E.
Caulfield, W.
Chandler, S.
Chase, G.
Chase, G.
Chubbuck, A., Jr.
Churchill, Mrs. J.
Clark, J.
Colly, W.
Comstock, E. D. (Rasmussen questions: Oomstock )
Cornwall, Mrs. P.B. and servant
Cotterell, W. D.
Crooks, J. W.
Crossman, W.
Dana, F.
Dinock, M.
Doten, J.
Eaterd, Captain H. 
Edmonson, C. J.
Ellis, J. F.
Everett, J. L.
Fenton, J. P.
Fieldham, S.
Finney, W. W.
Garfield, A.
Gaskell, H.C.
Gass, G. C.
Goodrich, M.
Griffin, T. J. (or Criffin )
Hall, Captain J.
Halstrom, J.L.
Hamblin, Charles
Hamblin, J.W.
Hancock, A.
Harn, A. F.
Harper, W.
Harverty, J.M.
Hawkins, W.
Heard, S.
Hembrick, E.J.
Herriman, A.
Hivert, A.
Hobson, T.
Holmes, Charles
Howard, T.T.
Hughes, E.
Humphrey, J.
Hunt, D.
Hutchins, J. L.
Johnson, A. M.
Johnson, J.
Jones, James
Kellogg, G. W.
Kelly, J. E.
Kimball, Thomas E.
King, F., Jr.
Kirkham, H.
Leonard, S.
Lester, J.
Lester, N.
Levi, A.
Levy, M.
Lewis, E.
Lincoln, J.O.
Loevo, H.
Lowrie, J.
March, J.
McFar, J.
McFerran, Dr. J.
McGregory, G.
McNab, J. H.
Meclin, J.
Meder, B. H.
Metcalf, J. L.
Montgomery B.
Moore, Daniel
Moore, J.
Mooreheaad, J.M.
Morris, A.
Murphy, James
Murse, J.
Neugerbaur, J.
Nicholson, M.
Nye, Mrs. G.H.
Osgood, E.W.
Paden, J.A.
Phillips, B.
Pierce, H. A.
Pratt, F.E.
Pugh, D. D.
Quesnel, P.
Reed, E.
Reed, R. G.
Rennington, S. G.
Reynolds, M. B.

Cite de Lesseps.
The Cite De Lesseps 
where the Panama Canal first cuts into the Chagres River
Rhine, D.
Richardson, W.
Robinson, M.
Rosenbaum, A.
Rumpus, J.
Schenckberg, G. W.
Schmitz, J.
Scofield, L.
Smith, James
Smith, N.
Southworth, E.
Spalding, C.
Stevens, E. B.
Swift, A.
Swift, R. W.
Swift, S.
Tambourie, A.
Thompson, F.
Thompson, N. J.
Toms, A.C.
Tonnebaum, B.
Toy, Mrs.
Tucker, W.
Tuska, P.H.
Varney, H.
Warren, W.
Watts, E.
Watts, Even
Welton, Mrs. E. L.
Whitney, J.
Willett, F. A. M. H.
Williams, J.
Williams, W.
Willstadter, H.
Wright, E. M.
Wright, G.
Zabriskie, A. J.
Zabriskie, Alex
Zabriskie, Miss E.
Zabriskie, Miss M. B.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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