Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.

SS Carolina

Arrive San Francisco

May 7, 1850 
Captain Marks 
From Panama


Daily Alta California, Wednesday Morning, May 8, 1850


Fifteen Days Later from the U. States!
Death of the Hon. John C. Calhoun!
Conviction of Professor Webster
Highly Interesting Intelligence

The United States Pacific Mail Steam propellor Carolina, Capt. Marks, arrived in this port yesterday having made a splendid run of 19 days, including two days detention in Monterey for coal. She has proved herself an extremely fast sailer, having made the quickest time on record for any class of vessel on the same route, either steamer or sail vessel. She beat the Gold Hunter, Isthmus, andSarah Sands this side of Acapulco, although the latter sailed 7 days before her.

The Carolina brought up the small mail from New York, forwarded by the steamer Philadelphia. No newspapers were received by this mail. The regular New York mail of the 28th March, and the whole of the New Orleans mail, are left on the Isthmus to come up by the steamer which will be due here about the 20th.

The Philadelphia broke both her engines, and came near being lost on her passage to Chagres, and the Ohio had a hard time in a severe storm, but arrived in safety.

Papers received by the Carolina contain the most interesting intelligence. Her dates are fifteen days later from all parts of the United States. The most melancholy intelligence she brings, is the demise of the Hon. John C. Calhoun, who expired at the Capital on the morning of the 31st of March. On the 18th he appeared in the Senate and made some few remarks relative to the slave question. He was born on the 15th of March, 1782, and was in active political life for forth-two years.

We were again disappointed with regard to the position of California affairs at Washington, the question of her admission into the Union being apparently in the same disastrous state in which our previous advices left it.

We understood from a private source that Senator Wm. H. Gwinn was about holding communications with Professor Morse, relative to the feasibility of establishing a telegraphic communication between the United States and California.

Passengers of Note: W. B. Goodyear, S. Comstock (Comstock Mines ). There were also Hunts (Hawaii Hunts ) and a Ford on this voyage. There are also two Swains on this list, which is a familiar name and important to the time.

Names such as these rank among the first successful entrepreneurs to San Francisco. While it is not know yet whether or not these are the specific early settlers who changed California for better or worse, they are being noted now until further research determines whether or not these are in fact the Goodyears and Comstocks who were among Californias successful pioneers. Additional research will be conducted.


The Cite De Lesseps 
where the Panama Canal first cuts into the Chagres River

Abbott, Wm. 
Adams, B. 
Alden, S. B. 
Armstrong, R. 
Atkinson, J. H. 
Baker, E. 
Baker, G.P. 
Baker, T. 
Barber, James 
Bass, C. D. 
Bates, B. N. 
Baxter, J. 
Beard, T. 
Beckwith, A. C. 
Bierdan, S. 
Billington, G. 
Bland, S. 
Bond, G. W. 
Bourne, A. 
Bragg, H. 
Brennan, M. 
Brock, M. 
Broswell, A. W. 
Brown, H. 
Bull, W. 
Bushnell, D. 
Cannon, J. B. 
Carey, T. G., Jr. 
Caswell, O. 
Chapin, D. S. 
Church, G. 
Clark, H. H. 
Comstock, S. 
Cover, G. A. 
Cower, W. L. 
Crawford, J. 
Daley, D. 
Davis, A. 
Dean, J. W. 
DeForest, S. 
Denig, G. 
Dimmock, D. W. C. 
Dimmock, R. E. 
Doane, J. 
Donnell, S. H. 
Dunkin, A. M. 
Edwards, J. V. 
Ely, A. 
Emmerling, G. 
English, W. 
Fisher, A. 
Folger, P. 
Ford, C. 
Ford, Mr. 
Frederick, H. D. 
Fry, J. 
Furt, J. N. 
Gallagher, J. 
Gardner, J. M. 
Glick, G. 
Godfrey, C. P. 
Goodyear, W. B. 
Griese, P. 
Grishma, J. 
Hakelan, H.
Hale, William 
Hall, A. W. 
Hancock, F. 
Hardley, D. 
Harmon, B. C. 
Hawley, Lemuel 
Hayes, A. 
Hennig, J. 
Hevenen, S. 
Hindale, C. C. 
Hodges, R. P. 
Holbrook, D. 
Houston, J. 
Hoxter, S. 
Humphreys, J. 
Hunt, J. 
Hunt, R.M. 
Hunt, Wm. 
Hurst, E. 
Hutton, J. F. 
James, E. 
Jobson, D. 
Kanan, F. 
Kendall, H. 
Kern, Wm. 
Kerrison, M. 
Keyt, A. G. 
Keyt, A. M. 
Kirby, J. 
Klinek, G. 
Lamb, J. Q. 
Lamb, Julius 
Loomis, A. C. 
Love, M. J. 
Lowery, J. 
Mallory, D. D. 
Manning, G. H. 
Martin, J. L. 
Mason, H. 
Matterson, Albert 
Matterson, Alpha 
McCown, S. 
McEwen, E. B. 
McGan, A. 
Michel, J. 
Milligan, J. 
Moore, W. A. 
Mouckton, D. 
Mouckton, G. 
Moulton, E. 
Murphy, J. K. 
Nechter, B. 
Nevin, J. R. 
Noe, James 
Norris, L. B. 
Nott, Mr. 
Noyes, G. F. 
O Connell, W. 
Ogden, Mr. 
Openheim, S. 
Osgood, G. 
Owens, J. B. 
Page, G. 
Palmer, F. 
Palmer, L. O. 
Palmer, W. 
Parcher, L. (Parch ) 
Parsons, P. 
Perrie, S. 
Pierce, Captain 
Pinder, J. H. 
Porter, C. 
Powell, S. 
Profit, J. 
Quientance, Ira 
Randall, W. F. 
Rhodes, J. 
Riley, L. 
Ripley, C. 
Ripley, J. 
Rodgers, S. 
Rogers, S. G. S. 
Rone, J. (Rope ) 
Rosenheim, M. 
Ross, F.G. 
Salwiereh, B. 
Schamp, E. 
Schhyler, J. 
Scholl, J. 
Scott, L. W. 
Seaver, S. D. 
Seelye, J.S. 
Seudder, O. 
Shelton, S. 
Sherman, J. 
Sherman, L. 
Shipman, H. 
Slauson, J. M. 
Smiht, E. D. 
Smutzler, T. 
Stearns, B. B. 
Sternberg, J. H. 
Stewart, A. D. 
Stewart, W. M. 
Swain, A. 
Swain, W. H. 
Tagg, G. 
Taggart, R. 
Tall, P. 
Taylor, E.J. 
Thompson, J. M. 
Thorton, G. 
Towever, J. E. 
Vanderspeigle, H. 
Venigeholz, E. R. 
Weed, H. D. 
Werdebough, J. 
Whie, Thomas 
White, S. E. 
Whitney, A. 
Wilkes, M. 
Wilkins, R. P. 
Williams, J. 
Williamson, James 
Williamson, John 
Williamson, P. 
Williamson, W. H. 
Willis, M. 
Wilson, William 
Winslow, E. M. 
Wittiman, G. 
Woolen, J. M. 
Young, J.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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