Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.

SS Carolina

Arrive San Francisco

August 6, 1851 
Captain Whiting 
From Panama


August 7, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

August 6. Steamship Carolina, Whiting, 20 days from Panama, via Acapulco. Merchandise to E. Knight. 90 passengers.


Left Panama at 8 oclock P.M. 17th July, with 96 passengers and freight. Arrived at Acapulco on the morning of the 26th, at 5 oclock; found U.S. sloop-of-war Vandalia and steamer Constitution lying at anchor in the harbor. Steamer Constitution left at 9 A.M. same day for San Francisco. On the 27th, at 8 A.M., steamer Northerner arrived from San Francisco, having on board the passengers, officers and crew of the steamer Union, wrecked near Cape Bajo; the Northerneralso had on board the specie saved from the wreck. Passengers generally saved a great part of their luggage; no lives lost. Left Acapulco at 2-1/2 P.M. on the 27th. August 2d saw and passed the steamer Constitution a few miles northward of the Island of Ceros. August 4th, at 7 A.M., spoke steamer Oregon off San Diego, bound in. The Carolina has had little or no sickness on board, and no deaths.

Right: Taboga Island with the Hotel Aspinwall


Not noted.

Delivered to J.W. Gregory; Chas. King & Co.; J.F. Alivill; Isaac Barnett; Durand, Deufoir & Co; John Hahn & Co.; B. Davidson & May; Helliman Brothers & Co; S.T. Meyer & Co; Jacobs & Levy; J.J. Chavviteau; A. Freedenberg; Simonsfield, Back & Co; Havana & Co.; Neefus & Tichenor; Bragg & Whitteman; Mawson Brothers; J. Bell.



Adams, E. S. 
Bailey, Stephen 
Barnard, J. 
Bell, James 
Bourbon, Robert 
Brayer, W. 
Broger, N. 
Brown, G. H. 
Burrows, E. J. 
Butler, M. 
Carter, Geo 
Challavant, A. 
Cheeney, E. 
Church, A. M. 
Coucio, J. 
Dagner, N. 
Drake, W. H. 
Elea, M., wife and servant (Might be Elen) 
Ellis, W. 
Fitch, W. S. 
Folger, Jos 
Folter, Nicholas 
Foster, Silas 
Fuller, W. 
Gardner, L. 
Hardy, Levi 
Haswell, J. C. 
Haus, Chas. 
Hellman, A. 
Herty, A. B., son and servant 
Huff, S. 
Huland, Geo 
Jarley, R. 
Jefts, E. G. 
Jefts, G. W. 
Jessup, E. C. 
Jones, A. K. 
Kallasch, Morris 
Lanhole, Chas 
Levingson, Jos 
Lewis, F. 
Lyzarnes, Jos 
Manuel, (No other name included) 
McGovern, J 
McGuire, M 
McWhittey, W. 
Middlesworth, J. K. 
Monger, L. 
Moradie, Jas 
Morritz, A. B. 
Mussey, E. C. 
Nelson, Thomas 
Oatman, H., wife and child 
Oatman, Mary 
Ober, Dr. and son 
Olner, Henry 
Pampuri, Chas 
Parton, Francis 
Pelton, L. G. 
Perry, Benj. 
Perry, Mr. 
Polvermaker, Mr. and lady 
Price, Jno B. 
Rand, Chas W. 
Ryan, Jno 
Ryley, Daniel 
Sacuis, Benj. C. 
Sandon, Jas. 
Sherburn, Job B. 
Simmonds, L. 
Spence, Jas 
St. Revere, Il and two sons 
Sterns, M. P. 
Surle, Lewis 
Sutherland, J. A. 
Turner, W. B. 
Van Dewenter, B. 
White, J. M. 
Wilson, J. 
Wilson, Samuel 
Zarabel, Jno

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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