Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.

SS Carolina

Arrive San Francisco

February 27, 1851
Captain Whiting

From Panama 22 days, 124 passengers.


Panama Cathedral

Per Carolina - Left Panama on the 4th inst, and on the following day passed the steamer Unicorn, off Montosso Islands for Panama. On the 10th lost her rudder, during heavy weather. On the 11th passed the stamer Repubic, for Panama. Arrived at Acapulco on the 12th, and left again on the night of the 14th. SteamerPanama, bound down, left on the day previous at noon. Spoke steamer Oregon 90 miles south of the Island of Ceros, bound down. Put into San Diego on the 23d, to repair machinery, and was detained there 15 hours.


To E. Knight.

31 pkgs merchandise to Haven & Co; 19 do, Summerfield, Bach & Co.; 17 do, Neustaer & Co; 2 do Dittman Bros; 1 do, Jones & Co; 8 do, Wm. Dolson, 6 do, White Bros; 42 do, Henheimer Hirsch & Co; 34 do, Wallenstein & Co; 8 do, Aitken & Co; 22 do, Middleton & Hood; 48 do, Mason Brez; 7 do, Schloss & Co; 2 do, Friedenburg & Moss; 5 do, Beck & Palmer; 5 do, Adelsdorf and Newstadter; 2 do, S. Jacobs; 12 do, Feigle; 3 do, J. L. Polk, 3 do jewelry, N. J. Tobias; 4 bxs merchandise, Mier Heller & Co.; 4 do, Joseph Alderman; 25 do, Olma Freigenbeaun; 3 do, A Shear; 6 do, Beverly C. Saunders; 6 do, Heircagberger; 10 do, Watson & Bisks; 1 do, Henry Larintere; 18 do, Starkey Bros; 5 do, Dupre Forks ( Foulkes) & Co.; 17 do, J. Bearman; 8 do, L Winer; 19 do, J. Taylor; 2 do, S. Hackland; 68 do, B. F. Wing; 22 do, L. Newfield; 10 do, owners steamer West Point; 1 do, S. T. Mier & Co; 6 d, Rozenburger & Bros; 37 do, H Gilbert; 2 do, H. Carrure; 70 do, John Hagh & Co; 43 do, Goteham & Blum; 36 do, Hugog & Rhine; 38 do, Weill; 1 do, M. Hendricks; 18 do, J. Lessler; 32 do, Dodge & Co; 99 do, Gregory & Co; 41 do, Kelsey, Smith & Risley; 41 pkgs printing materials, Furham & Co; 4 do merchandise, Levy, Wolfe & Co.; 41 do, Lagardtresses; 10 do, Friezel; 10 do, Esche, Wapler & Co.; 216 do, Adams & Co.; 20 do, Goyitch; 20 do, Gosenbaum & Baker; 15 do, Carey & Johnson; 5 do, Bullitt & Patrick; 17 do, Pening; 21 do, Daven & Oppenheimer; 20 do, B. C. Saunders; 10 do, Joseph Horgsberger; 7do, E. D. Hyde; 2 do, Alderman; 3 ds, Vischer.

Right: Taboga Island with the Hotel Aspinwall


Capt. Joseph Alderman, lady and son
Mrs. Kennedy and 4 children
Mr. J. A. Haines and lady
Messrs R. S. Wade
Wm. Reynolds
Lewis Reynolds
Mrs. C. A. Smith
Messr Soule
B. Schloss and servant
G. Gorgitche
Messr Buchanan and lady
H. Leny
A. Meyer and servant
Messr Feigle and lady
Messr Edwards and lady
Mrs. Wede, 2 daughters, son and infant
Mrs. Shelly
Mr. Heigle and lady
Messrs Greenbaum
Messrs Rosenbaum
H. B. Ward
Messrs Wells
Alex Edgar
C. Lyons (Died at sea Feb 15th inst of Panama fever.)
B. Luerman
H. M. Smith
L. Schwartz
Wm. N. Nathan
J. Skein
Wm. Johnston
A. C. Folger
G. W. Pomeroy
H. J. Tilden
Thos Muggett
L. A. Moss
J. Gordon
Gilbert Gilford
Sandy McCoy
Martin Melvil
Robert Bone
Patrick Boyle
C. L. Jerden
M. Stein
J. H. Kounay and lady
Wm. Taylor
Messr Estner
J. Campbell
L. Weiner
M. Meiner
S. Deitz
W. M. Suttle
Daniel Sparks
Mr. Ferland
C. Blanchard
T. Penny
M. Bowman
S. Koreblame ( Korchlame)
C. H. Meyer
C. Greenough
W. A. Burgess
F. R. Folger
A. Mails
A. Heinburgh
R. Hyman
B. Heinburgh
H. Gilbert
Jacob Rosenburgh
H. Donhone
Mrs. Cunliffe
Melville Walker
J. P. Rohan
D. Weston
Capt. E. Metcalf
Andrew Strump
J. S. Meyer
H. C. Wright
L. Heineman
M. Peck
L. Newfield
N. Levenson
Rodney H. Lamont
J. G. Nutting
R. H. S. Kinney
Wm. Reynolds
E. Brown
W. Brown
Benjamin Bevan
M. Wilde
H. Pinckham
H. S. Rohan
Messr Josephs
Messr Stanhope
Messr Taylor
Jeremiah K. Smith
C. Selpole, wife and three children
J. P. Johnson
Geo. S. Wright
Jas R. Burr
David Oppenhume
Chas. Oppenheimer
Bernard Lohe
Manuel Lassard
B. F. Wing
Mr. Acutuna
D. Hessa
Jno Alderman
J. Elwine
J. M. Spencer
W. Wyman
Dr. Churchill


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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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