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San Francisco 1851.

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

March 26, 1850
From Panama
Captain Lt. T. A. Budd


Alta California, Wednesday, March 27, 1850 
Arrival of our Congressional Delegation at Washington!

The U.S.P.M. Steamship California, Capt. Budd, arrived in our harbor yesterday morning and came to anchor off Rincon Point about 1 oclock. She brought up 263 passengers. She left Panama on the 2nd inst. Bringing dates from New York to the 16th of February. The news is of an interesting character. The Californai brought full mails, which only arrived in Panama two days before the day of her sailing. Neither the Tennessee nor Sarah Sands had arrived at Panama up to the 2nd inst. The propeller Chesapeake was wooding at Cape St. Lucas when the California passed her.

By far, the most important intelligence received by this arrival is the announcement of the arrival at Washington of our Congressional delegation and the transmission of an authenticated copy of our constitution to Congress by the President of the United States. Part of our delegation went to New York on the Empire City, which arrived on the 5th of February.

The Cherokee arrived on the 15th day of February with important despatches from the U.S. Consuls at Leon, Nicaragua and Kingston, Jamaica. Col. Fremont was detained at Panama by the ill health of his wife. She had recovered, however, but he was subsequently taken ill. They were to proceed from Chagres on the Philadelphia.

Our Constitution-- In the New York Herald of the 14th February, we find the following Telegraphic correspondence from Washington, dated 13th inst., and an extract from the proceedings of Congress on the same day:

Washington City, Wednesday Evening, Feb. 13, 1850. The synopsis of the Congressional proceedings will place the occurrences of today before the public.

One thing has created some speculation throughout the city the peculiarly silent manner in which the President, by the advice of his cabinet, has submitted the constitution of California. It might have been an opportunity for something better than "masterly inactivity." The cabinet well knew that on the California controversy will hang all the law and the profits to be drawn out of the slavery question . . .

Message of the President in relation to California The Vice President laid before the Senate a message from the President, transmitting an authentic copy of the constitution of the State of California. . . and a view to the consideration of all the matters incidental to the admission of California.

After some additional conversation, the President’s message and the accompanying constitution were ordered to be printed, and the further consideration of the subject postponed until tomorrow.


Not noted.


Passengers by the SS California March 26, 1850.

Achard, A. 
Adair, A. 
Adams, J. Q. 
Agnew, John A. 
Aldrich, W. A. 
Alexander, J. 
Allen, Thomas W. 
Andrews, E. 
Andrews, William C. 
Armstrong, F. 
Atkinson, A. S. 
Atkinson, G. W. 
Bailey, T. 
Balatner, H. 
Beaudry, Pindence 
Beckwith, Lt. 
Bennett, Simmons 
Bennus, D. 
Billings, G. B. 
Bishop, C. H. 
Blacock, Jackson 
Bliss, Elmore 
Boswell, W. 
Botts, , wife and daughter 
Braswell, S.N. 
Brock, John 
Brooks, Mrs. Jane 
Brown, L. 
Buckelew, B. R. and servant 
Buckelew, Frederick 
Bugbee, C. W. 
Burkhart, George 
Busbee, Samuel 
Cable, J. 
Campbell, F .C. 
Campbell, J. 
Campbell, J. 
Campbell, John 
Canfrau, Mrs. A. 
Cassard, H. C. 
Cassell, J. F. 
Chapman, E. 
Chapman, Edward 
Chaviteau, Miss 
Cheeseman, Morton 
Chisley, Daniel 
Cleveland, O. B. 
Cleveland, W. 
Cole, David 
Compton, Oliver 
Cooser, H. 
Courier, B. 
Coward, J. B. 
Crooks, Joseph 
Cropman, J. W. 
Davis, G. 
De Candau, Emile 
Dedera, Mrs. and 2 children 
Dedrich, D. W. 
Delmonica, Siro 
DeOlivares, Mrs. 
Dodge, E. K. 
Duane, William 
Duane, William A. 
Dullass, Mrs. A. and servant 
Ehrmann, F. 
Elkins, George B. 
Evarts, John E. 
Fairscence, M. F. 
Ferguson, P. F. 
Figer, S. 
Fish, Hiram 
Forth, H. 
Foster, D. 
Foster, J. 
Fountain, W. F. 
Fox, S. 
French, John 
Froher, William 
Gallaher, J. 
Gardner, Lt. 
Gibbs, A. 
Gibbs, F. A. 
Gibson, Wood, Jr. 
Gleason, and lady 
Grace, John 
Gray, Captain 
Gray, Howard 
Gray, Mrs. Ellen 
Greaves, Charles 
Greene, T. D. 
Griffith, W. H. 
Hammond, C. H. 
Hank, James J. 
Harrison, John 
Hart, Miss 
Hartwell, Edward 
Haven, J. M. 
Haven, L. R. 
Hawkins, S. F. 
Hawley, J. M. 
Hawthorn, D. 
Haynes, H. J. 
Hazeltine, George W. 
Henderson, T. 
Hendrickson, Mrs. 
Herrick, J. B. 
Herrion, D. 
Hertz, Henry 
Hewlett, John C. 
Hickerman, G. 
Hickey, I. J. 
Hightower, C. F. 
Hill, Major 
Hoag, J. V. 
Hoag, P. 
Holand, Isaac 
Holt, Robert 
Horton, Horace 
Houghton, Edward 
Houterling, C. R. 
Howell, Alfred 
Howell, Roswell 
Huff, Orven 
Huggins, J. 
Hughes, Thomas 
Ingles, W. H. 
Johnson, D.G. 
Jones, C. 
Jones, J. W. 
Jones, James H. 
Kinch, L. 
Knapp, P.W. 
Kollrider, Jacob 
Lamoreaux, C. H. 
Langand, N. P. 
Lathrop, S. K. 
Leonard, Byron 
Leotage, Francis 
Lewis, James 
Love, William H. 
Lynde, J. D. 
McCabe, Joseph 
McCarten, Daniel 
McCarty, John 
McCaulay, M. 
McCollum, John 
McCollum, Robert 
McKee, Dr. 
McNitt, George 
McNitt, N. D. 
McNulty, M. 
Mahon, J. 
Mahoney, T. 
Martin, T. 
Marvin, Amos 
Mason, John Y., Jr. 
McLane, Louis, Jr. 
Merrill, Edward 
Meyers, J. 
Miller, H. 
Miller, Sampson 
Mitchell, Samuel 
Moniar, A. P. 
Moore, John 
Mowry, S. 
Munroe, C. 
Norton, S. W. 
Nourse, James B. 
Nutzel, C. 
O'Donnell, Mrs. F. 
Oppenheimer, M. 
Ord, Judge 
Page, Calvin 
Page, David 
Palmer, A. 
Parsons, S. 
Patey, M. 
Peck, S. F. 
Peirce, C. W. 
Pendleton, O. H. 
Pendleton, W. K. 
Perry, T. K. 
Phelps, George D. 
Pierce, H. 
Pope, G. G. 
Porter, James 
Powell, W. N. 
Putnam, H. W. 
Quinn, James 
Randolph, John H. 
Rawlings, D.A. 
Rehun, C. 
Remmington, P. 
Roan, A. H. 
Roble, G. W. 
Rochelle, W. S. 
Ross, L. C. 
Ruler, P. 
Sanford, G. E. 
Sevenss, John F. 
Seymour, J. 
Shaub, Samuel 
Shaw, J. C. 
Shean, Philip 
Sheyer, P. 
Slower, G. 
Smith, J. V. 
Smith, James 
Smith, P. F. 
Smith, R. 
Snediker, W. 
Sparks, John 
Spear, E. S. 
Spearman, A. J. 
Steagall, A. H. 
Stevens, E. 
Stevens, J. H. 
Stevens, S. L. 
Stewart, C. 
Stiles, E. C. 
Suffreyer, A. 
Sylvester, J. 
Talmadge, E. W. 
Tanssig, Benjamin 
Taylor, John O. 
Taylor, Willliam 
Thomas, Mrs. 
Treadwell, Joseph C. 
Turner, James 
Tyland, H. 
Tyson, Mrs. A. 
Valentine, T. B. 
Vantyne, John 
Vaux, J. 
Voight, M. 
Voorhies, Valentine 
Watts, James 
Welty, J. 
Westcott, C. 
Weyman, H. 
Wheeler, A. S. 
Wilcox, E. 
Wilcox, H. 
Wilkinson, James 
Will, H. S. 
Wilson, George W. 
Winter, Clinton 
Wood, H. W. 
Young, S. A.

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