Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

SS California

San Francisco 1851.

Arrive San Francisco

June 23, 1850
From Panama
Captain Lt. T. A. Budd

June 24, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


San Francisco, California. 1848

22 days from Panama. 256 passengers.

A. Robinson, agent.

Experienced very heavy weather on passage.

The following passengers died during passage to San Francisco: Mr. L. W. Walton, Mr. D. McGregor


$166,698 in specie.


Passengers by the SS California June 24, 1850.

Major H. Hill (USA)
B. B. Frazer
R. Wyman
J. P. Haagen
C. Moores
A. B. Quereau
M. G. Perry
J. C. Ainsworth
Mrs. M. Roberts
L. Blum
J. Williams
Mr. McNulty
D. C. Brooks
M. Argenti and servant
R.C. Page
C. S. Fairfax
F. E. Gilbert
Dr. Hill
H. Myers
J. Rives
S. L. Crane
F. B. Hood
J. M. Lockett
C. S. Willer
J. G. Hubbell
J. S. Stansbury
James R. Devoe (U.S. Mail Agent)
D. S. Wyman
R. G. Noyes
A. C. Jarrett
L. Drinklespeil
S. P. White
W. F. Larrabee
Mr. Brown and Lady
A. Jordan
W. F. Bryant
J. M. Richardson
J. French and servant
S. B. Sturges
W. G. Price
A. J. George
N. H. Davis
L. A. Levi, Jr.
N. Hubert
R. Rogers
J. Williams
Dr. Hinman
H. A. Brightman
H. Kiteman
C. F. Smith
Capt. Morgan
R. G. Ware
R. A. Shreeve and servant
F. Leon
L. Toothacher
J. Russell
G. Fleming
Mr. Hunt
R. Rowe
J. Johnson
S. W. Doggett
Mr. Greedley
A. Haven
E. Tobey
A. Herschfielden
A. S. Taylor
B. H. Hoag
J. Barnett
Dr. Sinheiman
S. Tyler
J. M. Rhodes
T. Allen
O. J. Preston and servant
T. Dubosq
D. R. Garrison
J. B. Smith
J. H. Davis
D. W. Schneltz
Mr. Blaize
S. Konigsberger
D. Thayer
J. Rankin
Dr. J. Upton
H. S. Mowray and son
J. C. Hassan
M. Schenck
D. Danze
J. Schaitsnewburgh
E. Cutting
A. Duncan
R. McDonald
S. Bond
J. Schaffner
L. W. Walton
J. S. Larned
L. Fesson
H. S. Dickerson
H. E. Pierce
C. Pauck (or Panck)
Mr. Sheppard
Mr. Eddy
D. Livingston
J. Konigsberger
W. Sawyer
J. C. Hook
D. L. Bussie
D. Currie
J. Giller
H. Nabor
Judge Barrey's servant
J. R. Upron
J. P. Shield
M. Nauriman
E. Herschfielden
A. Clarke, Jr.
L. Tickenor
C. S. Johnson
S. Roberts and lady
Mr. Dobbins
L. Cohen
A. Casselli
O. Harrison
W. J. Jones
H. VanIngen
J. Pope
Mr. Wakeley
W. Stewart
J. Cuchi
J. B. Reed
S. S. Breesley
C. A. Sheppard
J. P. Overton
S. Conrad
C. W. Bradford
C. Danze
G. E. Carr
J. C. Wingard
J. Kimball
C. S. Hunt
J. Bell
N. Brooks
J. Harris, Jr.
R. Nulter
F. Scanlin
R. O. Malley
P. B. Lindsey
L. Randall
B. F. Davis
J. L. Curtiss, Jr.
A. McGregor
F. McGlancy
M. Dupuy
J. Gorham
J. Miller
A. J. Blate
A. N. Pomeroy
C. A. Wright
J. Bowman
N. McClane
J. McNulty
William Crandall
J. Hought
J. C. Reed
D. Jackson
J. Brown
J. Maher
G. Bentcliff
P. Humbert
A. Young
A. Twitchell
J. R. Dickey
W. Gooddrich
H. Brown
F. Schaube
L. D. Ball
L. Gowin
J. D. Sanlier
W. H. Tiffany
Mr. Boston
Mr. Gleason
Mr. McCarthey
Mr. Field
J. M. Parke
J. Robinson
D. Hazel
T. A. Harris
J. Hurlbut
J. W. Lindsey
J. Redacau
P. T. Brown
G. West
J. Abell
J. C. Loree
W. Webb
H. Crandell (Crandall )
A. M. Chadderston
W. Cox
A. Averill
L. B. Hoffman
D. McGregor
W. E. Reed
S. Mitchell
W. Mitchell
J. T. Blake
S. W. Foster
A. W. Pomeroy
E. VanFlint
Mr. Smith
Q. Diamon
W. Crandall
P. Hicks
R. McMahan
G. Swanston
J. C. Roberts
A. Tabor
G. Watkins
G. Bogert
E. L. Knapp
H. Young
A. White
R. K. Bishop
E. W. Goodrich
R. Faulkner
Mr. Lynch
C. F. Crocker
J. H. Lott
A. Grassey
Mr. Baker
Mr. Leese
Mr. Phillips
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Willey

San Francisco, California. mid-1800s

F. Maillot
H. Leverick
W. H. Harris
P. C. Carter
A. Littlefield
R. Fiske
W. P. Cheeseman
J. H. Sutter
J. Mayher
S. Crippire
Mr. Montgomery
S. Sturges
J. McCullough, Jr.
W. A. Roberts
W. Garvin
A. Humbert
H. Tumbell
H. W. Holt
J. C. Agur
C. Deffes
M. M. Moore
Mr. Abrigo
J. Whie
T. Concklin
J. McKinstry
J. Fitzgerald
J. Erk
F. Warrant
Mr. Williams
Mr. Kelley


June 24, 1850, Sacramento Transcript

Pacific Mail Steamship Co.
Connecting with the U. States Mail steamers Cherokee and Philadelphia at Chagres.

The Pacific Mail steamship Company's steamer California, Lieutenant T. A. Budd, commander, will leave for Panama touching at the usual ports, on Monday, July 1st, 1850, at 4 p. m. Treasure for shipment received at the company's office, foot of Howison's Pier, Sacramento street, on Friday, 28th, and Saturday, the 29th inst. Passengers are requested to be on board at noon of the day of departure. The California will connect with the U. S. mail steamer Cherokee, to leave Chagres on arrival of the passengers and treasure.

The undersigned are prepared to give drafts on Messrs. Howland & Aspinwall, New York on the most favorable terms, and have open policies of insurance by each steamer to the extent of $500,000, to cover shipments of gold dust to the United States on the Bank of England 

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