Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s


San Francisco 1851.

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

August 23, 1850 
Lt. T. A. Budd 
From Panama


Friday, 12 o’clock, August 23, 1850, Alta California, San Francisco

Death of the President of the U.S.!
The Question of our Admission still Undecided!

The U.S. mail steamer California, Lt. T.A. Budd commanding, arrived this morning at day light, bringing the melancholy intelligence of the death of Gen. Taylor, President of the United States.

The California question was still under debate, but the prospects of a speedy and satisfactory termination were rather improving.

The California left Panama on the evening of the 3d, having been detained in waiting for the passengers of the Philadelphia; the latter sprung a leak in a gale of wind on her passage to Chagres, and to prevent a total loss, her passengers were compelled to assist at the pumps, for many hours.

The Sarah Sands was at Panama, or Toboga, preparing to leave for San Francisco; there were a large number of sailing vessels at anchor in the roadstead, waiting freight and passengers.

The latest dates brought by the California are to the 13th from New York.

The C. came up the bay with her colors displayed at half mast. Mr. Forbes, her purser, reports but a few passengers on the Isthmus when she left.

The California left Acapulco on the 11th. The cholera had prevailed with much fatality there, but it was subsiding. Ship Matilda, with coals to Howard & Son, and another vessel with coals for Howland & Aspinwall, are in port. The C. did not stop at San Blas on account of a severe gale. No vessels at Mazatlan on the 15th, but on the 16th, H.B.M. ship Dolphin arrived. The steamer Ecuador sailed from Mazatlan on the 14th. At San Diego on the 19th, barque Winthrop, bound for Panama with passengers, all well. On the 18th, passed the brig Corbiere with passengers for San Francisco.

King Kamehameha.
Otto von Kotzebue and Kamehameha

The Hawaiian princes, Kamehameha and Lehiliho, accompanied by Dr. Judd, are passengers on board the California.

Death of General Taylor.
Washington, Wednesday, July 10.

The capital is shrouded in mourning. President Taylor is no more. He breathed his last at thirty-five minutes past 10 o’clock yesterday evening, and lies in state this morning at the Executive mansion, surrounded by his grief stricken and afflicted family.


Still we are unadmitted! Confusion reigns in the Capitol ’ gloom and anxiety, and "men’s hearts failing them for fear." These is hope left us, nevertheless, and we look trustingly forward to the decision of the many questions before Congress, involving our admission in another week.


San Francisco, California. mid-1800s

Abbi, Dr. 
Abel, A. G. 
Adams, L. 
Adler, L. 
Alvaraiso, F. 
Ames, C. S. 
Ames, H. C. 
Arata, Mr. F. 
Arnstein, J. 
Atkins, W. T. 
Ayers, J. C. 
Bailey, Davis W. 
Bailey, J. 
Baker, W. 
Barker, Mrs. and three children 
Barnett, Lestor 
Basely, J. 
Beach, C. 
Beach, C. A. 
Beach, G. W. 
Beardslee, Mr. 
Bedell, Mr. 
Bell, Pelasso C. E. 
Bentliff, W. A. 
Bettis, John 
Birch, W.T. 
Brigham, James M. 
Brown, N. D. 
Brown, William 
Bruner, G. 
Bumm, G. 
Burke, M. D. 
Cady, A. D. 
Caldin, R. 
Canfield, W. 
Catherwood, Mr. 
Charles, Mrs. 
Chittenden, Jr. 
Clark, Mr. 
Clarke, G. E. 
Clarke, Mr. (Rasmussen notes that this passenger boarded at Mazatlan) 
Clarke, W. 
Claypole, J. 
Coltart, J.C. 
Conklin, J. 
Connelly, John 
Coombs, J. 
Cooper, J. B. R. 
Craig, J. 
Cram, D. 
Crosby, C. 
Crozier, J. 
Cruse, S. R. 
Davenport, William 
Davidson, Paul G. 
Davis, J. R. 
Davis, Mr. and two ladies 
Davis. S. C. 
Day, W. H. 
Dean, A. 
Dean, Jas. H. 
deGraff, H.P. 
Doane, M. 
Dougherty, J. 
Dulay, Mr. and lady 
Fisher, M. 
Flomoy, T. C. 
Flores, S. and six servants 
Flournoys, Mr. and three servants 
Ford, Joshua (Rasmussen notes that this passenger boarded at Mazatlan) 
Forgeaud, Dr. and lady 
Forsyth, W. 
Fox, J. 
France, A. M. 
Frank, F. 
Freeman, E. G. 
French, C. C. 
Gaines, W. M. 
Gaston, O. B. 
Gladding, W. B. 
Goodman, J. R. 
Goodrich, L. 
Goold, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. 
Goold, R.W. 
Gorman, Geo. 
Gotscask, C. V. (Rasmussen questions Gotscush or Gotscash) 
Graham, W. 
Grant, I. 
Gratehouse, Mr. 
Green, Capt. Benjamin 
Griswold, G. G. 
Halsted, J.L. 
Hancock, T. J. 
Harralson, J. H. 
Harville, J. W. 
Hay, James 
Haynes, J. 
Hazzard, H. 
Hazzard, S. 
Henry, G. 
Hewlett, H. H. 
Hogan, William B. 
Holman, M. 
Home, Tyler 
Hooper, Mr. 
Horne, Henry L. 
Howell, Danl 
Howell, Rufus 
Hunter, J. H. 
Ills, G. 
Ingerson, Edwin 
Ingerson, John 
Jacobs, J. B. 
Jacoby, J. 
Johnson, F. 
Johnson, M. 
Jones, G. 
Jones, Robert 
Judd, Dr. 
Kamehameha (Hawaiian Prince Note: Rasmussen lists this as Kamcheha, but given the news story, and that the name immediately follows Liholiho, it surely is Kamehameha) 
Karnes, J. 
Keirsting, Mr. 
Kellam, B. J. 
Kettering, G. 
King, James 
Konkle, Daniel C. 
Kreagher, Philip 
Ladd, S. 
Lane, J.S. 
Lee, Major (U.S. Army) 
Letts, W. 
Liholiho (Hawaiian Prince) 
Lyons, Judge 
Male, E. 
Mancheusen, M. 
Marcia, F. 
Marcia, S. 
Mari, Mr. J. 
Markland, C. H. 
Markland, W. T. 
Martin, Mr. A. 
McArfee, Catherine 
McCarthy, Mr. 
McChung, H. 
McGarrity, G. M. 
McLeod, John C. 
Mensing, Mr. 
Merritt, J. 
Messenger, S. 
Meyers, B. 
Mighell, William 
Mihas, J. 
Miller, C.S. 
Miller, Henry 
Miller, S. 
Morse, J. 
Muenot, Mr. 
Murphy, B. 
Murphy, Dennis 
Murphy, S. 
Murphy, W. 
Murray, Edward 
Nay, W. 
Nesmyth, Alexander 
Nesmyth, Georege 
Nixon, William 
Nolton, H. D. 
Norris, T. E. 
O’Neill, P. 
Oliver, L. C. 
Orde, O. C., M.S.A. 
Ottinger, L. 
Owens, P. A. 
Paine, J. 
Parkinson, W. G. 
Paul, John S. 
Peck, C. A. 
Peterson, G. H. 
Peyken, C. 
Plecken, J. H. 
Potter, E. 
Price, Jacob 
Pullen, Augustus 
Rand, J.W. 
Reede, R. 
Reeve, G.T. 
Rhodes, O. 
Robinson, Francis 
Robinson, W., Jr. 
Rodgers, Mr. 
Rosenfield, M. S. 
Rowley, R. 
Rownberg, J. 
Sanders, B. C. 
Sanderson, Thomas 
Sandford, W. B. 
Sangree, C. W. 
Simmons, E. 
Simmons, J. H. 
Sizer, S. 
Smith, A. 
Smith, J. 
Smith, T. A. 
Smith, William 
Solomon, L. 
Spalding, J. E. 
Stanley, G. J. 
Stone, A. 
Sutton, D. 
Texas, C. 
Thompson, A. 
Thurston, D. T. 
Troutman, J. T. 
Tucker, J. W. 
Tuckner, J. 
Turnelle, E. L. 
VanDusen, M. 
Vantine, Charles 
Vinning, J. L. 
Ward, T. R. 
Waters, Richard 
Watson, W. H. 
Webster, W. W. 
Wiggins, D. H. 
Willendrof, Timoithy 
Willenhart, E. 
Williams, J. 
Wineman, Eli ( Rasmussen notes that this passenger boarded at Mazatlan) 
Wood, J.E. 
Woodley, E. B. 
Woodruss, A. 
Ybaria, F. 
Young, J. H.

The August 24, 1850 Alta indicates that the following boarded at San Diego:
Alvariso, F. 
Arata, J. 
Beardsley, Mr. 
Bell, C.B. 
Chittendon, Mr. 
Cooper, J. B. R. 
Craig, J. 
Crosby, Mr. 
Davis, Mr. and two ladies 
Dunley, Mr. and lady 
Flores, S. and six servants 
Gratehouse, Mr. 
Hogan, W. B. 
Hooper, Mr. 
Lee, Major (U.S.A.) 
Marcia, P. 
Marcia, S. 
Mari, J. 
Martin, A. 
Matthew, Mr. 
Meanobee, Mr. 
Mitchell, Mr. 
Muenot, Mr. 
Murphy, B. 
Murphy, J. 
Murphy, W. 
Pelasso, Mr. 
Slack, Mr. 
Smede, Mr. 
Wihas, J. 
Williams, J. 
--total 259

The Warrior King.Kamehameha.
The Warrior King of Hawai'i

(A Latitude 20 Book)
Susan Morrison
Kamehameha truly lived an epic life, and Morrison and Kiefer have created a fascinating account of his journey. This is a coming-of-age story, a story of war and warriorship, a family drama, and a political saga. It's also a story about contact between different cultures (European and Hawaiian) and how new technology impacts one of these cultures. The portrait of Kamehameha is ultimately that of a visionary leader who aspires to bridge two worlds, both culturally and politically.


The Warrior King: Hawaii's Kamehameha the GreatKamehameha.

Richard William TregaskisThe Warrior King.
An exceptional historical depiction into the legendary leader of the Hawaiian Islands. From his years as a youth, to the pinnacle of his reign as the most powerful and famous of kings to rule and unite all of the Hawaiian Islands. This book brings the reader back in time to when the Hawaiian Islands were under the rule of many kings and the events that transpired to create a one Hawaiian Nation, governed by one ruler for the prosperity of all of the Hawaiian people.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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