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The four-to-eight page general circulation Hawaiian Gazette was published in Honolulu in English and some Hawaiian on a weekly basis from 1865 to 1893 and semi-weekly from 1894 to 1918. Over its 53-year existence, the paper reported on four Hawaiian monarchs, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the annexation of Hawai‘i to the United States, and the establishment of the Territory of Hawai‘i. In addition to local and international news, it featured shipping schedules, import and export statistics, figures for worldwide sugar consumption, and a wide array of commercial advertisements.

April 11, 1887, The Daily Bulletin, Honolulu, Hawaii

Her Majesty's Projected Departure

Tomorrow, at noon, Her Majesty will embark on board the Ocean Company's steamer Australia enroute to California. On leaving the Palace, the Royal Party will be escorted to the wharf by portions of the military organizations headed by the Band. His Majesty will go in the steamer to the Bell Buoy.

Mr. Geo. Beckley, purser of the Kinau, and Mrs. Beckley, will be passengers by the Australia tomorrow, to San Francisco.

April 12, 1887, The Hawaiian Gazette, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Australia, Captain Houdlett arrived in Honolulu.

Left San Francisco March 29 at 2 p.m. First day experienced moderate NW wind and smooth sea; remainder of voyage light baffling airs, smooth sea and fine weather. Received Honolulu pilot April 5th at 10:12 p.m. with assorted cargoes, the Australia's being valued at $115,000.

Passengers: S. B. Wilson, B. B. Jaquith and wife, Ed Kerstens, J. W. G. Cofran, Chas. J. Ludweigsen and wife, A. L. Cron, Miss Sennie Tuck, P. S. Howe, L. Cahot, S. G. Wilder and servant, S. G. Wilder, Jr., T. G. Cribble, E. P. Borden, E. S. Borden, E. B. Fisher, J. S. Martin, Dr. S. Nagel, Miss Parrott, Miss Williamson, Maj. T. S. Parrott.

A Member of the Australian Contingent

By the Australia arrived Major T. C. Parrott, C. E., an officer in the Engineer Corps of New South Wales. Major Parrott has been for fifteen years in the Australian volunteer military service and was the engineer officer of the Australian contingent to the Soudan expedition. For his services he received a medal and his present rank. In June, 1886, this gentleman was detached on special duty to visit the United States, Europe and Great Britain for the purpose of inquiring into the subject of defenses, and more especially with regard to coast and harbor defenses. Having completed his investigations, the Major is now returning to the Colonies, and stays here for a few days' rest.

On Thursday evening a farewell social was given at the residence of Rev. and Mrs. E. C. Oggel, Nuuanu avenue, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Waterhouse, who departs today by the Australia for their home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The attendance was large, and a pleasant evening was spent, interspersed with music, recitations, etc. During the evening the assemblage was favored with light refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse have been spending a pleasant vacation in the land of their birth for about a year, and on their return take with them the kind wishes of a large circle of friends and acquaintances, all present embraced the opportunity of taking formal leave of Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse at the conclusion of the social, which was a success in every respect.

April 12, 1887, The Daily Bulletin, Honolulu, Hawaii

Her Majesty's Departure
Royal Salutes from Ship and Shore

Queen Kapolani.

Shortly after 11 o'clock this morning Their Majesties the King and Queen left the Palace for the Oceanic Company's wharf, attended by Officers of His Majesty's staff, and followed by a host of well wishers and retainers. On reaching the wharf, where the troops were drawn up in line, they were royally saluted by the battalion and the band. Never before has the Oceanic wharf presented such a scene as it did to-day at noon. People of all classes and nationalities had flocked thither for the purpose of taking a last farewell of Her Majesty. There was assemblage of ladies, both on the wharf, and on board ship, all dressed in the gayest of colors, flags were displayed in abundance by the shipping in harbor; the Royal Standard floating prominently at the foremast head of the S. S. Australia. Strains of music resounded through the air, while the whole surroundings were permeated with a holiday-like feeling that prevails on a general holiday. On arriving alongside the vessel, and whilst ascending the gangway, wailing and alohas were tendered Her Majesty from all sides, which she graciously acknowledged with bows to the right and left. The King and Queen went on board together, arm and arm, while the band played the national anthem.

Following Their Majesties were Princess Liliuokalani and Lieutenant-General Dominis, His Majesty's Ministers, members of the staff and a host of loyal followers. The numbers of natives who stretched out a hand to "The Governor" and his Royal Spouse was a convincing proof of the love and admiration that the Hawaiian public have for the Heir Apparent and General John.

Map of Hawaii. 1800s.

Once on board, the decks of the Australia, main and hurricane, were covered with a moving mass of living mortals. A few tears were shed as the final kiss was given in sonic quarters, whilst a few turned their back on their native land with an air of indifference. At this touching moment, the ever ready Berger increased somewhat the lachiymuse flow of the ladies, by playing the melancholy strains of "Down the Swanee Ribber." As the clock sounded twelve, the lines were cast off, and the voyage commenced. The vessel swung round, and in a few moments, was headed for the channel. The attending vessels, the J. A. Cummins and the Eleu, the former have the band on board, and the latter, His Majesty and a host of ladies, also cast off and steamed outwards keeping as close as practicable to foreign bound tourists. Passing H. B. M.'s S. Caroline, a royal salute was fired by the corvette and the Hawaiian flag was saluted by the British man-of-war. The compliment was duly returned, the band joining in with "God Save the Queen." Soon the Bell buoy was readied and the moment of a final parting approached.

Throughout those last moment, Her Majesty was conspicuous by her bonnet of deep mourning, and the pongee ulster that she wore, leaning over the vessel's rail and waving her handkerchief.

Three screeching whistles were given by each steamer, and as the Eleu and Cummings turned home wards, cheer after cheer was interchanged. A special cheer was given for Paul, whose last words were, "This is not like the Chamberlains' office, it is terribly dry." His Majesty was accompanied by His Ex. G. W. Merrill and Mrs. Merrill, on board the Eleu.

By one o'clock the wharf was reached by the returning party and Honolulu once more presented its normal condition.

Bon Voyage to Her Majesty and party!

Passengers for San Francisco per S.S. Australia.

Cabin: Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani and 2 attendants, H.R.H. Princess Liliuokalani, His Ex. Governor Dominis and 2 servants, Col. C. P. Laukea, Col. J. H. Boyd, Gen Sam Nowlein, Miss M. Chamberlain, P. Lewis, Mrs. J. I. Dowsett, Eddie Dowsett, Wm. Waterhouse, wife, 5 children and maid, T. R. Lucas wife and child, F. Barwick, R. J. Bennett and daughter, A. D. White, Miss N. White, Miss Emma Flint, Jas R. Castle, wife and child, Mary Lancaster, H. J. Bryant, T. Prince, Mrs. Capt. Shephard, Miss Bliss, J. W. Sibley and wife, E. B. Kinsley, Dr. Martin, Mrs. Capt Fuller, Miss Clara Fuller, Master Fuller, H. L. Stetson, Mrs. J. P. Pierce and child, Miss Pierce, Misses M. and E. Auld, Miss H. Brown, T. C. Wills, Miss Matilda Wills (his daughter who will be going through with him to London), Mrs. Swan, Wm. Sheafe, Esq., the Misses Sheafe (2), Mrs. Dame and daughters, H. G. French, Mrs. M. J. Rowell, S. M. Damon, T. May and wife, H. S. Hovey, C. A. Longfellow, Com. Dickerson, Mrs. Dickerson, child and maid, E. Kerstons, T. S. Howe, Miss M. O'Connor, C. F. Perkins, B. F. Jaquinth and wife, Jas. Love, A. Silegsohn, H. F. Broadrick, Miss O. Haskin, Mrs. P. Lewis and 2 children, Masters P. W. and W. R. Ross, A. Herrick, Geo. C. Beckley, wife, child and maid, B. F. Dillingham and wife, F. A. Schaefer and wife, Miss Nowlein, Mrs. F. Hastings, Miss Rose Makee, C. L. Wight and wife, W. T. Lucas, Rev. Mr. Richter, Hon Paul Neumann and wife, the MIsses Neumann (2), Mrs. M. Davidson, J. D. Brooks, H. J. Hart, E. C. Macfarland and J. H. Soper

Steerage: G. W. Wilcox, wife and family, Major Henhershot and son, Wm. Wale, J. F. Hilson, F. L. Leslie, J. McComick, Mrs. Sherry and child, a. Minis, wife and 2 children, M. Jaquith, wife and 2 children, J. H. Hyde, L. Joseph, Wm. Steel, Mrs. A. Thyne, 2 Chinese and 20 Portuguese.

The S. S. Australia took 17,271 bags of sugar, weighing 2,105,688 lbs. and valued at 91,204.

April 12, 1887, The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands


The Hon. Paul Neumann and family will be passengers by the Australia today.

Mr. B. F. Dillingham is a passenger by the Australia today. His genial face will be missed from the street.

Hon. S. M. Damon will be a passenger by the Australia today. He goes direct to England, and will be absent about three months.

August Herring, the young Hawaiian who has shown so much skill as a wood carver, leaves by the Australia today for Europe, where he will be placed in an art school.

Mr. and Mrs. T. May are passengers by the Australia today, on a visit to their homes in England. Mr. May will be greatly missed at St. Andrew's Cathedral as a church warden and faithful member of the choir.

Mr. William Wale, of the Central House, Alakea street, leaves by the Australia today for a six months' trip to England, his birthplace. He is a Birmingham man, six years in the country, and goes home on business and pleasure combined.

Among the passengers by the Australia will be two sons of Mr. P. H. W. Ross of Hamakua Mill, Hawaii, who are about to proceed to England to complete their education. The elder of the two will be greatly missed in musical circles in the Hamakua district, where, notwithstanding his youth, his talents in this direction are held in high repute.

Concert at the Hotel.

A complimentary concert was given last evening at the Hawaiian Hotel by the Royal Hawaiian Band to W. Sheafe, Esq., and ladies, who leave for the Coast by the Australia today.

The Australia

The Ocean Company's steamship Australia leaves at noon today for San Francisco with one of the largest passenger lists and cargoes of domestic produce that ever left this port. Among the passengers will be Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani, H.R.H. Princess Liliuokalani, Lieutenant General the Hon. John O. Dominis, His Excellency Hon. C. P. Laukea, His Majesty's Chamberlain, Colonel James H. Boyd and Quartermaster General S. Nowlein. Two of the volunteer military companies, headed by the Hawaiian Band, will escort the Royal party from the Palace to the steamer.

April 14, 1887, The Daily Bulletin, Honolulu, Hawaii

Just received ex. S.S. Australia and Brigantine Consuelo, a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, All which we offer at reasonable prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed, and Goods delivered to all parts of Honolulu.

FRESH ICE HOUSE GOODS in Season, received by each trip of the O.S.S. Co.'s Steamers by


April 21, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The Oceanic Company's steamer Australia arrived from Honolulu at 7:30 o'clock yesterday after a trip of seven days and nineteen hours with dates to the 12th inst. She carried in addition to Queen Kapiolani and her suit, a large list of passengers and a heavy cargo of assorted merchandise, mostly sugar.

Smallpox was reported at Lahaina.

Twelve Honolulu moonshiners were arrested in one night by the police.

Kilauea. The Newest Land on Earth. Dorian Weisel and Christina Heliker.

The volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa had become active again.

A slight earthquake was felt at Hilo April 3d.

According to the latest information 1,208 opium licenses have been issued for the Island of Oahu, and 480 for the Island of Mani, with other Islands to hear from.

The Hawaiian embassy to Samoa, according to late advices, had started in the saloon business and were furnishing the natives with unlimited quantities of liquors.

The fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of the second band of missionaries on the islands were celebrated on April 9th, 10th and 11th.

Work on the Hamakua Railroad is to be begun in a short time.

April 21, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


In passing D. G. Camarinas Fruit Importing house, 519 Sansome street yesterday, we noticed not less than 1,000 bunches of the choicest bananas just landed per steamer Australia. Also 100 dozen pine apples, the finest ever received in this market.

April 22, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The passengers who arrived by the steamer Australia Wednesday yesterday presented Captain Hondlette with a gold watch, in acknowledgement of the pleasure afforded them by his kindness during the voyage.

April 21, 1887, Los Angeles Herald, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Royalty Invades San Francisco

A Reception Accorded Her
She Will Visit the President and Then Go to the Queen's Jubilee

Associated Press Dispatches to the Herald.

San Francisco, April 20, Queen Kapiolani, of the Hawaiian kingdom, arrived this morning from Honolulu on the steamer Australia, She was accompanied by Princess Liliokalani and a number of high officials of the Hawaiian government.

The principal object of the Queen's voyage is to be present at Queen Victoria's jubilee celebration in London, June next. The royal party remain here about a week, when they leave for Washington to pay their respects to President and Mrs. Cleveland. After a short stay at the Capitol they proceed to New York, thence to London. Before returning the Queen will also visit the principal cities of the world. She has never before been outside of her kingdom.

The steamer, while coming up the harbor, was boarded by representatives of Port Collector Hager's office, who welcomed the Queen to this country on behalf of the United States Government. Her Majesty replied: "I thank you for your courtesy. I have always been anxious to visit this great country, and I have no doubt that my stay here will be a pleasant one."

Fort Point. San Francisco. 1800s.

As the Australia steamed slowly past Fort Point, she announced her arrival by firing a single gun. Immediately the guns of the fort thundered out a Royal Salute of twenty-one guns. In passing Alcatraz the Royal salute was repeated, and, as the vessel swept down the Bay and passed the British corvette Conquest, the British flag was dipped, the portholes opened and another Royal Salute of twenty-one guns answered the thunder of Alcatraz. Queen Kapiolani appeared on deck in a black dress, plainly trimmed, a dark serge overcoat and a black velvet bonnet, set off with mauve colored feather tips. Her eyes are black and her complexion is a dark olive. Her face is of a distinct Hawaiian type. In stature, the is short and stout, and has a pleasant countenance. Princess Lilinokalani, who accompanies Her Majesty, is the King's sister, and heiress apparent to the Hawaiian throne. The royal party has secured a suite of six apartments at the Palace Hotel. Her Majesty will visit her nephews at St. Matthew's College, San Mateo, Cal., where they are being educated, and on her return to this city will proceed East, her trip being for her health and a change of scene. She does not travel in state.

April 22, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Queen Kapiolani and suite went to San Mateo yesterday to see her three nephews who are students at St. Matthew's Hall. The names of the scions of Hawaiian royalty are Edward, David and Josiah. One is paid for by the kingdom, another by the Queen, the last by a sister of the Queen. The royal visitors were handsomely entertained, and returned to the city by the 4 p.m. train. At 11 a.m. to-day an audience will probably be given to Mayor Pond and Commodore Belknap and staff.


Carrying United States, Hawaiian and Colonial Mails
Will leave the company's wharf, corner Steuart and Folsom Streets,

S.S. Australia (3,000) tons ... April 26th

For Honolulu, Auckland and Sydney,
without change!

For freight or passage, apply at Office, 327 Market street.
General Agents

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