Arrive San Francisco

S. S. Alaska

March 21, 1873
Captain Nolan
From Hong Kong and Yokohama


March 22, 1873,  Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the Alaska

Yesterday forenoon the Pacific Mail Steamship Company's China steamship Alaska arrived from Hongkong and Yokohama. The following are her memoranda and list of passengers.

Sailed from Hongkong, February 12, 1873; sailed from Yokohama, February 24th, 1872. From Hongkong to Yokohama had strong northeast monsoons, and northeast and northwest winds; from Yokohama to San Francsico, the first part of the trip moderate weather; met steamship Japan and communited with her on March 12th, 1873; all well. Arrived at 11 a.m., March 21st.


Passengers and Merchandise to S. K. Holman.


Foreign Ships at Yokohama.
Foreign Ships at Yokohama

S. C. Nichols
E. Degener
A. Wabs
Jas. Kelly
Richard Stowell
Santiago de Gregori
S. W. Selby and wife
Bernard Panncefote
Eugenio Denegri
Rev. I. J. Stoddard
Mrs. M. Wallace
J. McElvey
H. V. Love
T. C. Im Thurn
Marquis Pallatcine
Chas. de Crozy
E. H. House and servant
J. H. Hall and servant
J. A. Cunningham
F. E. Foster
J. P. Mollison
Yokohama. S. James
W. Simpson
W. Wilcke
S. M. Bryan
C. A. Heimann
E. A. Leveley
J. S. Mabon
P. King
John Dickerson
J. Harrington
A. Moore
A. E. Langthorne
E. Walker
J. Smith
John Brown
Jos. Brooks
Chas Mason
and 1,229 Chinese

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