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S.S. Alaska from Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1800s.

June 19, 1873
SS Alaska 
Captain H. Z. Howard
From Hong Kong


June 14, 1873, Daily Alta California, San Francisco Steamer Alaska, Howard, 31 days from Hong Kong via Yokohama 21 days. Passengers and merchandie ot S. K. Holman.

Memoranda Pacific Mail steamship Alaska, 4011 tons, H. Z. Howard Commander, left Hongkong at 3 p.m., May 12th, and arrivd at Yokohama May 20th at 5:40 p.m. Had light winds from southward, with fine weather to May 17th; then fresh gales from northeast, with thick, squally weather, to My 20th; then strong northeast winds and clear weather to Yokohama. Eight miles eastward of Cape Chickakoff, at 8 p.m., May 17th, exchanged night-signals with Pacific Mail steamship China. Sailed from Yokohama at noon, May 23d. Met and communicated with Pacific Mail steamship Colorado, May 24th, at 9:30 p.m., in latitude 34 degrees 32 feet north, longitude 144 degrees 35 feet east; all well. Had fine weather and smooth sea, with light easterly winds throughout. Arrivd at San Francisco at 7:15 p.m., June 13th. All well.


Stagnation in Trade 

The Daily "Press" of May 12th, editorially states "severe complaints have of late been made of the strange stagnation which has been apparent in almost all branches of trade. Speculation is rife as to the causes of this general depression, but many of the best informed commercial men are compelled to admit that the state of affairs is only one of those frequently occurring surprises in regard to trade in China."

Cargo/Consignees Per Alaska 

San Francisco Cordage Co; Parrott & Do; C. A. Low & Co; Castle Bros; Degener & Co; J. M. Cohn; H. W. Dimond; Remington, Hostetter & Co; G. Blass; S. L. Jones; J. Ondell & Co; Taylor & Bendel; Macondray & Co; Williams, Blanchard & Co; James H. Lathan; Mme Martineant; Mrs. Maggie Rea; Bearer; Order; Chinese Merchants.

Early map of San Francisco.Chinese Snuff Bottles.
Chinese Snuff Bottles. Designed in Ceramic, Glass, Lacquer and Carved Stone.
53 pkgs clothing, 16 do tea, clothing and shoes; 12 pkgs 22 cs curios, 73 pkgs fish and shoes, 23 do fish and rice flour, 514 do rsh, 43 do flour, seeds, etc., 50 do fish and sugar cakes, 1 tbl fibre, 1 cs furn, 29 pkgs fish and 1 medicines, 213 do fish and groceries, 7 do groceries and woodenware, 177 do groceries, etc., 45 do groceries and seed, 81 do groceries and hardware, 50 cs gin, 1 cks 1 bbl 1 cs herbs, 165 pkgs groceries and herbs, 610 bls hemp, 1 pkgs lacquered ware and crockery, 6 do medicine and flour, 56 do medicine, 1 cs mustard, 6 do plants, 50 bxs opium, 12 pkgs paperware, 3 do porcelain, 2 bxs provisions, 6 pkgs roots, etc., 28 do shoes, tobacco, etc., 23 do and mdse, 18 do shoes, fish and mdse, 1 do shoes, 1 do seed, 55 do shoes, woodenware, 35c., 19 do samples, 1 cs soap, 100 bxs 20 bf chests, 2-95 pkgs tea, 19 pkgs toys, 205 do vegetables, etc., 160 do woodenware, etc. 1 box wax, 115 pkgs yams and ginger, 24 cs mdse.


The Ancient Art of Tea.

Hong Kong (cabin):
E. Von Glehn, V. Pickenpack.
Hong Kong (steerage): H. S. Norton, John P. Beeman
Yokohama (cabin):
Mr. Montfraix, F. S. McKean, Charles Schroeder, E. S. Smith, G. H. Gray, G. Blass and wife, F. M. Dreble, Wm. Forbes and servant, Capel Woodehouse, F. Escombe, Major Ramos
Yokohama (steerage):
John Lafferty, Daniel Dougherty, C. Collins, James Doyle, Chris Faley, Clarence Daxon, George Lee, Shioda, Matseriana, Shiramtouga, Senoski, Charles Barg, John Linderer, John Burns, Stephen Fitzgerald, Henry Patterson, A. D. Drebel, T. R. Welsh, wife and child, John Anderson, Robert Robison, John Londstein, John Harry, Chas. Christian, Eugene Peries, John Johnson, Theo. D. Robison
Shanghai (cabin):
Rev. J. L. Stuart, Mr. Beacham, L. N. Wheeler, wife an child, Misses F. and C. Wheeler, Rev. J. Doolittle, wife and two children, Rev. W. N. Hall, Horace Bell, Wm. Forbes, wife and two children, C. C. Rising, W. Huise
Shanghai (cabin):
James H. Latham
Shanghai (steerage):
W. T. Etter, W. W. Clifford, Nagasaki. Antique San Francisco Map.The City of San Francisco Antique Map.

Antiqued Detailed City And County of San Francisco Map
Framed Canvas Art Print Wall Décor 8x10
Antique maps.

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