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RMSS Zealandia

Arrive San Francisco

May 5, 1876 
RMSS Zealandia 
Captain J. S. Ferris
From Sydney, Australia


May 6, 1876, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Arrival of the New Steamer "Zealandia"
Remarkably Quick Trip from the Colonies
A Distinguished Merchant Comes from the Colonies

Zelandia Immigration Ship. Marolyn Diver.

The Royal Mail steamship Zealandia arrived in port yesterday morning, it being her initial trip from the Colonies. Following are her memoranda and list of passengers, furnished by Captain J. S. Ferrils.

At 6:30 p.m., April 7th, received mails on board at Sydney; at 7:30 p.m., passed Heads with strong breeze from southward and eastward; 8th and 9th, same weather; 10th, hard gale at south, with heavy beam sea, which continued until Three King Islands were passed, at 3 p.m. on the 11th; hence fine weather to Auckland, which was reached at 10:25 a.m. on the 12th; left at 6:30 p.m. same day, and experienced moderate weather; 14th and 15th, strong easterly winds and rough sea; 16th, same weather, arrived at Kandavu at 3 p.m. and left at 6 p.m.; 17th, experienced hard squalls from northward, accompanied by heavy rain, which continued up to Nuku Nona Islands; 21st to 23d, strong wind from east-northeast, with heavy confused head sea and continuous rain; 24th, strong breeze from northeast and moderate sea; 25th and 26th, fresh northeasterly winds and fine clear weather, which continued up to arrival at Honolulu, at 9 p.m.; left at 5:45 p.m. on the 27th; 28th and 29th, had strong head winds and high seas; 30th, light breezes at northeast and fine weather; May 1st, 2nd and 3rd, strong head winds; 4th fresh breeze at north; sighted Farallones at 1:30; boarded by pilot at 5:15; entered Golden Gate at 5:40 a.m.; on 3d inst, lat 35 degree N. long 132 degrees 30' West, signalled American bark (Commercial Code letters M. F. D. V.); name on stern appeared to be Martha Davis, Boston.

The Zealandia on this occasion took the place of the Colima, which lost her propeller on the New Zealand Coast. Having come via Auckland to receive the New Zealand mails and via Kandavu, the passage was lengthened by three days. She has, however, nearly made up the time lost by detour, and, notwithstanding the delay of twenty-one hours at Honolulu, has made the quickest passage on record from the Australian Colonies to California by over two-and-one-half days. It will be observed from the above report that anything but favorable weather was experienced during the voyage.

The distance via Auckland is 7,460 miles, so that an average of twelve knots has been maintained throughout. The Zealandia is the first of the English steamers built by Messrs. John Elder & Co., expressly for this service. 


The new British steamer Zealandia arrived today, 28 days from Sydney via Honolulu 7 days and 9 hours. Previous mention has been made of this vessel, and full particulars of her passage to this port will be found elsewhere in the present issue. She made quick time from the Colonies, but too much credit is assumed by the Zealandia's Commander in this respect.

The cargo comprises 4666 pkgs general merchandise, including 2454 pkgs sugar, 839 bunches bananas and 470 bags rice from Honolulu.

By the Zealandia will arrive another contingent of Australian visitors to Philadelphia, some hundred and fifty in number. Amongst them is the most prominent merchant of the Colonies, who, after some forty years' active business life, takes a holiday to make the acquaintance of his American cousins.

The Hon. J. L. Montefiore has not merely been a leading man in commercial circles and President of the Chamber of Commerce for years, he has been a member of the upper branch of the Legislature, and what the late Mr. Ralston was to San Francisco, Mr. Montefiore has been to New South Wales. All movements having for their end the increased prosperity of his adopted country or the social well-being of its people, have had a full share of his time, his capital and his experience. Such a man will be missed if he decides to spend his leisure years in the old country. There are so few public spirited men here that they cannot be spared from holding in check those who rule of life is the eleventh commandment. 


8 cs exhibits, 1 cs wine, 829 ingots tin, 2 cs seeds, 1 cs samples, 1 parcel, 10 bls fungus, 200 kegs 2254 pkgs sugar, 16 bxs betel leaves, 824 bunches bananas, 2 bxs pines, 4 cs gum, 1 cs cocoa nuts, 1 cs boots, 3 cs fruit, 1 box plants, 2 cs medicine, 470 bags rice, 15 bxs banana plants, 5 cs mdse. 
Consignees: P.M.S.S. Co; C. A. Low & Co; A. P. Bacon, Child & McGuire; Wells, Fargo & Co; Cross & Co; J. W. Duncan & Co; Littlefield, Webb & Co; L. G. Sresevich & Co; Williams, Blanchard & Co; Lowry & Co; J. Ivancovich & Co; Corbett & Macleay; M. Phillip.


Passengers by the SS Zealandia from the Colonies May 6, 1876.

From Sydney
Hon. and Mrs. I. L. Monteflore
Mr. H. Monteflore
Mrs. and Mrs. Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. I. Childs
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richie ( )
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Mrs. I. A. Hogg and son
Dr. J. A. Lanford
John Willis
J. Cameron
A. Fals
L. Buxch
I. Purves
G. Cresswell
R. Tangye
H. Stewart
W. J. Chainside
G. S. Forbes
D. E. Harcus
Mrs. and Mrs. H. S. Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Forescue
Mr. and Mrs. Jones, two children and nurse
Mrs. and Mrs. Whitscombe
Mrs. D. Manson
E. Lesiourat
V. S. Hervey
Mrs. Laws
Mr. Hochkins
F. T. Pillet
R. Nolt
Captain Klein
Mrs. Myles
Mr. Little 
Mr. Wallis
Mr. Hay
F. Riley
E. C. Thomas
mr. ogan
Mr. Agdon
Mr. Smith
A. G. Williams
Mr. Carooll
Mr. Sanders
J. Bragman
Mr. Bartlett
Right Reverend F. L. Bannion
Mr. Butler
Mr. Seymour
Mr. Blackmore
Oscar V. Kosa
J. G. Pascos
Mrs. O'Dougherty and family
24 in steerage

From New Zealand
Mr. and Mrs. Penny
Mr. Darham
Mr. Sampson
Mr. Holland and son
Mr. Chalmers
Mr. Field
Mr. Vivet
Miss S. Winders
George Guillame
Mr. and Miss Clissod
J. N. Combie
T. G. Johnson
N. G. Linnox
R. Bramwell
G. Hamilton
Mr. Duff
Mr. Larson
Mr. Nario
Mr., Mrs. and Miss Dodgson
Mr. Downes
Mr. Black
Mr. Sergeant
Mr. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and two children
Mr., Mrs. and Miss Harding
Mr. Oglios
John Rennie
E. O. Mouldey
Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson and child
Mr. Guthrie
G. Young
G. Ross
Mr. Hepburn
Mr. and Mrs. Gall
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwards and two children
Mr. Bridges
Mr. Veitch
14 in the steerage

From Kandavu
Hon. J. H. deRicci
Thomas Parker
Dr. J. W. Brower
James M. Coe
Dr. L. M. Starinberger
L. E. Leinberdt
3 in the steerage

From Honolulu
Mr. and Mrs. Menzies
Mrs. I. W. Cooke
J. B. Alberton
Mrs. S. G. Wilder, two children and servant
Miss Burnham
Misses W. and O. Richards
Mrs. Parke and daughter
Mrs. and Mrs. Wightman
Mrs. Denham
Mr. and Mrs. Chaney and child
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon and two children
Mr. Bishop
Mr. Wilcox
Mr. Howland
Mr. Assen
Mr. J. C. Trascobt and son
Mr. and Mrs. P. Idiart
A. S. Hartwell
Miss M. Paul
Mr. Dixon
Mr. Peet
Mr. Sheldon
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Baker
Mrs. Hart
Mrs. Petty
8 in the steerage

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