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SS Moana

Arrive San Francisco

June 30, 1897
SS Moana

Captain Carey
From Australia



The New Steamer Moana Made a Quick Run from Sydney, N.S.W.

Was Not Due Until Tomorrow, So Her Arrival Last Night Was A Surprise.

The Oceanic company's tine new steamer Moana arrived unexpectedly from Sydney, N. S. W. via Auckland. N. Z.; Apia, Samoa, and Honolulu, H.I., last evening.

She left Sydney on the 7th inst. at 5 p. m. and arrived at Auckland on the 11th at noon; left again next day at 2:40 p. m. and reached Apia on the 16th at 1 P.M., made a stay of five hours and forty-five minutes minutes and arrived at Honolulu on the 23d at noon;left again eight hours later and arrived in the bay at 7:30 P.M., having made the run from Honolulu in the fast time of five days twnety hours.

After leaving Auckland a strong head wind and sea was met with which lasted for fire days; thence fine weather prevailed until nearing the coast, when fresh north-northwest wind and thick weather set in.

Captain Carey, Engineer McKaig and Purser B. B. Bendell, late of the Monowai, all hold the same positions on the new vessel.

Sydney, Australia, Oceanic Steamship Company.

They were one and all rejoicing last night because on nearly every occasion in which she came to San Francisco the Monowai was a day late, whereas the new flyer has arrived two days ahead of time. She was too late for the doctors, however, and as she could not pass the quarantine the passengers had to remain aboard all night. The Moana anchored off Alcatraz.

The new addition to the Oceanic fleet is as handsome a vessel as has come into this port in many a day. She somewhat resembles the Monowai, but has finer lines and is more luxuriously fitted out in every respect. All the modern appliances to be found on an Atlantic liner have been put into the Moana and she is sure to be a favorite with the traveling public.

She will dock this morning at Pacilic-street wharf, and in spite of the heavy loss in the shape of gangways and gangplanks at yesterday's fire, Captain Howard will be ready for her.

SS Moana Oceanic Steamship Company 1897.

(Illustration from San Francisco Call, June 30, 1897.)

The Oceanic Steamship Company's magnificent new liner Moana arrived unexpectedly from Australia last night. She was illuminated from stem to stern, and her siren was tooted several times. The Moana was not expected until tomorrow. She replaces the Monowai.


The cabin passengers were as follows:

From Sydney -- Mr. Meuz, wife and daughter; Mr. Collins, wife and daughter, Mr. Chaffey, wife and son; R. D. Kirby and wife, S. J. Macguire adn valet, Miss Brownlow, Mrs. Dr. Porter (cq), M. Katzenstein; Messrs. John Gourlay, F. Earp, H. B. Bird, B. C.Besley, R. G. Brownlow, A. Muller, E. H. Duncan, P. W. Webster, L. J. Davies

From Auckland -- A. P. Dryden, Mr. Halliwell, J. W.Gray, Miss d'Oyley, J. M. Hickson, John Martin, D. J. Napier, E. B. Jones, A. Cameron, G. Fenwick, Miss Clark, J. W. Higginson, Mr. Carvill, wife and daughter, Miss F. Corbett, Mrs. Whitherford and two sons, George Robson, Chris Smith, Dr. Martin, A. Molyneux, A. Clement, Miss Clement, Dr. Charles Morice, D. N. Shaw, wife and two children.

From Apia -- Dr. Pringle Huges.

From Honolulu -- Isaac Upham and son, Mrs. L. Davis and child, R. Halstead, wife and daughter, A. M. Kistler and wife, S. T. Alexander, Dr. J. M. Whitney, G. L. Mumford, W. Dillingham, H. Dillingham, C. G. Taylor and wife, H. Laws and wife, A. Michalitchske and daughter, A. T. Church and wife, Rev. A. V. Soares and son, Miss E. P. Judd, Miss E. Holmes, Mrs. Purvis and child.

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